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Matrix High Performance 7.4V PEQ Type Airsoft LiPo Battery (Configuration: 1500mAh / 15C / Small Tamiya / BMS Smart Charger Starter Package)

10 Customer Reviews

by Edmund O. on 03/12/2018
"Lovely, powerful battery that keeps on going and going. Great for larger M16 A1/A2 stocks (NOTE that it will not fit M4 buffer tubes , PEQ style battery cases or Kriss vector compartments) and gave my rifle the oomph it needed on the field for a full days worth of play. Excellent battery overall!
by kade h. on 05/05/2015
"Short review. Great little battery for peq boxes. Made my Bolt Keymod shoot great. Although it is not wired to the front like it says on evike. Will die after about 5 hi-caps with medium use. LEARN YOUR LIPOS BEFORE BUYING.
by Jared S. on 10/30/2014
"had just used this battery with my gun(KWA MOD 1) its that best thing i have bought so far. Had no problems using it with my KWA and it lasted all day and never have to recharge during a game. When i got this battery it came fully charged as well. Overall a must buy right now!
by Yishai B. on 02/28/2014
"Please learn at least the basics of lipo batteries before posting a review. This Lipo is 7.4v which means it will cap a voltage of around 10 volts when fully charged. The danger of 11.1's is that they run at around 14volts when charged. Lipo batteries are not prone to explosions if you keep an eye on them and dont overcharge, overdrain, or overheat them to the point where they are burning to the touch. A 40C rating on these batteries means they can handle a large current being drawn from them without heating up too much or just not being able to handle it. That being said, NIMH 9.6v batteries are NOT more voltage or more reliable, but are simply made of different materials. Lipo's are good for getting large amounts of volts in smaller packages and lighter weights then NIMH. This is a good battery, buy a proper charger with it and keep an eye on it while playing and charging, and there should be no issues.
by Tristen W. on 09/10/2015
"Bought this for my ARES AM-014 and it worked well.

It is a lot smaller than you would think. Because of the power it yields a slightly slower rate of fire, but has a good battery life. It lasted me a whole day of continuous playing.

Make sure you buy a LIPO specific charger and a LIPO charging bag, as both are needed for this battery. It takes about an hour to charge all the way.

This is a great deal, go ahead and buy one!
by Jacob F. on 10/30/2014
"i got this battery for my brother, for his cyma m14. the gun is over hauled and can support a lipo battery. the battery lasted about 4 hours than it crapped out on him. next day after i fully charged it, it lasted a 6 hour skirmish. not a bad battery... but i've seen other lipos like tenergy last a couple hours longer. overall.... not a bad battery.
by Nate K. on 01/20/2014
"I got this along with some other stuff in order to power my new JG zombie killer pistol m4. I knew it was a lipo going in and if i had done some shopping around i would realized there are cheaper safer batteries. But more on that after some pro/cons

Light weight
Came charged

LiPo (people, they are known to catch fire. be careful and smart)
doesn't fit well in the included PEQ-15
Low voltage

So more on the alternative: I payed nearly 60 dollars for this battery, a charger and a safety bag. For just a little bit more (if i had checked properly BEFORE i purchased) I could have gotten a 9.6v NiMh battery. They are more stable and i trust them a bit more, plus more voltage. But it is your decision.
by Brandon P. on 03/25/2016
"Honestly these lipos are great and work well. Like the previous comment i can agree that maybe some can swell. I have bought 2 of the same battery and 1 only works now. They have good battery life but are not very long lasting as they will swell eventually. Just make sure you have a smart charger and always use a lipo safe bag.

looking for a battery that will fit in a peq box, get this one
looking for a battery that will fit in an am-013 or 014 then this is the one
long battery life

They swell fairly quick
by Dennis B. on 05/05/2017
"Same here, just like others said. I purchased this battery in Dec. 2016 along with the ARES Amoeba AM-013 gun. Played only ONE game with it. Tried charging it today (May 2017) and it did not charge at all. The battery is totally dead!

Webmaster: Lithium-polymer batteries should not be left discharged or charged for long periods of time. Lithium batteries are best stored at storage voltage above 3.2v per cell. You can determine cell voltage with something like this:

Keeping your battery within safe voltages will keep your battery running for a long time. We strongly suggest this at a minimum:
Customer Service
by Dana P. on 03/18/2016
"When these batteries work, they work great. But they don't last long at all.

I purchased one with my Ares AM-013 in January. It lasted about 3 weeks
Before it would not hold a charge any longer. I went to the Evike store and it was
Swapped out for a new one. Now after about another month and a half, this one is starting to swell and no longer works. I'm not new to Lipos. Every other Lipo battery I've ever had has worked flawlessly and I've never had a problem
With one before. Always properly charged and stored and cared for. Not sure if I got 2 from a bad batch or what, but I won't be getting a third.