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Condor Tactical Leg Holster (Color: Coyote Brown)

31 Customer Reviews

by micah m. on 05/31/2020
"Nice thigh rig, wayyyyyy better than having a belt holster, thats all i have to say!
by John C. on 09/25/2019
"Fit my FNX 45 Tactical with suppressor.
by Benjamin P. on 09/14/2019
"Fits my CZ-P09 perfectly, which is on the bigger end of pistols IIRC. The attached magazine pouch is nice as well and perfectly sized. The part that attaches to the belt works great but I wish it could be adjusted, similarly the ability to make the thigh straps even tighter would be nice, but I'm super skinny so that's probably just a me problem. Fits fine either way, no complaints.
by Tyler W. on 12/29/2018
"Decent holster, comfortably holds my P226 (and possibly other similar sized sidearms).
by Andrew H. on 09/15/2017
"Mine arrived ready for a huge leg, tightened it up and it fits great, has great retention, even when not snapped, almost non existant wobble from running and has elastic in the leg straps so it doesn't bind when you kneel. Solid stitching that seems like it'll last awhile.
by Cory C. on 07/03/2017
"it Fit my Desert Eagle! which is all i could ask for!
by Mike G. on 04/08/2017
"Got this holster in the other day and I love this thing! Its my first holster and its very clean. I mean everything that condor makes is very good any way some I expected it to be very good and it is!
by Mike S. on 04/30/2016
"If you read the other reviews before mine, I have nothing add, basically what there saying is right
by wyatt b. on 04/29/2016
"First off this drop leg is the best! I am 14 with an extremely muscular build, that being said my thighs are huge and most holsters were to tight...but the drop leg was perfect. Now it is a bit of a pain to adjust but once you adjust it, it stays just where it is. I do love the thumb break on this holster even though normally I hate retention systems like that, this one your thumb slides right on it and breaks very easy. Overall if your looking for a drop leg, buy this now.
by Michael W. on 04/26/2016
"Very easy and comfortable to use, keeps my sidearm very secure. Withdrawing my weapon is very simple with this. I would recommend this to a friend.
by Priscilla G. on 03/01/2014
"Hands down! This is the best holster any airsoft player could get. The straps are pretty hard to adjust since they have two lines of rubber, but once you get them into your desired adjustment, this baby promise you 100% it won't move a single inch. BUY THIS NOW!!!!
by Thomas B. on 10/05/2012
"Very pleased with this holster! I've used crummy holsters that jiggle around and don't stay on, but this one is wonderful. Most of the time I don't even feel its on, its just so comfortable. The holster allows you to have a silencer attachment if you want, having an open bottom, however I've yet to test it to see if it will work with a light/laser. Overall, get it!
by Josh W. on 06/07/2012
"Very nice holster. It is pretty stiff at first, but It will loosen up once you break it in. The button that holds the strap in is easy to undo while reaching for you pistol. You do not have to look down. But to re button it, it is a little annoying. The top strap that goes around your thigh is a little small(I have mine loosened all the way) so big guys be warned that you might have to have it a bit lower. Make sure to have a tight belt or have it into your tactical belt that's on some vest or it will sag on you. Pistol strap is adjustable for longer mags but probably not 50 round mags. You can ghetto mod it by using a longer strap tho. Price is fair, you get what you paid for. I got black so it matches all my different load outs. 9/10 would bang.
by george b. on 03/06/2012
"Great quality holster and multicam. I have an M9 that I use but I also have a few buddies I airsoft with that have the same holster with USP compacts, 1911, Glocks, etc. So it can holster many sidearms. It is very sturdy but does not keep durt out. The bottom is open so you can put a silencer on your sidearm and still be able to holster it.

-great quality
-holsters almost all sidearms

-straps might come slightly loose after a lot of running so in between games you might have to re tighten it a little.
by Daniel S. on 09/09/2011
"This holster is very difficult to ajust because two lines of a rubbery material are woven into the leg straps, that being said it will never slip. One time it will be difficult to ajust but it will stay where you put it forever. Very secure holster, my favorite and a necessity for any airsofter with a pistol.