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Matrix Hardshell Adjustable Holster for M9 Series Airsoft Pistols (Type: Black / No Mount)

14 Customer Reviews

by Sharolyn S. on 05/28/2020
"Does anyone know or can any one provide any info if this fit most Beretta models for real steal
by Christopher S. on 04/17/2018
"This holster is everything I could have asked for and I absolutely love it. No more dealing with buckles or latches , that become ever so finicky in the field, in order to secure my sidearm.

The drop leg holster is customizable in length, so my draw is perfect every time. Firearm locks into place when it's reholstered, and slides easily out when the button is pressed.

My only regret is I didnt get this holster sooner. Thank you Matrix and thank you Evike
by David B. on 08/15/2017
"It's a really good holster. But be weary, it looks more like a super dark coyote brown/grey than it does dark earth/tan.
by ethan k. on 05/04/2016
"This holster is perfect! It holds my M9 where I want it and holds it very tightly. Even running at full speed across rough terrain, the pistol will not budge. Do remember that if you want to carry a second mag you will need a separate pouch (I just got a condor pouch for my vest).
by Braxton A. on 12/07/2015
"Great inexpensive holster, only problem is with full metal guns with mags in them sorta cause it to dip over. Not a big deal
by Vincent M. on 06/27/2018
"Solid holster. Being a fan of the hardshell holsters and owning this one for my 1911 too I love it. I bought the M9 model and the build quality. It is a very tight fit for the WE-TECH M9A1. Overall u can still modify and love this holster.
by Omar P. on 02/26/2018
"pretty good shape, it works for KWA M9A1 PTP Beretta ( the M9 with the Rail)
for that one is a little tigh but with the time it gets easy to pull,
lock button pretty smooth cant complain too much considering the price
by Christopher H. on 10/01/2016
"very dependable holster! great design AND its very adaptable with the other accessories! matrix always provides great gear, in my beginners opinion hahahha! Sturdy, very rigid, has belt size adjustment (on belt loop accessory only!!!) so it doesn't slid back and forth on your side when active. My only issue is that its too narrow for my WE-Tech M9, but I'm sure a little heat and reforming will solve that trick as a I'm in the process of doing so. ALL AROUND: the price, the overall items versatility, price, and cannot go wrong, just make sure your pistol fits before buys so you know ahead of time that some altering for the holster is required BUT NOT A HEADACHE/NIGHTMARE TYPE ALTERING, just a little heat, some patience and BLAM-O!
by Christopher B. on 03/04/2015
Holster is not 100% compatible with the Y&P High Power M9 Airsoft Gas Non-Blowback. It is a very tight fit around the barrel and will not be easily removed if stuffed into the holster.

This holster would most certainly be good with M9 model certified to be compatible with it.
by Isaiah H. on 04/11/2020
"I havent gotten this yet because I wanna know if it can fit a tactical light for my WE TECH samurai edge m9
by Jae K. on 02/12/2016
"The holster itself is a nice quality. HOWEVER, my KWA M9 PTP is too wide to fit the holster properly and/or the holster is too narrow for the KWA M9. Either way, I heated the holster with a hair dryer and reshape it by constantly "squeezing" it and forcing the pistol in and out. It took about an hour but now I can get my KWA to fit. It's still a snug fit but it's usable.
by andrew k. on 11/13/2015
"Pros: The holster is a nice comfortable fit on the waist, being able to pivot the pistol forward or back is a nice touch.

CONs: I own the WE bio hazard M9. The pistol does fit, if I just holster the pistol, the fit is so tight that holster grabs the slide and pushes the slide up. If I jam the pistol in this doesn't happen.

I'm going to play with this a bit, either going to heat the holster a bit or shave some material off to get a better fit.

I believe I have this issue with the holster because of the type of pistol I have, so overall, the construction is solid, and comfortable to wear.
by Ryan Y. on 10/14/2015
"its a nice holster but my HFC m9 is to big to fit in there good. its hard to get in and out but i might be able to modify the holster or something...
by Austin H. on 09/16/2015
"Holster is pretty great quality, My KWA M9 PTP however does not fit in the holster at all. The pistol itself is too wide for the holster and will not fit in at all. Other than that, nice holster.