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Krytac Full Metal Trident MKII SPR Airsoft AEG Rifle (Color: Black)

59 Customer Reviews

by Jerry S. on 07/29/2021
"Perfection out of the box. Krytac makes guns you dont need to do anything to to have perform great out of the box. This thing is a laser. 30-40k rounds through it and not a single issue. Along with drop in replacement parts any krytac is a winner. Just wish they made more products. Id love a krytac electric drum mag and a real lmg with a lmg gearbox. Ill wait.
by Bzepha W. on 06/23/2021
"Let me just say, this thing is amazing. Got it from one of my local stores and it shoots 415fps and accurate as hell. Feels sturdy and of high quality. Definitely reccomended
by James B. on 06/14/2021
"Excellent rifle! Plenty of room in stock for nunchucks and lipos. Comes with an adapter for small tamiya connectors so you don’t have to buy new batteries for a deans plug. Mine did not come with a black flash hider as a couple other reviews have stated. No biggie. Well worth the $.
by Stephanie E. on 05/19/2021
"I bought my Krytac SPR in February of 2020. Right out of the box I was getting exceptional range and accuracy from a stock gun. Anybody within about 180 ft was practically a guarantee. That said, I proceeded to upgrade the spring to an m125 to meet field limits (420 fps with .20s) along with a matrix 5000 high torque motor. With this and just some general cleaning and tuning in the hopup, I see an effective range (4/5 shots hit) with this gun out to 250 ft on days with light wind. I have never had a problem out of this gun and I would recommend it to anybody who is looking for a workhorse rifle that is reliable, accurate, and durable ( I'm very rough on guns).

TLDR, This gun is super good right out of the box and with simple upgrades, it gets even better. Reliable, accurate, and durable.
by Michael M. on 05/17/2021
"So, just got my new(est) Trident MKII SPR in the mail today and couldn't be happier! Krytac has upgraded what was already an awesome AEG into an even better one! Flip up iron sights, a mid-cap mag and it comes already wired for Dean's (with a Tamiya adapter too!).

Can't wait to break it in with the 11.1v/6,000 mAh beast of a Titan battery that just squeezes into that spacious stock!

5/5 once again with Krytac
by Robert S. on 02/01/2021
"Excellent airsoft rifle! Great right out of the box.
by angela B. on 01/06/2021
"just buy it, cant go wrong with krytac
by Cade A. on 10/31/2020
"Shot about 1000 rounds through this guy today. Still sounds awesome. Using a 1450mAh 20C Lipo, I got

387 FPS
About 175 feet of range
High RPS (checked and it’s about 20)
Good consistency with .25’s for about 100 feet
Realistic bolt catch and release to adjust the rotary hop up. (Set to 8-9 for me)

However there are drawbacks to this gun, as there are most.

The gears are off spec as I’ve been told. If you want a new gear set, you’ll have to shave down the spur gear since it’ll sit high if you do nothing to it.
The fuse in the stock (stock is super nice) is a little big and makes sticking batteries in there difficult. And when you do pull the fuse out to put a battery in, then you can’t adjust the stock back.
The original orange flash hider is held by an annoying grub screw and glue. Hold a hair dryer up to it to loosen the glue up and twist hard with some good pliers.

Other than that, I haven’t explored the gearbox yet. I’ll post some stuff in the comments once I do.

I’m putting in an SHS 15 tooth full metal lightened piston.
Maxx Model aluminum piston head
Maxx Model air nozzle since the stock one has none and loses efficiency with it.
A type 1 angel custom cylinder (stock is a type 2).
A G&G Green
Prowin Hop up
And lastly a lonex sector delay chip
^^ I’ve been told this gun doesn’t have one but I’m not sure because it fed very well today

Overall 9/10 just for the fuse problem (short arms), and the lost efficiency.
Great starting gun if you don’t want to break the bank on upgrade parts or be a warranty voider like me
by Edward Z. on 07/28/2020
"Extremely good gun, tight spread at 100 or so feet, and high RPM with 11.1v lipo.
by Jayden R. on 06/23/2020
"All I can say is wow....I bought this as my first airsoft gun and I’m not disappointed. I’ve heard nothing but good things about krtacs Shoots STRAIGHT AND FAR this gun is an absolute laser would recommend to anyone
by Trevor C. on 02/17/2020
"I've fielded this gun for about a year now, and here's the results:

The stock rotary hop-up and barrel are OK. Not the best, but OK. In fact, when I upgraded my Krytac with an Umbrella Armory Prometheus barrel and Pro-win hop up, I reused this barrel in my son's G&G Combat machine, because it's better than most stock barrels and hop ups.

Now, it's possible to drop $1K on this rifle to get it upgraded to the absolute best that's possible, but I have to admit that the rifle is already pretty damn good as it is, so I'm not sure if dropping $1K on the rifle is going to be worth it or not unless you have money to burn.

My rifle is solid as a rock, the gear set is the best in the business (even Umbrella Armory uses them), and it is easily accurate up to 200 feet.
by John H. on 01/24/2020
"Great gun, I put a Prometheus 6.03 mm inner barrel in and its shooting lasers with .30s. The rotary hopup is extremely convenient, and it was very easy to swap out the inner barrel/ hopup bucking. The metal it's made of feels high quality, and the gun comes with a mag, keymod rail mount, black flash hider (to replace the orange one), a mag, and some excellent metal iron sights, as well as an allen key for adjustment. Once you get a sight on this gun you'll be hitting precise shots at over 200ft.
by Joshua P. on 12/15/2019
"Great gun! Looks cool, easy to upgrade, and amazing build quality. Can't go wrong with a Krytac.
by Andrew J. on 05/20/2019
"This gun is a beast I highly recommend it no upgrades needed out of box but I will be putting the 45000 high torque and speed with a 130 spring love this aeg
by Brian B. on 04/06/2019
"Must say I love this gun. This Krytec just performs great, consistent and shoots amazing with an 11.1v Lipo. Solid solid rifle.