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SUPPLYDROP expiring Dec. 15th. Get it now before the holidays! More details here. Match Grade 20K Round 6mm Airsoft BBs (Weight: 0.25g)

7 Customer Reviews

by Keldon K. on 03/12/2021
"These are amazing, very high quality and for the sale price of $28 per bag I got them at these are insane value!
by Brandon K. on 05/29/2020
"Affordable and high quality.
by Hanseol S. on 01/02/2020
"Excellent quality BBs, little to no imperfections, smooth all around, feed well and shoot well. The 0.25's are perfect for indoor CQB use, offering slightly better precision than 0.20's while not sacrificing too much velocity. Best part is the price - at $48 for 20000, that equates to about 417 BBs per dollar. Very affordable and economical. What more can you ask for?
by Melissa J. on 05/17/2018
"10/10 taste good in soup

And very good in ketchup
by Scott S. on 04/03/2018
"I have been using these indoor CQB in HPA short barreled rifles. They fly like they ride laser beams. Great sale price.
by Noah A. on 12/26/2017
"The lowest possible price for the high quality of ammo I expected. these rounds are cheap, clean and perfectly reliable.
by nicholas m. on 10/08/2019
"So, the bag they came in was fine and there were as many rounds as advertised going by the weight, but the bbs were dirty! The rounds had little strands of hair and random filth all over them. I had to put them in a strainer and wash them all off in the sink before I could use them. Very disappointed that they couldn't even get them clean before they shipped them, or at least notice quality control wise that there was an issue. I am using a tighbore barrel and a high ROF rifle and these would have jammed the thing completely if I hadn't noticed and cleaned them. After cleaning I have run probably 6k and they are fine, but i'm not sure I would buy them again.