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WE-Tech Hi-Capa 6" IREX Competition GBB Airsoft Pistol (Color: Silver / Silver Barrel)

7 Customer Reviews

by Jackson C. on 12/01/2017
"Only had for a few days so I'll review again later, but so far is outstanding. Unprecedented range and accuracy. Haven't chrono'd yet, but will update. Easily hitting targets at 100-150 feet.

Looks sick
Hi capacity
Fits standard holsters
Loud af (potentially a con, but I like it)
Not outrageously expensive
A little lighter than expected
Holographic stickers had to be glued on, fell off immediately
by jorge p. on 10/13/2016
"Great Pistol overall. This thing is short stroked out the box and kicks hard. FPS out the box was 360/365 so for indoor use i just slapped in a 5.1 inner barrel and got it dow to 330. Best $88 i spent on a pistol
by Evan T. on 07/09/2016
"I spent a while looking for a pistol to go with my AEG. I wanted a high quality pistol and found the Hi-Capa series to fit the bill. After some serious research, I could hardly find anything about the I-Rex line of WE-Tech pistols. I heard the T-Rex line was pretty nice, so I went ahead and bought this I-Rex pistol; I am glad I did.

The pistol is hefty, especially considering it is longer than what I am used to. However, the magazine weight keeps it balanced well. The kick is very fast and clean, with a very loud "pop" when fired. The cycle speed is great as well, allowing you to shoot very quickly for being a semi auto pistol. It is pretty good sized, maybe a bit too big for my hands (average sized hands), but I would buy it again anyway. It just feels like a high quality pistol, which blows my mind considering how cheap it is (got mine for $127.00). No hop up adjustment was needed to shoot .25g BBs perfectly straight.

If you are looking for an airsoft pistol and can't seem to find enough information about them, or can't decide, I would suggest the I-Rex. I haven't had a single problem with the gun. The only odd thing is, while the orange tip comes off (just grab some pliers and twist a bit and pull to yank it off) AND it comes with a threaded adapter, there are no threads on the barrel. Not sure if they want you to cut your own threads or if its for a different barrel, but there's no threads on mine!
by Dexter A. on 03/21/2016
"I've spent 100's of dollars in upgrading a marui hi-capa to get it perfect, and to be honest, after firing the We-Tech I-Rex I would've saved hundreds.

Yes, this gun is awesome. The kick is so crisp, clean and fast, it feels like a race gun Marui Hi-capa. The weight isn't too heavy and the accuracy is dead on. I've never owned a We-tech before, as I have heard they are not as good as a marui out of the box, but after spending so much on making a Marui hi-capa perfect I gotta say this gun is pretty close to being a perfect hi-capa.

The only thing about this gun is, I have yet to try the Scope mount it comes with. I have a micro red dot on the way and I will see how it stands up to the recoil and abuse. I have bought the silverback hicapa mount before and it's garbage, as it did not stay on, even with loctite. The mount that the I-rex comes with seems to be like the silverback mount but we will see when I get a red dot on it.

If you were thinking of getting a Marui and upgrading it, and the Irex came to mind, I employ you to consider the I-Rex. The I-Rex truly is a competition pistol and if you are thinking of getting one, get it, you will not regret it, as well as your wallet.
by Anthony L. on 11/05/2020
"Decent Hi-cappa. I removed the silly extension on the bottom of the mag well and now the pistol looks even better. It’s accurate too with the pre-installed TBB, but my biggest problem is it will not hop anything over .20g and imo that’s pretty crazy. I was trying .25’s and it absolutely would not hop them, even with It cranked all the way up. For comparison my cheap KSC M45 hops .30’s no problem. Idk maybe it’s just mine. Gun came with an adapter plate for a micro RDS, a threaded muzzle adapter, and what I think is an extra buffer for the recoil spring. All and all a pretty good package, but I would wait until it’s on sale before buying.
by Richard P. on 08/17/2020
"After having this pistol for a couple of years now I’ve found it is hard to take the slide off and On to adjust the hop up and I can’t find replacement parts for this gun. Also the mag doesn’t hold its charge very well. even with a new mag I’ve had problem with the hi capa mags after a couple of weeks. When i got it new, it was a good gun no problems other than these. I like how the gun feels and shoots. Good buy but I would buy a 1911 instead
by scott h. on 10/28/2016
"This is an amazing gun shoots straight and overall has good gas usage. The one problem that I have with it is that is has no threads. Comes with a threaded adapter, just no threads. Also it comes with black nozzle not blue. (Or it might have just been with me i don't know