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Matrix Legionnaire Full Head Coverage Helmet / Mask / Goggle Protective System (Color: Black)

14 Customer Reviews

by Arik N. on 01/21/2021
"This helmet is absolutely great. It is really big so you can aim down sights very well with the full face mask on. If anything it feels very safe though. I've been hit in the head before and it hasn't broken at all. If you want to look great and stay safe simultaneously, this helmet will do the job. The mask also doesn't fog up so that's a big plus. If you take the mask off the helmet is super comfortable and is great for really any airsoft wars and you can aim down sights. I would highly recommend this helmet for any beginners.
by Miles O. on 07/06/2020
"Removing the face shield is somewhat tough, but aside from that the helmet is very comfortable and will get you a lot of looks on the field, as it is quite unique. It's somewhat large and hard to shoulder your rifle with the attached shield, but if you're like me, you don't actually need to use your sights and can just eyeball where your shots are flying.
by Connor R. on 05/13/2020
"The faceplate removal is a bit finicky, but other than that it's great. It's pretty comfortable all things considered and visibility is better than I was expecting. The only improvements that I could see for it are fixing the faceplate and compacting the whole faceplate module a bit. Although I do understand why they wouldn't want to compact the faceplate because otherwise you wouldn't be able to use it with glasses, which you can.
by Kirill D. on 07/19/2018
"If you're just starting out, play a lot of CQB, or just want to have the most protection while airsofting at a reasonable price, go with this helmet-mask combo. I've got a pretty large head, but this thing still fit me like a glove and when I took it out to the field at 90F, it handled all the punishment without any problems (the visor can handle up to 400fps at close range, but I tested it on the field with 350fps cap-no issues)

Especially if you got prescription glasses, this thing is wonderful, as not only it doesn't fog up as most goggles or paintball masks do (the mesh mask gives plenty of airflow, and there's always anti-fog if you really need it), but its adjustable enough to have all kinds of mounts to add to your helmet or even take off the face mask altogether.

The design is sturdy and comfortable, for this price I'd say it's a hell of a steal, as most good quality goggles, face masks, and helmets when bought separately will definitely land you above the price of this thing if not double.

My only minor gripe with this thing was that the ACH/ARC rails were wobbly when shipped, but its nothing a bit of unscrewing and screwing back in won't fix.
by Tyler B. on 06/11/2018
"Just received my helmet and after adjusting the pads on the inside this helmet fits great. Snug but not over tight. Quality looks and feels really good.
by Robert C. on 04/13/2018
"This helmet is really good. I wear a 7 3/8 hat and this fits good with some room left. It protects your entire head and face.You'll hear when a BB hits the helmet. Overall great product and I recommend it.
by eric M. on 12/08/2016
"Hello ! so i actually purchased this form the original seller before evike had this. it doesn't matter either way they're the same obviously. First off i have to say this helmet is extremely awesome! stylish and just all around cool

-it comes all together: eye pro, face guard, helmet.
-double layered mesh on nostril and mouth area, peace of mind no worry's about any breaches.
-fully covered ears
-comes in variety's of colors and themes.
- good rail space
-making friends jealous
-detachable face mask if you don't like it
-felt on helmet for patches.
-not really any, i mean you don't have it there's one.
by Sean F. on 01/04/2021
"this fits good , looks good and feels good the only problem is the holes on the top.They have no purpose and you can easily get shot through them
by Juan C. on 03/02/2020
"Comes with a few screws loose, but once you get it, you can tighten them. Very good protection. You can use your own prescribed glasses with this
by Joel K. on 02/18/2019
"When i got it the goggle oart was cracked but figured out you can prob get a new lense and replace it so thats all i gotta do and it will be good as new
by Colby B. on 11/01/2018
"PRO's: Great fit, breathes easily, full head coverage, enough room when worn to wear full seal glasses underneath for shrapnel protection, above average on lens fogging, plenty of hook and loop for patches, logos and kill rag, good rail space, mesh face guard is excellent for adding fake foliage to make it a ghillie helmet, twist tight back strap makes adjusting easy.

Cons:Biggest issue with this helmet I found right off the bat is that its a VERY wide face mask! Nearly impossible to look down the barrel/scope/sight of a typical AEG like M4 or AK. I could not come close to seeing down the barrel of my M4 with red dot sight. The side rail mounts are not solid, padding is a bit firm, its a bit tricky to remove the face mask and reattach when helmet is on your head, chin strap is on the small side and lastly peripheral vision is limited.

Its a very cool looking helmet with full coverage, great fit and protection. It has everything you would ask for in a tactical helmet except being slim. The biggest drawback is that its too wide to look down the barrel of any gun with a stock. The mask for me sits way to far away from my cheeks making my line of sight down the barrel way off. I tried with my sniper rifle and wasn't anywhere close to see down my scope. Then tried with my M4 and was closer but still not close enough to get a proper sight through the red dot. Then tried on my AK and still no chance. It be a excellent helmet to pair with any gun you hold out in front of you like a pistol or small machine gun. May also work good with a shotgun or in any close quarter point and shoot situation. The mask has some flex to it but for me not enough to get a good look down the barrel to aim. Ill be using this mostly for CQB and eventually for a dual wield pistol load out. Ill look for something more narrower for my sniper and DMR's
by fred b. on 12/01/2016
"its a really nice looking helmet. mesh allows a lot of air through. I just wish the one size fits most was a little more true. what I mean is the helmet is small really small. its almost toddlers size. I'm a grown adult and it wouldn't fit me. my sons are 12 and 13. it wouldn't fit them either. we have lancer tactical pj type helmets In size medium/large. the matrix helmet if about 1- 1 1/2 inches smaller in diameter
by Harrison T. on 12/20/2018
Springs in the Quick Mask Removal system fell out! (within 1st hour of use)
Cheek weld is terrible! The cure... a MINIMUM of 2" scope riser or SMG/Pistol load out only!
No "full seal" around eyes! Mask hovers 1" or better around the entire face.

Looks great!
No fogging issues!

I bought this because it includes the helmet and is an all-in-one (eyes, ears, mouth) protective system. Sadly, I was wrong about most of that!

I wear prescription glasses... and concluded... I would STILL NEED TO WEAR "full seal" goggles in the likelihood BBs might shatter into the wire mesh and penetrate what this system intended on protecting in the first place.
by Dillon K. on 11/19/2018
"Helmet looks great. However, when it arrived, it had visible lines and cracks in the clear plastic. I then returned the item and had it replaced, only for the new one to have the same issue. I couldn’t see anything out of it. Overall a bad experience.