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CYMA Sport M14 DMR Airsoft AEG Rifle (Color: Black)

13 Customer Reviews

by Ethan M. on 01/15/2021
"I can’t wait for my m14 to arrive, I will thoroughly review this rifle :)
by shawn e. on 12/27/2020
"Brother picked the pistol grip version in imitation wood up for me on christmas, 2019.
I've been an airsoft marksman/plinker for well over 10 years now (never play real games- i just love the simplicity, and sport of non-invasive shooting without getting arrested/waking the neighbors at any given time). I have to say i am very fond of this rifle. Its pretty much metal and extremely close to what wood feels like and is QUITE heavy. If you're a smaller guy, I'd consider going with a socom version for less weight, in my opinion. Shouldering this girl for extended periods of time in the standing position is burdening. it's unquestionably heavier than an all metal AR, for perspective.

I've put quite a few rounds through this puppy from anywhere to a flat 50', up to a real rifle range that slopes 200 foot down a mountain. It shoots VERY nicely with the adjustable irons, smoothly, and the full auto is satisfyingly fast.

I've went through a case of .25's, and .28 BB's and think that the .28's are the sweet spot. If I had .30+bb's i would run those for pinpoint accuracy.
at 200' range, you can accurately hit a 1'x1' target with a little bit of dial in period and hop adjustment.
I would not suggest .20 BB's as you're essentially spraying an area at range, especially with the hop up on.

this year, i've added the matrix x4 rifle scope / mount
the mount works great, but the scope is a little uncomfortable, due to its compact size. I have the cheek rest adjustest all the way up, and my neck has to be as far foward as possible for good sight alignment. Maybe that scope wasnt a fantastic choice for this airsoft gun, but i will say that this CYMA m14 is pretty damn nice. I've got a wide variety of ar's, an l96, a p90, GBB's and at one point a high power springer m14, but this one is one of my favorites for sure.

great construction, heavy, great velocity, its not loud, it doesnt rattle or twist (within reason)

If i HAD to make a list of con's---- weight would be my gripe, but you're getting a metal construction long rifle, so its not out of question as to why it's heavy. also this may be an overall airsoft problem, but i'll mention it--- due to the barrel of this rifle being 500mm, you have to be careful with your axis rotation with the sighting and barrel, in lieu of having hopup adjusted for longer distances.... You can absolutely, 100% confirmed shoot around corners with this rifle with enough hop and distance. Turn gun 90*, moderate hop adjustment and shoot a few feet below target--- you will shoot behind wall, aka curve the bullet.
by C.J. G. on 07/21/2020
"Very well made gun, the best I've ever shot and held. I mounted a M14 scope mount along with my scope, and powered it with a Turnigy 11.1v 1200mah 15c Lipo and I've had no problems. It's very heavy compared to the polymer Aegs I've used, it weighs around
14 lbs with the mount, scope, battery, and bbs, not the most ideal for long games. Definitely want to buy a bipod to help supporting this thing.


Great price
Great FPS
Quality construction
Metal receiver, mag, and barrel assembly.
Adjustable cheek riser
Realistic weight
Full auto
Mock bolt with bolt catch (fun to rack)
Long range
Plenty of room for battery
Capable of 11.1v Lipo!


Heavy, but like the real thing.
Does not except all M14/M1a mounts
No Bipod rail

Nothing beats a good ole' M14 and 1911!
by Ethan S. on 12/06/2019
Shoots great
Comfortable to hold

Not full metal, plastic stock and frame
plastic mag
by Paul L. on 06/25/2017
"This gun shoots surprisingly straight. Best groupings out of all my guns. Is it a DMR is it a Battle Rifle? Both? I love the mock bolt sound (actually pretty real sounding). Stock setup works great. There are only a few drawbacks however they are due to realism. It's a long gun. In a sea of carbine length guns this is a full rifle length. It's realistic as full rifle length was standard issue during the service time of the M14. The gun is realistically heavy and front heavy. The controls are not M4 controls so it takes a little getting used to (this is realistic). This amount of performance at this price point is amazing. Good gun.
by Michael W. on 03/27/2017
"This is such a good gun. This is a great gun for people just starting and people who had been playing for awhile. Such a great gun. It is kind of heavy but not unmanaged. Very accurate and hits hard.
by Anthony R. on 03/21/2017
"I absolutely love this gun!! You don't even have to adjust the hopup and this gun can shoot extremely far. It is absolutely insane. It shoots pretty fast but this gun is made for accuracy you will never miss!!
by Trevor R. on 03/08/2017
"I am very pleased with this product. I was initially worried that the charging handle would break after a couple uses but I've racked it probably close to 100 times now. Both steady and gently, to hard and fast, and locking the bolt back and releasing it. It sounds amazing and seems to be holding up well. Although the body is polymer it seems to be holding up well. Overall for the price, I'd say its certainly worth it, as a prop piece, as a functional piece and all around cool factor is worth it. The only things Id say to consider is if you want a heavily tactical weapon with tactical rails all over, you might want another option or consider you'll need to buy upgrade parts if they are even compatible, that will raise the overall cost. That and this is a big long gun.
by Michael W. on 03/07/2017
"I'll keep it short and sweet this is an amazing gun. Powerful accurate good weight everything you need in a dmr.
by Michael W. on 03/07/2017
"This is a great gun. Extremely accurate and fun to use. I recommend this to anyone who wants a good reliable airsoft gun at. This is good for advanced players and people just starting off. This gun is a steal for $150. It has a good weight to it. Only thing I could find wrong with it is that my battery compartment was sealed shut and I had to pry it open with a screwdriver.
by Julian R. on 12/12/2016
"This is an over all great gun, it feels very solid and is fairly accurate. If you are thinking on buying this go for it!
by Allen H. on 04/02/2016
"Had this gun for 3 months now and love it. Had the normal break in where it shot poor for the first couple thousand shots but now it's very consistent and accurate. I use a 10.2 volt battery and love how it wakes this gun up. This gun is mostly metal except for the stock and has no wobble anywhere. Being metal it pretty heavy but I like a gun to feel like it's built to take a beating. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a gun that shoots hard and far without spending a lot of money and not having to upgrade internals.
by Jesse G. on 07/08/2017
"Cyma once again provides a well built , quality aeg that doesn't break the bank .

when taking it out of the box the first thing one notices is the overall weight while evike advertises it at around 12 pounds 1 ounce but upon loading the high cap magazine the overall weight was 7 pounds 6 ounces most of which sits at the front off the gun .the overall feel is to be expected of a mid tier polymer

Internally the version 7 full metal gear box looks amazing for a sub $150 gun .While not the on the level of the G&P m14 dmr ,it's certainly not unreliable .The functional charging handle and bolt catch are a nice touch for realism but , are not needed to access the dial hop-up which resides in the mag well

Externally this rifle features 2 belt loops accustom to most firearms of this style.To access the battery compartment in the rear of the stock pop the butt place down . the space can hold up to 3 9.6v 1600 mah brick type batteries . The front and rear sights are adjustable for height and elevation.

major Pros : Quality build
adjustable iron sight
full metal barrel assembly
adjustable cheek riser and butt pad
major Cons :spring needs to be switched out in order to get 370-400 fps
Really you get what you pay for and more if a budget m14 is what you want look no further