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Odin Innovations M12 Sidewinder Speed Loader (Color: Black)

15 Customer Reviews

by matthew o. on 01/07/2023
"WOW, this thing is amazing, loads mid-caps in a few seconds!
by Chadd P. on 09/17/2022
"This is the one you're looking for.
by Kayli C. on 08/09/2022
"Best of the best for the money. Lots of color options as well. I recommend getting the dampener.
by Josiah M. on 07/13/2022
"10/10 works on all my M4 mid-caps. Great product, simple to use. Highly recommend
by Destin N. on 05/06/2022
"This thing is pure magic. When I first got into airsoft, the Elite Force pump-action speedloader was brand new, and I was planning on getting that. Fast forward a few years of being in the military after not having played airsoft in ages, and this thing comes out and it's basically everything I could have hoped for. It holds plenty of BBs, loads them as fast as you can crank the handle, and it fits in a double M4 mag pouch. A must-have for any milsims or ops that last multiple hours.

My only gripe with this, is the crank handle feels like it would be a weakpoint. I haven't broken it or the loading mechanism yet, so maybe I'm just being paranoid, but it does feel like it could break easily if you give it slightly too much pressure when your mag is full. Other than that, this is probably the best addition to your kit you could buy. Get it now!
by John S. on 01/18/2022
"What are you doing if you are not using this speedloader. If you are broke save your money and purchase this magnificent piece of equipment!
by Shrey P. on 05/02/2021
"If you don't have it, BUY IT. YOU CANNOT GO BACK ONCE YOU USE IT!!! 4 150rnd midcaps loaded with .30g bbs and stuffed into mag pouches in under 1 minute. Its an absolute necessity for midcap / lowcap users.
by Walter C. on 05/08/2020
"I have had one for over 3 years now and it is still working like a charm. Ultimatley, you cannot live without it!
by Ivan P. on 10/06/2019
"High quality product! I support USA invention!
by Gary M. on 04/22/2019
"Good for loading midcap magazines, highly recommended!
by Brady J. on 03/31/2019
"This thing is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Extremely fast, easy, reliable and convenient to use. Would definitely recommend to any other midcap users like me.
by Herbie L. on 12/17/2018
"Awesome Speedloader. It changes the game of airsoft completely. No more of the days of getting hand pains from your dinky little plunger type speedloader. This is the new age of airsoft, and now we crank! I love it, it holds 1600 rounds, more than enough for a few games. Very durable, made of good polymer. Works with most M4 mags, they might have a AK mag version out later. The price is definitely worth it if it means the prevention of hand cramps. The size is like 2 M4 mags combined together.

Awesome build, good quality
Holds a lot of bbs
fast reload time 10-12 seconds for a 150rd mag
great innovation

None so far

If you got the money, BUY IT. It is so good and it's worth it.
by Justin K. on 05/07/2016
"Used to fill my mid caps mags. Worked as stated. Not sure on longevity but a great product
by Paul S. on 05/20/2019
"Easy to use, great design, portable, and highly recommended.
by Ian B. on 05/17/2019
"It would constantly only load between 90 and 100 BB in a 120 round magazine