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Condor Large Utility / General Purpose Pouch (Color: Coyote)

23 Customer Reviews

by jeffery b. on 04/17/2021
"Good pouch, it is pretty big. Not dump pouch huge but you can dump 5-6 m4 mags in it. Carries my Skittles, speed loader, extra battery, and sometimes my echo1 fatmag if I feel froggy.

Pros :
Built well
Clips, Velcro and a drawstring holds everything in forever

Cons :
Clip feels a bit cheapish but that isn't terrible.
by Thomas N. on 04/13/2019
"Good utility pouch, fairly well sized. too small to be a full size buttpack, but could go nicely on top of a harness or hydration bladder.
by noah b. on 03/23/2017
"This pouch is AMAZING! It takes up 3 to 4 molle rails so keep that in mind. I typically load it up with bb's but you could fit almost anything in there. All around great quality LARGE pouch
by noah b. on 03/09/2017
"Great pouch, It gets pretty heavy if you don't have the other side of your vest or belt weighed down as well. Otherwise it's a good large sized pouch for just about everything.
by Peter S. on 01/01/2017
"A massive, massive pouch. Covers 6 x 4 MOLLE strips (!), and can swallow a pistol, 2700 BBs, and a quart canteen with room to spare! Luckily, it has a nice system of straps and a bungee for increasing stability and minimizing bouncing, but the plastic toggle for the bungee is very flimsy and will shatter. However, it's easily replacable with another one or a simple, effective knot. Mine has been slid on multiple times with no ill effects. Because of it's size, expect this to be your one pouch, especially for small chest rigs. All in all, an excellent solution for firmly securing lots heavy cargo.
by Brendan M. on 12/16/2015
"This pouch is great but hard to open with one hand the inside is very roomy so you could hold what ever you want and its great for the price i recommend this pouch for your needs.
by Josh S. on 06/13/2015
"Yes, this pouch is GIGANTIC!! It can hold a LOT of stuff and is fairly useful. Just know before buying this that it is huge...

big to hold stuff
nice color
you can put a patch on it easily

big (not really a con, but y'all should know that it is BIG)
I don't have any patches for it :(
by Bailey B. on 08/17/2013
"This a great pouch for universal use.

The pouch is pretty big, and I used it to hold my speedloader, 4K BBs, Dead rag, and spare batteries. And I still had space in this pouch for stuff.

It comes with MOLLE straps, and are pretty stiff. They won't break anytime soon. There is also a big flap to close the whole bag, and 2 buckles to secure it. You won't be losing anything put into the pouch with all of these secured.

- Lots of space
- Great quality
- Very secure pouch for various items.

- None at all.

5/5 stars
by sam r. on 04/17/2013
"Excellent quality for the price. Could hold a drum magazine but not a beta c mag. I use it on my vest it holds a bag of bbs, a loader, and three spare stick batteries. Totally worth having around.
by David B. on 01/23/2013
"Great MOLLE pouch, I carry a bottle of propane, a can of silicone oil, and a speed loader and fits just fine. It's a very large pouch but it can be low profile if you only fill it with some small stuff. Overall great.
by Bill W. on 08/07/2012
"I got this to hold an extra box mag for my Matrix M-46 machine-gun. The big box mag fits securely inside, snug but not so tight you can't get the mag out quickly. The double straps on the cover have plastic clips on them and they secure the flap nicely. The molle straps keep it securely on my vest.

Well made of decent quality material
Solid molle straps with good snap closures that don't come open while moving around
Flap straps secure the box mag and the plastic clips hold it everything closed

None noted
by Nick D. on 07/25/2012
"Love this pouch, it one of the most important parts of my rig. I have two, since the first one was so useful. It is big, holds mags, bbs, gas, anything really. Looks cool too! I really recommend it. 5/5
by Debbie B. on 02/14/2012
"This pouch does exactly what it is meant to. It's really spacious, mine is currently holding four extra m4 mags, pocket knife, a dead rag, a couple speed loaders and still has room leftover. A good buy to hold whatever you need, and it's cheap too.
by Durk S. on 01/27/2012
"I just got this pouch to add to my vest. The price is very affordable, and I would almost be willing to pay twice the amount for this pouch. It's great for anyone who needs a pouch that can hold almost anything. Besides, for nine dollars it's a great deal. When I got it I was a little nervous because the picture made it look very puffy. After seeing it in person however, this thing could two pistols and a water bottle without puffing out that much.

-Very good price
-Can hold a great amount of things
-Doesn't puff out much (such as if your concealed in the woods)
-Has a velcro spot on the front of the pouch between the buckles for patches, etc

-There really aren't any. This pouch could be used by anyone and has such a great price, I can't believe it's not 20 dollars

Bottom Line: I would recommend this to anyone because you can use it in any scenario. Get it, you won't regret it.
by Steven W. on 12/25/2011
"Fantastic pouch for extra gear or necessary equipment. I put one on the higher section of my hydration carrier and use it to store spare equipment for my spotter (I'm a sniper) or for food. Can be used for a WIDE variety of things, and the velcro patch makes for easy placement of IFF patches.