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Avengers 6D9T4A Tactical Vest with Magazine and Radio Pouches (Color: ACU)

29 Customer Reviews

by Josh V. on 10/24/2019
"Very good plate carrier, although I wouldn’t recommend for smaller people. This plate carrier has everything you need, although it’s not very easy to adjust the size to accommodate smaller individuals. I’m 5’ 6” and 130 pounds and this is kind of big for me, but it still works fine.

Overall good plate carrier.
by Owen F. on 01/22/2019
"Probably the best 6094A replica you could buy! There were a few problems getting plates in, but otherwise its perfect! And for a perfect price!

MOLLE is spaced pretty much perfectly! Couldnt find ONE loop where i couldnt feed thru.
EXTREMELY comfortable.
Fits large SAPI plates (though tough), and even has slots for side plates (unknown to me what size will fit)
LOTS, and i mean LOTS, of pouches. Side pouches inside, kangaroo pouch, too many to name.
Velcro holds up well to use
Havent used it yet but the drag handle seems really strong. Even runs more than half way down the back.

Fitting large SAPI plates was a bit rough, but managed. Even got some foam ones for comfort in the closer slot (theres a slot for hard plates and another slot for soft).
When large plates are in (at least mine), the kangaroo pouch almost cannot be accessed, but i use mag pouches externally anyways so it doesnt bother me.

Thats pretty much it! Overall, this $65 vest is, in my opinion, a total steal! It is amazing quality and i cant think of any other vest i would use at this price range! If you're unsure about what vest you might want, look no further!
by Cody S. on 10/05/2018
"I have had this vest for about 6 months now and I can say its a very good vest. Its durable, lightweight, and comfortable. It is adjustable which is good because Im a smaller guy. There is a ton of molly to add what ever you want to the vest. I would recommend this vest to anyone from just getting into airsoft to someone thats been doing this a while and wants a lightweight vest thats durable and comfortable.
by Eddie K. on 06/22/2018
"Ive had this plate carrier for over half a year now, and I must say this carrier is amazing. Its pretty compact, which can be good. Its also fully adjustable, itll fit everyone.

Lightweight, not bulky at all.

Fully adjustable, you can pull open the sides as well as the shoulder thingy.

It comes with 3 M4 style pounces which are meh, consider replacing them with quick-draw pouches. It comes with a radio pouch AND a multi purpose pouch.

Compact, for me it comes down to my bellybutton area, but then again Im 511 or 61. Its not a con because it leaves plenty of room for belt systems. This is just preference.

The MOLLE straps under the M4 pouches are annoying, some wont even let the strap thing come through.

Overall this is a great plate carrier, its compact, easy to adjust. I can even where a large backpack plus a belt system with it. Definitely gonna use this when SHTF as well.
by Collin L. on 04/23/2018
"Really solid MOLLE vest for the money.
by Donovan R. on 02/28/2018
"Great vest, radio pouch is meant for real military radios or extremely tall radios, but it will def hide a baofeng real well. The admin pouch included has a ton of space for a free admin pouch, and the m4 mag holders can hold up to 2 per pouch if you can squeeze them in. I'm a bit on the small side, 5'7 124 lbs and the vest kinda sags on me, but adjusting works fine and putting plates in helps a lot.
by Xavier R. on 01/30/2018
"This vest is the best vest ever hands down for me I️ love it its also got Delivered on my birthday I️ love the color everything about it is amazing
by Xavier R. on 01/30/2018
"This vest is the best vest ever hands down for me I️ love it its also got Delivered on my birthday I️ love the color everything about it is amazing
by Wyatt S. on 12/18/2017
"This vest is amazing. It can fit 6 mags in the three pouches which are a bit tight but they can fit in nice. I recommend a dump pouch for this vest if your gonna use all 6 mags because you will have a hard time reloading and try to put the mag back in which isn't very pro-like I guess. Other than that, great vest, I recommend this vest as a good starter vest or an upgraded vest then a chest rig.
by Dominic A. on 10/12/2017
"amazing vest. i loved it. came with all the pouches i needed and held very well. worth buying.
by Collin F. on 09/24/2017
Very high quality material
Comes with 3 double M4 styled magazine pouches
Very lightweight
Includes a pistol and utility pouch
Fits small to large (yes, even "fat") people
Would have been nice to have the side pouch included
Other Thoughts:
A very high quality vest, with tons of room for additional pouches. Has some velcro on the front that you use to put it on. Overall a very good purchase
by Russell B. on 09/11/2017
"I'm 14, and 125 lbs and this fit great once I adjusted it. The vest moves around a tiny bit but that's expected since this vest is meant for adults. Overall the best is great the mag pouches fit 2 M4 mags in each tightly, or 1 SR-47/AK style mag each. And the radio pouch makes a great water bottle holder if you're not using a radio.
by Carson M. on 09/02/2017
"So far this is one of my favorite vest even compared to my Condor Gunner Vest. It has held up against every Airsoft Game I've played, Plenty of MOLLE Web Space, the three pouches it comes with are great starting pouches for this vest. I use this for my Air Force Security Forces Loadout since I can't take my gear off base, and it completes the loadout pretty damn well. It fits perfectly highly adjustable

I'd recommend 100/10

Pros -
Compatible with a lot of other companies gear

Cons -
Absolutely none
by walter S. on 08/22/2017
"Have not used it yet but from my testing it is very fitting ! I am a smaller person and I have to adjust it to the smaller size and it fits perfectly. Since I don't own a radio I put more mags in that pouch .
by houston c. on 07/05/2017
"Great chest rig, im 6'5 and 230lbs and it could easily fit a bigger person. Wonderful! Doesn't come with foam inserts.