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APS Ambidextrous Magazine Release for M4/M16 Series Airsoft AEGs (Color: Silver)

6 Customer Reviews

by Stephen P. on 11/21/2020
"I got this in black for my E&C AEG, also in black, and it fits and functions perfectly. It is well made and matches the metal on my AEG. It requires a really small hex wrench to screw on, so make sure you have a set of tiny hex wrenches to try out on this. It could be because I didn't have the exact hex wrench to fit the screw, and so my release is a bit loose, but the extra width on the right button of the mag release doesn't quite release the magazine all the way, so you'll have to push down more towards where the screw is. The left side functions perfectly. No magazine I tried had any issues locking in to my AEG with this magazine release.

* Full metal construction and a good spring
* Visually matches (black release on a black AEG)
* Installation, once you find the right hex wrench, is as simple as any other magazine release
* Left side release works perfectly
* Does not interfere with any magazine I tried

* The extra width on the right side release is not very usable, but pressing down around where the screw is works fine
* The required hex wrench size is very small, so be careful when installing it
by Manuel A. on 03/06/2018
"I used this for my HK416 CQB AEG, and it works perfectly. The spring is a little strong however but its not that much of a difference that would make me dislike it at all. One thing to note is that it does not come with instructions on how to install it, but I've had prior experience in maintaining and repairing AR style weapons and it works the same way.

Here's a simple tutorial:
1. Press against the original magazine release very hard with a punch to compress so that the spring is fully pressed and that catch extends fully outward from the lower receiver.
2. The catch is screwed into the button, so you have to keep pressure on the button and turn the catch counter-clockwise until it screws off from the button.
*Your standard AR-style magazine release assembly should some in 3 parts: Catch, Spring, and Button. However the ambidextrous magazine release assembly comes in 4 parts: Catch, Spring, Button, and a Hex Screw.
3. Install the ambidextrous catch into its slot.
4. Install the spring into the side where the button will be installed.
5. Place the button over the spring and press it firmly so that the spring is compressed and the button meets the catch, the catch will extend, but this is okay.
7. While holding down the button, use your hex key to install the screw through the button and into the catch.

-Full metal construction
-Looks great
-Works perfectly

-Spring is a little strong
-No instructions included
by Roger M. on 01/19/2018
"I'm not a lefty, but am used to training for both strong and weak side operation. Having this bit on an AEG make s it much more like my rifle. Anything that helps simulate what I enjoy in real shooting is a great advantage. If you're a lefty, or someone who also practices weak side shooting, this is a great upgrade.
by Kyle W. on 10/30/2016
"By far one of my favorite upgrades for an m4/m16. Makes life a bit easier and this has become a staple for all of my m4/m16 airsoft guns. I don't know how to function without it. Really helped me out a lot when i switched to use my gun left handed. This product is never in stock for a reason.

great for ambi or lefty users

never in stock
by Brett P. on 06/08/2016
"Being a lefty it helps out so much and I love it!! Fits perfect in my kwa sr7

CONS: it's blue... Why blue?
by Brett B. on 07/20/2016
"I purchased this for my KRYTAC MK2 and it looks awesome on the gun, it's made decent for a part made in China however they did use cheap metal, fits perfectly and works well most of the time. The G&P ambidextrous mag release is a good one too but just doesn't have that modern look I was going for.
Pros-Good looks and ambidextrous feature.
Cons-Price, Craftsmanship and materials could be better.