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CYMA Standard M24 Military Airsoft Bolt Action US Army Scout Sniper Rifle (Color: Tan / Standard Barrel / Rifle Only)

34 Customer Reviews

by Jason L. on 02/06/2021
"Very solid feeling to this gun, hefty but not to hefty for a young person say from 14 and up. looks great and shoots nice out of the box. 0.20's in the upper 420's FPS, so I went up to 0'40's and got it down to upper 340's FPS with a few over 350 FPS. So with the 0.40's she has less drop and hits hard. Haven't been able to get a Distance check yet but will get back to you on that at a later date.
by Jason L. on 01/26/2021
"Awesome looking and feels well built. 0.32 Crono's at 346fps top 331fps bottom. Can't wait to see how she does on the field. Very impressed and pleased with this purchase...
by Justin H. on 07/08/2020
"Honestly wasn't going to use this as it came in a mystery box and i own a well mb06(matrix or echo1 is similar). Compared to the well this is far better because it was just as easy to upgrade the spring, and most importantly this has a hopup that doesn't require any tools at all! This gun is very nice and I was able to swap a higher power spring into it with only a few screws. The piston in this model is not compatible with most other upgrade kits beware that they upgraded this to the bore up model. I plan on buying a cheap bipod for it since it comes with the mount for standard bipods on the front. Can't wait to try sniping again. It was able to pass a bb through two pop cans cleanly down my hallway after an upgrade in power.
by col N. on 04/29/2020
"Overall amazing gun out of the box formed perfect straight out of the box already put together and everything only thing I had to put on was the scope which does not come with the package unless unless you get it with the package really accurate and I injoy this awesome gun.
by Hunter C. on 03/03/2020
"Great beginner sniper!

Hard to find parts for
Kinda loud

good build
Decent fps
Not heavy
Good mags

Overall 8/10
by Evan J. on 03/03/2019
"I'm not sure if I was lucky or if this gun is incredible but this thing is by far the best and most accurate airsoft gun that I have. 5 stars without a second thought. Only thing I don't really like is that the magazines are plastic but they definitely work.
by Joey P. on 11/29/2017
"Definite 5 star review, I've owned this rifle for about 5 months now, it shoots far and straight. It does have -14mm threading under the stock orange tip, and it comes with a suppressor adapter. The gun is very capable of hitting a piece of paper at 200 feet, definitely has and can hit people at 220 feet. I highly recommend getting a nice scope ( I personally run a 3-9 by 50 and it looks and shoots very good) and maybe a bipod, though the gun isn't too heavy so you really don't need one. The hop up is very effective, and I run my gun stock but it has great upgrade potential. I also recommend running .32 gram bbs, they work very well for me. The bolt pull is very smooth and satisfying. If you wanna get into sniping, buy this gun. It outperforms my JG Bar-10, and my A&K SVD. It's also very very well priced, it's a steal for 150 bucks, let alone 90 (I got mine for 90 on sale). Buy the gun if you want a good begginer sniper.
by Toby C. on 08/28/2017
"Love this rifle! Excellent buy for 100$! People have asked if it is the SSG 24. It looks and feels real (although it is aluminum not steel, so it isn't too heavy).

Very nice price for the quality
Metal upper receiver/barrel and trigger assembly
Very accurate
Quite (in comparison to some other rifles I have)
Looks really nice
Feels really good
Very easy hop up system that can be changed on the fly

Mags are plastic (however they will suffice)
Would like to see tactical sling rings instead of rifle belt sling mounts
by erik b. on 08/01/2017
"Just wow. I got this gun on sale for 100 bucks with the fluted barrel and ill tell you what I am extremely impressed. I have been playing airsoft for a long time now and i like to buy cheaper guns and see how they do. Honestly this rifle is one of the best proforming sniper rifle out of the box that i have ever seen for the price. All i did was put white lithium grease on the outside and inside of the bolt and i proforms so well.

great fps ( 420 with .30 bbs)
great range
construction is fantastic ( the outer barrel is thick so it wont bend when pressed up to a tree or any kind of support)
comes with a barrel adaptor for adding on a suppresor or muzzle brake

the spring guide and piston are plastic (but then again its a 100 dollar gun)
a bit heavy i wouldnt recommend if your younger than 13
the mags are a cheap plastic but they work fine

Other than that i give this gun 5 stars. I used it alot now and it is my go to good ol reliable. It will reach out and touch someone and deffenetly make them call there hit.
by Avery Y. on 04/10/2017
"I bought this gun almost a year and a half ago and I love it. I haven't had any problems with it and I used it in several games with friends and in airsoft events. only problem is the bolt is hard to pull back but I don't notice it when in a airsoft game. it shoots around 500 with .2's and 414 with .3's

lots of power
doesn't break
all metal besides stock
pretty high quality for the price

cheap plastic mags
hard to pull the bolt back
by William G. on 04/10/2017
"I bought this for my sons birthday and WOW. I have never paid over $50 for an airsoft gun so I had no idea what we were missing. The accuracy is amazing! I would highly recommend this rifle, for the money it is great.

Very accurate
Good weight and feel
Fairly quiet

High scope mount (I don't like a high mount)
Only 28 round mag ( have to make each shot count)
by Keith K. on 03/20/2017
"Bought this sniper rifle and its works great. Love the way it feels and handles. No problems from right out of the box. Would recommend to anyone. Stock is sold and the action on the bolt is flawless. Have it set up and sniper set with scope and by-pod. The weight is fine. Great gun.
by Chrisjen E. on 01/08/2017
"Amazing gun love it, wish there was a scope and gun deal but other then that amazing.
by Kyle R. on 12/17/2016
"This rifle is an amazing gun straight out of the box. This gun is very reliable and can shoot pretty straight. I would recommend this gun for very airsofter. The best thing about this gun is its weight, it is very light and has a nice feel to it.
by Greg K. on 08/14/2016
"Alright so I've had this rifle for around a month or so and lemme say this was probably the best gun I could ever purchase for the price. I was surprised it even shot to be honest because what good gun is actually good. I use .3 G bbs and can hit a man sized target around 150 ft with ease. I planned on upgrading it and that is what you will need to do if you purchase this rifle to get it really shooting but stock it shoots surprisingly well.

hella fresh
consistent 150'
VSR10 compatability makes mods easier

All in all a great gun for the money