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Angel Custom Disruptor 7.2" Quick Detach Power Up Barrel Extension - 14mm Negative (Color: Dark Earth)

5 Customer Reviews

by Kevin C. on 11/29/2016
"Seems like a pretty solid build with the wobble. The inner barrel is spring tensioned so it'll recess right up to inner barrel of the gun. I put it on a Hi Capa that shoots 350 fps and I saw it jump to 365 fps.
by Harrison G. on 08/21/2016
"Got this thing awhile bac wen it was still in the "new arrivals" page
Opening the package, the disruptor is full metal, its design is very unique because screwing it onto an m4 or anything with -14mm, it may seem like it would be way off from being stright but theres this lever underneath it so once u tighten this onto your gun and open that latch u can rotate the suppressor 360 degrees anywhere u want it and just lock it back so it doesnt move. I did notice one con about the disruptor is that it wobbles just a tad bit, i mean a tad (very little), its not that big but we all no what a little wobble can do wen it comes to n inner barrel n accuracy, i hav used this in a game and even tho it wobbles wen u rotate or move it around, the bbs fly straight and consistent. Since the inner barrel in this is 6.01, it would probably be recommended to use a gun that has a 6.01 inner barrel in it as well, overall i really like the disruptor, its sleak and definitly bumps up yer fps.
by Mitchell A. on 02/19/2021
"really nice "supressor" just wish it came in a positive version also.

other thing is the "adjustment lever" is SOOO hard to flip....i feel like i have to use a pair of pliers to get a good grip on the thing without messing up my fingers (even WITH gloves)
by Velvet D. on 09/02/2019
"This would be great as i find all there power up suppressors to work perfectly, "But" the inner barrel in the suppressor is a lot longer than the other power up suppressor itself on this one.
So on most guns, if not all guns, you'll have to cut the barrel down to even get this to screw onto your gun.
by Blaire B. on 12/05/2016
"Sadly, my experience with this wasn't the best I had. The page states it's perfect for GBB pistols, so I ordered one with a threaded adapter.

Installation is fairly simple, and foolproof. Twist it on until it's hand tight, and use the lever to rotate it to be properly aligned with your weapon. I had no problems getting it on.

The mock suppressor isn't that heavy, but it does have a noticeable weight. It's made of metal, and the build quality externally seems fine. However, if your airsoft pistol has a loose barrel like many do, then it will weigh down on it, and in my case, created issues with the recoil spring not returning all the way.

This wasn't an occasional issue either, so it's not like it'd be a once per game thing. Not the fault of the suppressor, but something to keep in mind if you intend to use it with a GBB.

What IS the fault of the suppressor, was that I decided since it wouldn't work, I'd go ahead and remove it, and maybe thread it onto an AEG or something else.

Problem number one: Remember how I said that lever lets you rotate the suppressor to fit the alignment of your gun? Well, for some reason, that wouldn't re-engage. No matter what I seemed to do, it wasn't going to change. So suddenly, I had a suppressor threaded on, that refused to thread off. And that's not good.

I ended up having to get a wrench, and I disassembled my GBB best I could, then had to use that tool in order to get it off. But now my threaded adapted for my pistol is stuck in there, and I don't have any tools that can get it out. The barrel spins instead of unscrewing when I try to get it out, and I don't have any tools small enough to grab onto this one solid piece in order to try and hold it still while I get the adapter out of there. It's very likely I will have no choice but to destroy the adapter in order to the get the suppressor back in one piece.

There is no excuse for having to destroy an item in order to salvage the other.

Part of this was on my situation, and I can accept why it didn't work for me. But the fact that now I have this useless chunk of metal I can't even attach to any other guns is very discouraging. Especially for the price I paid for it. I can't fault it for not working with my particular gun, even if the page says that it's a good choice for them, but I will fault it heavily for causing me to have to break my things in order to uninstall it. If you intend to buy this to leave it on, I'm certain you'll be fine. But I had hell to go through in order to remove this, and if you intend to take this on or off regularly, then I suggest looking somewhere else.