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Balystik Airsoft HPA Adapter (Version: WE-Tech / KJW)

7 Customer Reviews

by JOSHUA B. on 05/27/2020
"Buy these 1's! Above and beyond "better" than the others. I hand tightened this in my Hi Capa extendo mag and it has been flawless.
by Zach H. on 04/05/2018
"These hpa adapters are AMAZING!! I got 3 for my echo 1 timberwolf and they work perfectly! They come with orings, which might not seem like a big deal but trying to get those off a valve is a pain!! DO NOT GET THE CQB RUSSIAN ONES, these are 100 times better!! I have 1 cqb russian one and it BENDS! These do not move at all!!
by Rob R. on 11/29/2017
"These are so much better than the cqb Russian valves! Stronger, cheaper, and much easier to install! (you don't have to cut away as much material from the mag if any!)
by Donald B. on 10/15/2017
"Excellent, using for KCo2. Better than the Russians. Stainless steal
by Michael D. on 08/28/2017
"This adapter was (and is) awesome. I got it with my we tech hi-capa and when I got it, it was packaged in a small ziplock bag. Unlike the CQB Russian adapter, this comes with it's own O-ring, so you don't have to struggle to get the O-ring off of the fill valve when changing it out. Also, it is made of Steel vs the CQBR adapter which is made of aluminum. After hearing how the CQBR adapter would snap or break off while they were trying to get it screwed in. No issue screwing it in with me, as it was a perfect fit for my WE-tech hi capa mag. I did find it leaking at one point, but I went down and put on more airtight tape than I had before and have had no issues since.
by Jarred M. on 12/08/2019
"These are brass, not stainless steel. Kinda disappointing but they do the job
by Brendan M. on 09/22/2019
"Not sure if evike has these labeled incorrect, but the ones that got sent to me were not steel, but rather brass....