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CYMA Standard RPK LMG Airsoft AEG Rifle w/ Steel Bipod and Wood Folding Stock (Package: Gun Only)

4 Customer Reviews

by William S. on 08/20/2019
"The gun is amazing! Real wood and holds up quite well, metal is of good quality and works like a charm, can take quite a beating too, unlike most airsoft guns of this price range it is a good starter gun and can make you feel like the useful support player. Only thing that looks or feels cheap is the mag, but it holds up well and can do it's job like a champ. Would recommend and buy again!
by Marsha S. on 09/26/2017
"This gun is just wow. I have been an ak fanatic really since i started to get into airsoft about 5 years ago. I started with an ak springer and slowly but surely worked my way up to better AEG aks. I currently have 4 aks (including this monster) and this is by far my favorite. I have an ak74 EBB APS that I got last year and an E&L AKM as well. These were my pride and joy until both of them broke. My Birthday came around a few weeks ago so I decided to send in my 2 aks to get fixed so i could play with some friends later in the week. I didnt know how long the repairs would take and was itching for battle when I stumbled upon this thing. I had always dreamed of owning an rpk and it was a dream come true. I have used it once so far in an open field game and it has very good range. while playing with a group of friends I could easily out gun and range them with the gun with a matrix 2500 auto winding drum mag and echo 1 11.1v lipo to boot. Ill list some pros and cons here.
somewhat light- (even with full drum) and didn't weigh as much as a saw, but you can't really run around with it.
fast fire rate- (lipo used) that could suppress my enemies from a range.
range- with the hop up only about half way, I could hit targets roughly 150 feet give or take.
Bipod fore grip- although not always practical, I used part of the square feet of the bipod as a mini fore grip on the gun, providing better control and accuracy.
Small battery space- The battery sits in the stock and I couldn't fit a butterfly, but i planned to use a smaller lipo anyways.
by James C. on 03/29/2017
"I love it, it shoots great and looks great. The wood finish feels great in my hand, the one problem I have to say is the battery. It's too big and doesn't fit in the stock, had to get a new that was smaller but still able to be used. But other than that I love this gun and I strongly recommend this, it doesn't need any other parts to make it better, for real fans they won't care about that. I would get another cuz to put on the wall it's that great of a gun.
by David H. on 10/18/2018
"Absolutely amazing. It's a beautiful LMG with some genuine weight behind it. (arms started to hurt after running around a field with it for 25 minutes lol) only sad thing about it is the latch on the stock that keeps the stock unextended broke 5 minutes after I took it out of the box. A little upsetting but the fully extended stock still works and looks great, make of the gun is out standing but the battery compartment is a little too small for a 9.6... Im using a 8.4 butterfly that fits perfectly. Drains a little quick though with this beast of a gun! The CYMA RPK is definitely one worth picking up even if it's just as a wall mount or a weapon to use on the field!