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EMG / Sharps Bros "Jack" Licensed Full Metal Advanced M4 Airsoft AEG Rifle (Color: Black / 10" SBR)

21 Customer Reviews

by Sabrina B. on 07/01/2019
"This is a great gun for the money the micro switch trigger is an absolute dream and with the included mosfet you can easily run a 11.1v LiPo. The only downside I can think of is the magwell it's really picky with magazines but I've found that the KWA 120s work very well in this gun with no missfeeds, so overall this is a really good gun for intermediate players That want to leave the realm of 100-200 dollar guns.
by Cory S. on 05/22/2019
"Bought this a few years ago, no complaints except mock suppressors are hard to come by, the pmag style mags work the best , fit tight so don’t expect to do a tactical mag drop. Took a bit to dial in my red dot sight but can consistently hit accurately to 150 yards even in high wind. Single point sling works well, keeps it where it needs to be and just overall fun to shoot. Keeps the geese off my golf course really well with a good butt shot.
by Alex R. on 12/23/2018
"For the first time in a while, waiting for this package to come made me feel like a five-year-old on Christmas Eve. Did my research as an intermediate airsoft player before purchasing this gun and the reviews were great. Decided to take a chance spending over $200 on an airsoft gun, and it was not at all a mistake.

Out of the box, this gun performs like a beast. The fire rate is fast, but not overkill, which is a perfect balance. Running an 11.1 Lipo, it's exactly what it needs. Added a $20 red dot sight from Amazon, an M-Lock sling point for a two-point sling.

The hop-up system is very versatile, giving you a wide range of options when it comes to BB distances. With no wind and 0.20s and 0.25s, I was able to consistently hit a body-sized target 100-yards away, though it took some trial and error to get there with my sight and the hop-up.

My only complaint is that the "Jack" skull design makes your mags wobble a bit, therefore making winding your make a bit of a challenge, but this can be fixed by adding some putty or a shim of some kind to add more support. If this concerns you, go with the "Hellbreaker" or "Warthog" design instead. The guns are the same, just different designs.

Overall, this gun is no Polarstar or anything, but it's an awesome gun out of the box and I would 10/10 buy another gun from EMG in the future. With little-to-no mods, this gun can keep up with $500 guns I've seen on the field.
by Ryan O. on 10/18/2018
by tye f. on 09/17/2018
"a good gun used it for about 2 months now. works great with KWA midcaps. hopup goes to the right a wee-bit but nothing a new hopup wont fix.
by Jeremiah E. on 06/07/2018
"Absolutely great gun!!!! Accurate, solid build, great trigger response, over all absolutely great gun!

Taking to a big game this weekend to put it to a true field test. But from what I can see, it should be awesome! With the internals that this gun has, there really isn't a need to upgrade anything at this point. I plan on running this until the gears fall out. I have a KWA devgru and I see this gun surpassing it. And that KWA is a great gun.

If you are looking for a great gun that will last, plus looks great, get it!
by Ryan S. on 04/16/2018
by Matthew P. on 03/08/2018
"I took a long while trying to find an airsoft gun to my liking, and this one earned its place as my primary. The full metal exterior (excluding stock, pistol grip, and orange flash hider) is light, durable, and the custom Sharps Bros receiver set looks absolutely amazing.

Note: Battery used was a Tenergy 7.4v 1000mAh 20C Li-po

- Full metal body, handguard, and rails
- Vertical trigger (feels amazing)
- Quick release stock with a unique design
- Great irons (in my opinion) very sturdy. (Can remove front iron sight with an Alan wrench, 2 screws on the bottom, unscrewed them on mine and it slid right off.)
- Slim design
- As I mentioned before, looks amazing, and will grab eyes at your arena.

- Magazine that came with it fed well, but will dry fire every once in a while
- EFCS / Integrated Mosfet requires separate programmer to use (Tried holding down trigger on semi for 10 seconds, didn't work.
- Mags fit loosely into the mag well, have yet to try hex mags/and or G&P mid caps which are shown in the picture, none the less all mags I put in fed well and didn't fall out.
- You don't have it yet, because once you do, you will never put it down.
by Paul M. on 02/17/2018
"Awesome gun right out of the box, everything was pretty solid.. had to tighten up the rear sight, just wasnt tight

Only issue so far was that the screw to the stock slide came out, not the positioning button but the drop dwn pull to slide the stock off the buffer tube.. had to fab a new screw and not able to find the screws on here, but may not be in the correct place will keep looking.. other than that great rifle very solid feel to it and packs a pretty good punch "using .20s and the matrix 7.4 1200 mAH 20C lipo".. very happy with purchase!!
by Airen M. on 02/16/2018
"ALL TIME BEST AEG outta the box!
I now own TWO of the EMG/SHARPS BROS. JACK.
The 7Inch CQB barrel length is my favorite and most accurate. The gun looks SUPER intimidating, and the thing shoots LAZERS (figuratively speaking it shoots VERY accurately). The BEST mags for it are the KWA 120 madcaps. They fit and feed the best with ZERO Wiggle.

PROS: ARES mosfett (I have also purchased the Mosfett programmer fro Evike) changes the game with addition of 3 round burst an full auto.
PROS: shoots straight and hard, 370-380 FPS
PROS: Nice grip, and polymer stock (ARES MAKES THE BEST POLYMER AROUND)
PROS: Actual stamped Sharps Bros logo and receiver (just like the real steel ones)

CONS: none
by Matt B. on 12/08/2017
"The Jack is an amazing rifle! I loved it so much I ordered a real one!!

It is an M4 but not your ordinary M4, looks awesome especially if you get yours cerekoted.

Performance-wise, I am an Airsofter for 15 years and counting now, this gun comes with a very nice gearbox with mosfet, real AR specification (or GBB) buffer tube, and is as good as it gets! I am now a big fan of EMG products!
by Victor N. on 08/30/2017
"I have been waiting for this EMG release for ages and it is finally here!!! Just picked up one at the Evike store and I am in love with it!

EMG did an amazing job on both the internal and external of this rifle. I will circle back with more reviews in a few weeks after I take it to a few battle.

LOOKS AWESOME! Best looking AR!

Long wait for this to be released!! But the attention to detail and performance says it all!
by Logan G. on 07/23/2018
by Justin H. on 07/01/2018
"Great gun very adaptable, wasnt a fan of the built in iron sights and if you remove them you take out the mock gas tube (not a big deal) and the rail stabilizer ring witch may throw off your shots in the long run. So I put a Sailent Arms GRY full upper receiver on it and a 395mm tightbore 6.01mm barrel, love the way it looks. Most mags are a little loose so I recommend KWA Midcaps, still has some wiggle but not a critical amount making it a lot more sturdy and less shaking. Stock build is great and yes it comes with a metal flash suppressor. The orange tip was on way too tight and left scratches on the outer barrel from trying to remove it. Use a lot of heat to remove it.
by william b. on 06/18/2018
"I am only giving 4 stars for a few reasons. One of the reasons, is a big one. First of all the gun shoots great! Powerful, and shoots straight. But the bad thing starts at the selector switch. Safety works great. And that is about the best thing about it. When you switch it to semi it may be in semi or it may not be. It's a toss up. After fiddling with it for about 30-45 secs you can get semi to work but even while shooting it can automatically switch to full auto. And I find that to be a huge issue because some games at my local field only allow semi because of close quarter encounters and I dont want to be kicked out because the gun wanted to switch to full auto because its faulty. Maybe mine is defective and I would like some sort of replacement part. And the other thing. Is the mag well is very loose. Even the mag that came with it. Is extremely loose. It has even fallen out a few times already. I expected a little better quality for this price of gun...