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Matrix Level-1 Plate Carrier with Integrated Magazine Pouches (Color: OD Green)

154 Customer Reviews

by Eric C. on 07/31/2019
"This is great its so adjustable and lots of colors to choose from. Its doesn't feel cheap and its great and I highly recommend this to any one.
by Reihle C. on 07/18/2019
"This plate carrier is the perfect plate carrier for teenaged players. Evike advertises this as a plate carrier that can be used by smaller framed men and children, but that is absolutely false. I am a slim built male, and i found myself adjusting the straps to near their limit. Anyone smaller than me, 6 foot tall and 135 pounds, will find that the plate carrier will simply not fit them. Also, if you do not have wide shoulders, you might want to look into a different plate carrier, since jumpable plate carriers are infamous for their wide shoulder straps. Other than those gripes, this plate carrier is excellent. Mine came with plate already in it, so that was nice. They Tan is a bit darker than that of the photo, but it stills fits perfectly with tan kits. The m4 mag pouches are still, but after repeated use, it will allow mag changes to be a lot quicker. There is plenty of MOLLE spaces, and a fair bit of room for patches. Overall an excellent carrier for people of an average to larger build.
Excellent plate carrier
Truly jumpable
A lot of strap adjustments
Tan is a nice color
Quality of the stitching is above average for the price
The price is pretty good for a longer term PC
For average to larger framed bodies (doesn't reallly affect me, but EVIKE advertises this for every framed body)
The straps are a bit loose, and have to be tied to the plate carrier to keep them from unadjusting
That's pretty much it

Have fun out there airsofters :)
by isaiah v. on 06/28/2019
"It works great I've used it in multiple games so far and hasn't given me any problems. It came with plates which i used for most of the time I've used it so far but ended up trading them out. Reading other reviews a problem that I noticed was that people said the shoulder were to wide they were a little big for me at first but once you break the vest in you can move the shoulder straps around to fit better.( I'm thirteen 5'5 and 110 so keep that in mind)

fits great
easy to move in
magazines don't fall out
smaller and less bulky than some of the vests I've used
Mollie on front and back.
easy to adjust

the straps can get cought on things even if you put then on the back through the little Mollie things
thats all i can think about to be honest great vest recommended.
by Badden M. on 06/26/2019
"This is a very good lightweight plate carrier. Best on I have found for the money.
by Matt B. on 06/15/2019
"This is an awesome little plate carrier. Light weight, and jumpable. Does everything a plate carrier should do. One thing to note, is that there is an admin pouch built into the top. It can hold things like your wallet and phone perfectly. However, the Velcro on mine tore and it became useless. Was able to get it sewn up, and I just put some soft Velcro pieces on the hard Velcro to reduce the amount of “stickiness”. Works fine again.
by Gloria T. on 05/23/2019
"I love it! Only down side is that the shoulders are too big but it’s ok.
by Chris R. on 02/11/2019
"Great plate carrier!
Ive had this carrier for awhile and it is very nice,i am a bit on the smaller side 5"7,but this carrier still fits me well. It has almost everything you need for adjusting.

-Actually Jumpable
-Tight Fit (Adjustable)
-Will not shift around
-Integral Mag and Misc pouches
-Comes with plate inserts installed

-No connection points for a belt
-Very Long adjustment straps (may be needed for larger people)
-Mag Pouches are sealed with hook and loop so it is loud when you need to put a magazine back in place,might give away position
-Better for wide shoulder people,shoulder hangs are wide

Personally my fix for the mag pouches are just some hook/loop on the inside so less connections on loops=less sound
All around a recommend!
by Bryan F. on 02/11/2019
"So high-speed that it came with plates already in it, I'm not exactly sure if it was supposed to or not. My only complaint is with the shoulder pads, as they are very tight and cannot be opened to thread the shoulder straps through them without a very dramatic wrestling session with said straps.

Definitely recommend this for those going for a more lightweight plate carrier set-up
by nicholas b. on 01/20/2019
"Very good ,just got mine a few days ago ,even tested it on a little run ,very sturdy ,very starchy all good ,very good carrier
by Joshua G. on 01/08/2019
"This is a really nice plate carrier. It fits nice, is quite adjustable, and carries enough gear to be useful without being cumbersome. I carry 3 mags in it with a pouch on my back for more BBs. Definitely get this is you are a high-speed low-drag operator.
by Jacob R. on 12/07/2018
"I was looking for something light, compact, and still able to hold magazines without having to buy extra pouches and this works perfectly. The plates it comes with are good quality and the admin pouch was a great surprise. A great carrier that I cannot recommend enough!
by Kriss A. on 11/23/2018
"Just got mine gotta say it's a really nice vest.

+very durable
+MOLLE(lots of it too)
-Clips are plastic(but whatever)
+Clips are durable
by John L. on 11/21/2018
"This Vest is Great!

Plenty of MOLLE space. (i only have a triple M4 mag pouch and a hydration carrier but there's still plenty of space)
Extremely adjustable.
Lightweight. (Even with my 2.5 liter hydration Bladder)
Comfortable. (Most Comfortable if you have a BDU with a collar or if you wear something around your neck)

takes awhile to Adjust but in the end its worth it.

Would buy another one if i needed it
by Ron D. on 11/14/2018
"Light weight and what I would recommend if you are looking for your first Airsoft vest that is compact and does everything you need it to do !
by Evan L. on 11/07/2018
"This was my first, a vest on sale to get into the game.
So far i love it!.
GREAT quality and wonderful stitching!
very adjustable
FITS LIKE A GLOVE, no shaking around your body when adjusted

Over all a great harness and greatly recommended.