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CSI S.T.A.R. XR-5 FG-1503 Advanced Battle Rifle (Color: Trooper White)

16 Customer Reviews

by Tony T. on 12/20/2021
"Played it today good mid range weapon. Will make a note for you if the trigger feels jammed change battery this weapon will let you know the trigger on mine got stuck then fired slow so I grabbed another battery and up and going. Also good to have a low power weapon as well cuz mine was able to use that battery while this monster used fresh.

Good weight when slung feels like a regular rifle. Enough that you feel it there but not fatiguing.
Good mid range fighter
Fair fire rate.
M4 mags do work. Note high caps with wheel feed better than mids also drums make sure it's is the right length or shape otherwise it will not go in buddy loaned drum from a vector M4 style but did not fit due to shape

Too heavy for kids to use all day
Would like sling points but will say slung min through the stock giving me a single point did work fine just would like a defined point.
May of overlooked or may be just first time noticing a weapon that does this. Trigger feels jammed at low power thought it broke scared the hell out of me til it fired like a slug then realized what happened phew.

All in all good weapon outfitted mine with a bipod and gonna get a scope as well to see how far she truly hits. May tinker with internals then again may not. Overall out the box does well for mid to close range can hold its own in an outdoor field well and if in a building collapse the stock makes it okay for tight spots. Honestly though for that close carry a pistol or knife though this is a rifle not a normal close encounter weapon it shoots over 300 fps and will hurt like hell.
by Aidyn P. on 03/15/2020
"Very good gun with great construction
by Wilton M. on 10/15/2019
"Got this AEG because is different than what everyone has in my local Airsoft field and no matter what people said this future type AEG is built to last and very accurate, my lady has never used an airsoft rifle and she was able to zero it in 2 minutes with a zeroing target that simulates
50 meters I'vee been using since I was in the military. I zero the rifle to me right after her. CSI knows what there doing, hope they can produce more future Airsoft Rifles soon. Finally it's a bit heavier them my Matrix M4 GBB because of all the internal metal parts, will be using it as a sniper Rifle already got a scope & getting a Hive suppressor/extension not that it needs it.

For the the price you get a great Rifle.
Full length with extending butt stock.
Easy to hop up or down.
Strong Polymer composite shell.
Can run 7.4V lipo to 9.6V lipo Batteries no problem at all.
Easy to remove orange Metal flash hider.
Metal Trigger and gear box.

Not for younger kids because of the weight made cause them fatigue.
Nic-Cap Batteries run it a bit softer and less accurate.
Needs a mosfet for quicker trigger response.
by Joshua D. on 07/30/2018
"Purchased as a starter for my son and now is my primary.

This gun has some heft! doesn't sound like a big deal, but after carrying it around for six or seven hours it might lead to some fatigue.

Me I don't mind it and prefer something with a little more weight to it. I currently have a front hand grip and red dot attached. Looks and handles perfectly.

being able to "gator" the weapon to put the battery in is a silent treat. My son is running an M4A1 and every now and again we are on the hunt in the tight quarters of the M4A1 battery compartment.

I have the 150 round mag and the 300 round. Not only does the mag keep with the cool lines of this gun, but they are easily identifiable on the field. No worry about someone grabbing my mag on the field.

for a unique conversation piece and a solid starter weapon I highly recommend this. Eventually i am going to be playing with the springs and other internals to see just what she is capable of.
by Jeffrey C. on 08/12/2017
"this is a very nice gun, it has a lot of hex screws holding the body together and i had to take the whole thing apart to change the inner barrel and hop up. both stock hop up and inner barel are metal but I put in my prowin hopup (the blue one) and a angel customes sus304 6.01mm tightbore barrel that is 494mm long. with the stock fully retracted, its shorter than my socom X47. and i had to put a barrel extension and a mock suppressor on the XR-5 to cover the angel customes inner barrel. and it is shorter than my X47 which the X47 has no barrel extention at all, just a krytac flash hider (the 5 dollar one). the XR-5 is great for a Designated Battle Rifle for both CQB and LONG RANG. im just happy with this product, the XR-5 i have is a literal cqb sniper that isnt bulpup. 494mm is a hella long inner barrel that is also 6.01mm in diameter so its MEGA accurate and has amazing distance and groupings. its a good affordable gun even if you dont want to change the internals so i recommend this to any one who wants a new tech project (like me), or a straight up beginners gun for airsofters who are looking into something fixable and fully upgrade able internally.
by William B. on 03/19/2017
"It handles good, quieter than all my m4. Has a nice look, my tracer unit works nicely with it, wish it came with a battery and another mag but that's fine I have those. The only thing I absolutely HATE about it is the fact that the safety is more square and not rounded because I cut my thumb on the thing, and its just a tad shorter than I would like. On my m4 I can go between everything easy. With this one I have to actually move my hand for it, its not bad I can touch it but it would be more convenient if it was rounded and 1/6 of an inch longer. Other than that this thing fires fast with my 9.6 battery and .2s! Its quiet, looks cool(got trooper white) and others I know are going to be buying one. Oh I almost forgot I wish the part that slides for the battery had a screw to hold it in place because it can slide off completely
by Brady S. on 02/15/2017
"If You Are Into The Sci-Fi Gun Style I Highly Recommend This Gun Its Strong I Have Put Mine Through Hell And Back It Has Great Internals And For This Price Its An Amazing deal
by Zachery W. on 02/04/2017
"This thing is rock solid. For a gun made of almost all polymer I was surprised by the lack of wobble and creaking. Also it's got quite a bit of heft for polymer gun. Weighs as much if not a little more than my DMR. Haven't gotten around to shooting it yet unfortunately but I will edit my review after I check the performance.
by Nicholas B. on 02/03/2017
"This is a great gun for the price. Mine seems built solid. Its light, has plenty of rail space, nice fps. Cant really say anything bad. I hope in the future Evike might stock the other two colors so i can purchase another.
by Alessio N. on 05/14/2017
"Well let me say first off that the rifle works well and the range is excellent. The exterior is polymer but it is so sturdy that breaking it would be very diffucult. The only issue I have with this "futuristic m4" is that it can't hold any high cap mags. I have tested all kinds of m4 high cap mags, but it seems that they will not clip in and a mid cap or lower is required.

.Very sleek
.compatible with many m4 mags
.Efficent fps

.No high cap compatability
.iron sights block view of target

I would consider getting a cheap $10 red dot for this gun, and get the $5 m4 mags that are on here.
by Alessio N. on 04/29/2017
"This is a very well made rifle, it has internal metal parts, and a strong plastic exterior.

-4 rails on top, bottom, left, and right
-Good fire rate
-detachable Iron sight
-comfortable grip
-easy eject mag
-easy battery placement
-adjustable stock

-Bad iron sights
-Mag wind is hard to turn
-m4 mags that I have tested do not fit the gun

Overall the gun is worth the money, I chose the white version so I am not sure what the grey one looks like in real life. However, the performance is definitely up to par. I would suggest to get some other gear to fix the cons.
by Suzanne E. on 02/02/2017
"Ok, so bought this rifle as an absolute noob to airsoft. I liked the looks and the specs seemed alright too me so I got it. I just received it today and love it. There is only one problem. I bought one of those three thousand round box magazines as it sounded like a good idea, but it was not. The box mag doesn't actually fit on the gun, the shell is too wide, so it can't fit on. I was also an idiot and tried to cut the plastic of the magazine to allow it to fit over the hinges of the fore grip, but forgot about the side pieces. so I repeat WILL NOT FIT SUPER HIGH CAP BOX MAGS!
by Clinton M. on 02/01/2017
"I haven't played on the field with it yet but out of the box I was surprised how well put to gether it felt. Solid and heavier than I thought it would be. The magazine needed lubing but once I did that it seemed to feed fine for the chrono testing. I can fit a standard hi-cap M4 magazine in it but other mag's I had were too tigh and/or would not lock in.
The following two magazine types I tried would not fit propperly, very tight and would not lock in.
G&P Evike High RPS 130rd Polymer Mid-CAP
Command Arms CAA Licensed 360rd Magazine

The flip up sight's that come with the rifle are not great but they do feel like metal and not plastic. The orange flash hider is metal as well and is indeed glued in. The battery compartment seem's rather large and simple to open. You wont be able to change the grip to anything else so if you don't like it your stuck with it. (I like it)
Apparently there are 8 version's of this rifle according to the box, kind of wish Evike carried at least two of the version's I would have chose the one with a slightly different stock.
The rail's are all hard plastic but the buffer tube is metal and it has QD sling attachment points on either side of the rifle. However it does not include the QD ring's

During chrono the velocity seemed to fluctuate from 330fps to 380fps but the rate of fire seemed to be near 12rps with a 7.4v Lipo. I am not sure if the rifle can handle a 11.1v lipo though so if you want to use one do it at your own risk.

My recommendation's if you do buy this rifle is also buy a decent pair of flip up sights or a sight that's a bit raised up specially if your field requires you to where a mask. Also do not buy a battery for it till you can measure the compartment and make sure you get one that fit's specially if you like to maximize battery space like I do.

I will try and put a view review up of the rifle as soon as I can get some time to do so, You can find it on youtube under the user MaginusJames and/or Airsoft.S.T.D.
by Nathan M. on 10/28/2021
"The gun shoots well, has a nice weight to it, and feels sturdy for the most part. However, mine came with an exceedingly flimsy stock that feels like it will break at any moment.
by Ryan M. on 03/05/2017
"The gun itself is really nice with easy battery installation and excellent iron sites, however mine shoot 400-421 fps which was way over what is in the description. I was so excited to use my new gun but the field I go to has a 400 fps cap (like most fields) so I didnt get to use it.