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Angel Custom 1500 Round Firestorm Airsoft AEG Drum Flashmag (Model: Body Only / Black )

47 Customer Reviews

by shane f. on 05/01/2017
"I bought this for my jg ak47/0512mg. This firestorm mag has a really nice fit. No wobble at least on mine. About three pulls on cord will wind up mag. Haven't tested how many pulls to empty mag but another review on you tube says three so it might be accurate but my battery was going dead at the time so couldn't test it. I haven't had any miss feeds as of yet but haven't owned long either. Compared to other mags it is pricey even on sale but your getting three high caps worth of bb's plus really fast rewind. One thing I will do though to fix longevity is double or triple knot the wire end on the pull cord. It hasn't gave me trouble yet but cord pull is plastic and i can see cord/wire could pull through the hole in time and wind up inside. This does happen on other pull cord mags. Other point of this mag is you can easily disassemble to fix it. So far I am really happy with this mag. I know it's hard to judge how big this is by the picture but the back of mag that faces you when in the gun is 1/2 inch bigger around than a 2 liter bottle and front of mag is roughly the same size as a 2 liter. The other main reason I bought this mag is some places do sell just the mag adapter for other guns so thinking of picking a couple up so i could use same mag on other guns if i want.
by John I. on 03/26/2017
"Very impressed! I have only used it on 1 outing, but I only had to load it once for several hours of shooting (though I did top it off once just to be safe). The only issue I have found is that the 1st BB seems to never load. No big deal - you should always do a weapons check anyway. After that, flawless!
by John N. on 03/14/2017
"Liked the black one I bought so much I bought another in FDE.
Very high quality materials and finish for both.
Feeds flawlessly in TM AK, G&P M4, Amoeba M4 and Umerex HK 416 (with simple mod to adapter).
I wish all accessories were built to the same standard.
by John N. on 02/26/2017
"Loved the black one so much I bought a FDE one for my other rifle.
Totally excellent AAA+++

Added some sticky backed felt to the interior to make it quiet.

Fit and quality very high standard.
by John N. on 02/16/2017
"High grade polymer on the M4 adapter made for easy modification to fit VFC HK 416 models, just needed a little trimming on the shoulder. There was plenty of depth to work with due to superior construction.
Liked it so much will be buying another to dedicate to different AEG.
Lots of interest from club members, especially liked the "flash mag" no batteries bit, and already one more ordered.
Totally excellent, mine fed flawlessly in VFC 416C with HS motor and gears.
Get one now before our club leaves the shelves bare ; )
by Christopher W. on 02/16/2017
"So i got this thing the other week along with a LCT RPKS74MN, in hopes it will work good with it being a flash mag vs the cyma c.38 drum mag. As everyone else who has commented this thing looks and feels great. Feeds great as of right now, haven't done and big upgrades as far as speed to my rpk yet so i dont know how it might handle something like 25-30rps but so far its working better than expected. you get a couple hundred bb's out of just a couple pulls of the winding cord, it is pretty easy to grab onto unlike some of the standard AK flashmag's where you have to open the bottom reach and reach in. In my LCT rpk i did have to fill down and round out the corners of the front lip of the mag to get it to fit in, it takes a solid rock back to get it to click in which is where i want it, you do not need to fill anywhere else of the magazine. It fits all my CYMA ak's my cm.048m, cm.040d, cm.050a, cm.045a with no issues, before i even did any filing, and still fit nice and tight after filing. However even if it did not fit right, you can buy a $15 replacement magwell adapter and modify it to fit any of your ak's/ m4's another nice feature.
Build quality is amazingly robust, yet lightweight polymer type plastic, and the pull string looks like a metal braided wire so it is not gonna break of you. Also because it is a poly plastic, it makes less noise than using a traditional metal drum mag, which is a huge plus because it can be one of the downsides to any highcap/ drum mag. Only downside to it though is instead of the traditional 2500rnds that the cyma drum mag has, your stuck with 1500 which is not too big of a deal breaker, im going to use 3 cyma rpk mid caps as backups just incase of playing a long game.

Feeds amazing
Interchangeable magwell's
Low noise when running
Fits pretty much everything you got with little to no filing
Pull string quality
Slightly less rnd count than other drums
by Vaughn H. on 02/08/2017
"Excellent little drum mag.

Bought this and the AK adapter for my CYMA AK74MN
Have put 10,000 rounds through so far.

Good construction,
easy to use,
fairly easy to maintain,
well priced (especially with the current discount)

Flash cord, though a metal wire, is quick to wear so watch that you release it carefully, and straight as opposed to an angle to help reduce wear, and it wouldn't hurt to add a little oil or silicon.

Won't fit in all receivers (Excellent fit in my KWA M16, Will not "click" and hold in the lower receiver of a G&G Raider, may need modification where the mag catch slot is for it to click?)

Picky on BB's, found it would jam with Golden ball .28s, .3s and .32s. (they may need to be cleaned for it to be used in this drum)
Will cycle %100 on ICS bio .25's Golden Ball .2s

Regardless of the cons, the product is of a high quality, and itworks for me, so i score it high.
by John N. on 02/03/2017
"Very high quality finish, the DuPont polymer is excellent and feels sturdy and strong. It also has a nice matt finish. All the detailing is crisp and fresh and it fits snugly with little movement in my Amoeba/G&P and VFC M4 type mag wells.
Winding is super easy and it fed flawlessly with high speed motors.
I was so impressed that I went back on line and ordered the AK fitting.

I rate it over the noisy electronic feed mags.

Shipping out to New Zealand was also very reasonable and only took a couple of weeks.

Overall a very nice piece of kit if you intend on putting down large blankets of fire.

Would highly recommend it AAA+++
by Daniel H. on 02/02/2017
"Great drum. feel solid, thick plastick construction. Fit Cyma Ak : only need a firm tap to lock in place just like true firearm magazine. Feed well (cyma) winding mecanism work perfectly.
by Omar A. on 12/26/2016
"Good Product. Function really nice compare the other high-cap mags. And for sure looks absolutely beast on any M4.

- 3 to 5 pulls of zip-line can shoot about 200 rounds.
- function and work to the last BB inside the mag.

Con: (not big deal)
- The mag could release or unwind it self when aiming vertically while 1/3 of the capacity or less left.
- Shaking make a lot of noise if it is nearly empty.
- Hard to carry it around if it was alone (not in the gun).

Still love it and recommend it.
by Alex I. on 10/06/2016
"Let me just start off by saying that I am beyond impressed with this product. I really wanted something that could sustain high volumes of fire, but I didnt want one of those crappy electrically winding drums. This thing is just a giant flash mag, pull the cord until it gets tight and you can go through hundreds of rounds before you need to start pulling the cord again. The plastic is very strong and the whole drum is very well put together. I used this on a cyma rpk, and while at first I thought that I might have had to make some adjustments for it to work, it fed flawlessly. Blew through about 4000 rounds in 3 hours. Probably may favorite thing about this is its size. This Drum is wayyy smaller and lighter than those big electric drums, making it super easy to carry around or stow in a dump pouch when empty. I know the price seems a little high at first, I was definitely nervous about it, I can say that this product is miles ahead of most of those electrically wound drums. Dont even hesitate to grab one or two of these.
by Richard L. on 05/19/2016
"I have had this magazine for almost a month now and took it to about 3 battles, so far it is working as expected with no issues. Loading and winding is easy. I love it because I don't have to carry spare batteries and fix my China electric drum mag every once a while anymore.
by Bernett K. on 05/19/2016
"Works like a charm! Fits my Elite Force, JG and Marui G36! (Yes, I know, I have all 3)

Feeds well
Fees on high rate of fire (30 RPS) with 11.1 lipo
by Matt R. on 05/19/2016
"Excellent product. Feeds flawlessly although be careful not to over
wind the mag. Just wait until it begins to dry fire before winding.
Durable and compact. Adds little extra weight to gun.
that works to make it fit and feed.
Great buy for your M4!!
by Matt R. on 05/19/2016
"Excellent product. Feeds flawlessly although be careful not to over
wind the mag. Just wait until it begins to dry fire before winding.
Durable and compact. Adds little extra weight to gun.
that works to make it fit and feed.
Great buy for your G36!!