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Action Army VSR10 50 Rounds Magazine for Tokyo Marui / Well

8 Customer Reviews

by Esteban S. on 08/05/2021
"fits my AA T-11 also able to see inside the mag way easier to see how many BBs are left
by Rob B. on 10/10/2020
"These feed great in my Action Army T10. Not a single issue in the 5 magazines that I have. It's nice being able to look at the underside of the rifle and see how many rounds are left.
by Sebastian B. on 10/29/2018
"This is the best mag for the jg bar 10, I counted the bbs inside since you can see them and it actually holds 59 rounds and a perfect double stack every time. I have three other mags (different brands) and two barely fit in the magwell and the stock mag releases all the bbs when i pick it up. I am definitely buying more of these.
by Sarah B. on 05/17/2018
"It has a great ammo capacity and its transparent so you know just how much ammo you have left with a quick glance. Great buy!
by Brian F. on 09/25/2017
"While I do have several standard size Marui magazines for my JG BAR 10, I have three of these and I know; that is far more rounds than most snipers shoot in a match. Better to have more rounds than you thought than less than you remember.
Even still, Action Army has great items for upgrades and this is one of the first ones I did (aside to my hop-up).

50 rounds
See through (a great gauge on how many rounds left)

You don't have one yet.

All in all, I think every VSR 10/BAR 10 sniper needs at least one of these in their arsenal.
by Bryan Y. on 05/09/2022
"The initial quality of this magazine is wonderful, but it did not fit in my SSG-10A3. The opening where the catch locks in is too low in the body to fully engage properly. I could force it to lock into position, but it was then unable to actually feed the BBs. It may fit other VSR10 bodies that have wider/different tolerances, but the SSG-10A3 is right out.

I'd give it a 5 on initial quality, but I have to knock the overall review down as it doesn't fit all VSR10 "style" magwells.
by Jonathan B. on 06/16/2020
"I have an sru 3d printed body kit with some VSR 10 mystery internals.

Possibly a matrix trigger
Definitely an action army 6.01 430mm barrel
And a maple leaf autobot bucking.

Everything else internally is a mystery.

On to the mag. I love being able to see the ammo left in a mag. But I am having issues with feeding. The feed lock that keeps bbs from flying out after you put them in is super stiff. I have to manually push the mag up against the gun to get a bb in the chamber before closing my bolt. It messes with target tracking especially at a distance.

Spring tension is really good on the follower dont think I'll ever have a jam.

Pros: see your ammo easily, never jams

Cons: stiff feed lip spring. Might just be a fitment issue with the sru internals though.
by Matthew B. on 03/05/2020
"I tried using this with the ssg10 a-1. It was an extremely tight fit, and 99% of the time it would not click into the mag well. When it did click in it would jam the rifle. Seems really nice just not compatible with the ssg10 a-1 in my case.