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EMG International Match Grade 6mm Airsoft BBs - 5000 Rounds (Weight: .30g)

60 Customer Reviews

by Brian R. on 11/29/2023
"not much to comment on, they are bbs and they are good.

I ONLY run tight bores and these have never jammed.

surprisingly i like the bottle, the rectangle is a little easier to store/stack and transport
by Justin L. on 09/30/2023
"These are the best bbs in the whole wide world
by Andrew J. on 06/07/2023
"These are good I’m useing .25 or higher but that’s what I like and these go on sale a lot so maybe I’ll it will get lucky lol
by Andrew J. on 06/04/2023
"Love the .23 when there on sale but for better accuracy I think the more weight usually is a better shot so all the way up to a .3 for an average m4 AEG platform or .12 for a AEP that’s weak but hey you already know this !!

Have a good day these are quality
by Robert L. on 08/18/2022
"Great BBs, never had a jam. Good price to.
by Robert L. on 08/18/2022
"Ive never had these jam yet. good price to.
by Ian W. on 06/26/2022
"Great bb's, only bb's that don't jam up in my Polarstar and are a good price too
by Joshua B. on 05/27/2022
"Great bbs for accuracy. They work great in my gun's hop-up. Haven't had a single one break and I found no warping. The quailty control department really did a great job in my opinion.
by Andrew J. on 04/25/2022
".28 are super accurate I like .3 and.2 tho for my AEPS Check this out
by Thomas S. on 04/17/2022
"Review for 0.28g @ $20 and 0.32 @ $28

BBs have no issue feeding at all. After roughly 15,000 rounds of these ( 3 bottles) I have not had a single jam.
by Ethan S. on 03/29/2022
"These are the best BBs I have ever bought. And I have bought a lot! They have never jammed once. They are very uniform and have never had a bad bb. The container makes it very easy to poor straight into the magazine.
Very good EMS, keep up the good work please!
by ethan s. on 03/15/2022
"These are the only BBs i buy anymore.
They have a nice container, and they are easy to store and pour.
Never had a jam, very strong, visable bbs
i use .32s in my m4
by Amelia M. on 03/13/2022
"Fly very consistent, have never had a jam, awesome price and awesome quality.
by Madison M. on 03/09/2022
"Can't really get KCS Perfects anymore so these are now my main go to bb. .25s work very well and seem to be consistent.
by Thomas S. on 03/02/2022
"0.32g BB review

Works great no issues. No misfeeding. Very consistent shots. Cheaper than a lot of other options.