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Angel Custom 1500 Round Firestorm Airsoft AEG Drum Flashmag (Model: Body Only / Black )

47 Customer Reviews

by Michael P. on 09/03/2020
"I've only owned it for a few weeks now, but so far it feeds great with no problems and is a blast to use. Just pull the ripcord a bunch of times and you're good to go for hundreds of rounds, I haven't tried counting but it shoots more than I could ever need in one continuous spray. I bought it for my AK and AUG, and switching out the magwell adapters is a really quick and easy process. It doesn't feel too heavy or bulky in my AK, it feels slightly bulky on the AUG due to the bullpup design but it doesn't disrupt the ability to shoot the gun comfortably and its barely noticable if you're wearing gear. It fits into both guns with no wobble whatsoever, which was suprising to me since all the AK mid caps I own wobble quite a lot. Its definitely worth the price, especially if you own multiple guns that it could work in.
by Ryan S. on 03/28/2019
"Great drum mag! Color isn't for everyone but for that price 45% off it's so worth it.
by Vincent Sh. on 11/30/2018
"Definitely a must buy if you ever hope to do some cover firing!

Reasonable price

by Sal R. on 09/16/2018
"This drum mag is awesome! Love the compactness and not having to reload!
by James. R. on 09/15/2018
"this is great for an add on to a gun and gives you tremendous fire power!
by Julie S. on 09/03/2018
"A must have if you are a trigger happy kind of person!
by John H. on 08/24/2018
"Nice magazine. Easy to empty the full mag with less than 20 pulls of the cord over the whole ~1500 bb count. Holds up to 15RPS consistently with very few mis-feeds. Mates nicely to my 805 bren, arp 556, and bdr-15 with no extra effort to get proper feeding.

Have only had one issue with the unit so far. The internal assembly was loose, allowing bbs to get into the cog-works and keep the unit from priming when the cord is pulled. Easy fix due to the simplicity of the assemblage. Just had to open the mag, remove all of the bbs, tighten down the loose screws, and viola! Laying down non-stop streams again!

The fit in the previously mentioned mag wells is superb. The only loose fit is with the bren's over-sized magwell, but that is the same for all of my standard mags of various makes in that rifle.
by David Y. on 04/30/2018
"This magazine works well!
Best drum mag I have ever uesd
by Vincent S. on 04/28/2018
"A very good magazine for the price. A flash magazine!! Better built than all other drum mags!

built bette!
feeds really well
flash magazine

None that i can think of.
by Sam Y. on 04/11/2018
"Great drum mag, nicely finish and design, looks and feels great and performs great !
by Kenneth K. on 09/17/2017
"this mag is light weight and compact. fit my rpk perfectly. this flashmag don't need battery just pull the cord gently 4 to 5 times until you can hear a gentle slip sound and you are ready to go. i lightly lube the cord with silicon grease to keep it from fraying or snap.
by Kyle L. on 09/15/2017
"Okay first off I had a tough time choosing between this and their Thunderstorm version with electric winding via a handy 9v battery smart idea, i thought the flash mag Firestorm version might hold up a bit longer in heavy use so here I am reviewing this hell of a drum magazine, Despite some fields being iffy on drum mag rules for AEGs and CQB AEGs I would still highly recommend this magazine to any one looking for less loading time and winding. I my self am not a fan of winding its loud and way way to slow. I know mid caps are wonderful too but this mag is the fires and the milk shake all in one.

high strength polymer construction with metal screws
front is removable to service the wire mechanics if it every frays(wire is mostly metal and some fiber)
Huge capacity of 1500+ rounds
4-5 pulls and the mag is ready to unleash on your opponents
I personally put it with my CYMA/Cybergun colt licensed M4 CQBR, the mag fits excellently with no wobble at all its almost too snug but at the same time not worried about it pulling it self out if i press the mag release, a light tug and it come out easily as cake.
its not very heavy at all even with it fully loaded on a full metal gun because of its polymer construction!
Not to mention all the adapters for different guns is amazing

My only con:
Plastic pull tab i would recommend replacing it with a strong metal one but that is only cause I am not a fan of plastic vs metal, it however does not take away from the amazingly constructed magazine well done angel custom !

End all id give it a 9/10 definitely going to be a worth while purchase maybe even might need another for the lulz,
Kudos Evike and Angel Custom
by Colin T. on 06/26/2017
"Bought this mag for my sl-8 and it fits perfectly, all the mags I've gotten for the gun have insane wobble, but this baby fits snug.

Also a few quick pulls and I'm set to unload.

10/10 would buy again
by James G. on 05/12/2017
"Review update:
A little filing on the front +rear magwell lip and it fits in
my LCT AK. Measure the AK adapter to a mag that fits and file down to match.
Havent fired it yet but will do shortly.
Hope this tidbit helps
by Aiden G. on 05/03/2017
"Beautiful purchase. This thing looks great, performs perfectly, and is well worth the money. It fits nicely in my Gato keymod m4 (not a very common gun, sorry) and it feeds flawlessly for the 17-20rps (not chrono'd.) There are so many upsides to this thing, especially since its a flashmag theres no annoying electric wind to deal with, and theres no wheel to spin for eternity. The string on this thing is sturdy, and if anything does break, it has very easy access to fix. It takes about 5-7 full pulls from completely unloaded, and after around 250-350 shots it needs another couple pulls to continue. It is very lightweight and holds a huge amount of ammo, and is pretty compact in my opinion. it has a very sturdy construction and im love with it.

can fit most guns, just need to change the adapter
easy to fix
its a flashmag
no motor to deal with
huge capacity for its size
very reliable feeding
fits my model well
compact enough to fit in dump pouch or other container

doesn't come with the adapter attached (could be pro, easy to put on/remove)
doesn't have specific allen key for screws to attach adapter
doesnt come with any instructions (none really needed)
a little pricey, but well worth the money

overall this thing is perfect if you want a great alternative to carrying a bunch of mid/high caps, or if you want to have something unique in your possession

I HIGHLY recommend this to ANYONE