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Earmor M32H MOD3 Tactical Communication Hearing Protector for ARC FAST MT Helmets (Color: Black)

19 Customer Reviews

by Robert c. on 01/20/2020
"This product is awesome, I used them on a milsim and even with rain they work perfectly. I recommend it
by Jhoan D. on 05/20/2019
"This product is amazing!, Bue it!!!!!!!
by Paolo E. on 05/12/2019
"This ear protection is good. It mounts well on my fast helmet and is easy to twist the cups out of the way. When I put my helmet on, I usually twist the cups to the back of my helmet, put the helmet on, and then twist them back forward to position. They compress well to my ears and don't feel loose.
by Trystan N. on 08/16/2018
"The best headset that i've bought yet!
by Chandler S. on 08/28/2017
"Fantastic accessory for your helmet! It's comfortable and preforms great clear sound. Definitely not a regrettable buy.
by mason e. on 08/23/2017
"I just got these and they are amazing, very comfortable. very sturdy and well built. audio quality is fantastic highly recommend these over all other headsets
by nicholas h m. on 05/15/2020
"These are decent for the price. I’m still waiting for the PTT but the audio quality of the “amplification” is pretty decent. These do not amplify sounds anywhere near the $60 peltors I normally use at the range. You can hear almost normal with these all the way up. With the peltors you can hear almost super human with these it’s not that great but probably useable. I put these on a ballistic helmet and the arc rail adapters were way way too large and required some filing to fit. Maybe this is because of airsoft arc rails varying in spec but they weren’t even close to my arc rails. Once I got them filed to fit they attached rock solid and here’s a point I couldn’t find anywhere on the Internet and is debated on evike. __ the do pop out and rotate__ yes, just like other headset adapters these can pop out away from the ears and rotate 360°. To those saying they can’t I have no idea why yours don’t but yes they do. They’re ultra stiff to pop out at first but they do. If they had better sound amplification I’d highly recommend these but unfortunately i haven’t experienced this. The sound quality is pretty good and the mics are multidirectional so you can hear sounds from multiple directions and it sounds good but the volume is weak. I’ve tried two different brands of batteries but I’ll keep trying. Multiple reviews say the volume is excellent but in my experience with these it is sub par.
by Zachary R. on 03/03/2019
"Keeping it simple here. Good hearing protection, I use these for airsoft and in the range. They work great for hearing protection, but I haven't used the comms function of the headset.
The stock helmet mounts suck. They don't allow any movement with the headset, constantly pop off the rails, ect..

If you pick up the 3M adapters, it fixes a majority of the issues with the headset.

Sound Quality is decent, much better than Ztac headsets IMO. The headset does eat through batteries, I'm having to replace them about once a month. Occasionally when they get shot, it turns the unit off. Pretty annoying.

Good sound quality

3M adapters are a MUST
Bad Battery Life
Cuts out when shot
by Shaun N. on 02/13/2018
"the head them selves are great and haven't had problem. however the adapters suck they break very easily. if you're looking for a head don't get the adapter version.
by James S. on 01/11/2020
"They worked pretty well with my helmet. I got the M32H Mod3s and they functioned pretty well. The sound amp was great but only by a sound increase of about 50%. I never was able to use the mic system cuz of loose wires behind the ear cups. They do get a little warm, but they definitely keep your ears safe.
by Tristen S. on 02/01/2019
"Bought a pair of these and they fit on alright and sound good when you turn them on, however it’s a pain in the ass to try and put the helmet on because you have to push the cups out of the way to get your head in and the majority of the time it causes the rail adapters to pop right off the arc rail which is infuriating. Wish I had gotten the m32 with the headband and save myself the hassle
by austin n w. on 05/02/2018
"it feels really cheap and the slides are made out of a very cheap plastic.
by Garrett R. on 12/22/2017
"Sad theyve are very comfortable but I got shot in the left hearing amplification microphone and all I get is static now! 😢
by David E. on 08/25/2017
"These are decent ear protectors, but I have a few gripes. I will explain my 3 star rating

First I'll go over PROS:

They sound fantastic and work very well, the sound quality is outstanding and is adjustable to the point that you can hear some flip the page of a book from another room. They also fit quite snuggly and comfortably with the helmet

However, the CONS are

I don't know if I missed something, but based on the picture, I assumed these came with a headband so you could wear it without the helmet. My assumption was that is was simply designed to be used with the Emerson. Instead, they are rail mounted to the side rails of the Emerson, which creates a very firm fit, but, you NEED the helmet, and the advertisement feels incomplete

2nd, because they are rail mounted, they take up a ton of space on the helmet, so I can not run a helmet mounted light or a camera

And 3rd, the battery caps that are on each side of the device are very loose and there isn't a good way to hold them in tight. I actually lost a AAA battery mid-game and it was very annoying to replace it in the field

I advise using tape for the battery caps
by Callahan B. on 11/12/2018
"Does not come with the attachment pieces as shown in the picture, it comes with the newer design. Did not fit my FMA bump helmet of the bat and I had to buy new arch rails. The headphones say they rotate but not really. A bit disappointed by the fact that it wasn't an attach an go product. Other than that it works fine.