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Pre-Order ETA July 2021 ASG Infinity Motor CNC U-18000 (Type: Long Axle)

9 Customer Reviews

by Roland B. on 02/22/2020
"Trigger response is instant pulling a laylax M120 spring! Paired with the Jefftron Leviathan and SHS 12:1 gears and you’re good to go. The pinion gear on this motor is really well made and meshes perfectly with the SHS gears. Only bad thing is it will generate a lot of heat on semi but that’s normal though.
by Matt B. on 10/25/2019
"Running this Motor in My Krytac MK2 SPR DMR build. It pulls the ASG M135 with ease, and can achieve "Instant" trigger response when paired with SHS 12:1 Gears, a BTC Spectre, and an 11.1 volt battery. (that's with an M135). This is basically a mass produced version of a "FrankenTorque". While its not quite as good as a FrankenTrourque, it is a super easy way to get a super torquey motor that can pull virtually any spring.
by Caleb H. on 10/08/2019
"TLDR: if you're looking to extend battery life or pull any spring, this is a GREAT motor. It will require some other upgrades if you want "fast" trigger response. I ran this with a 13:1 gear ratio; I recommend you do the same, unless you're pulling a REALLY stiff spring (_M170 at full stroke). Even there, you *might* be ok.

I got this motor looking for some reliability and trigger response. It's effectively a commercial version of the "frankentorque" motors, except you don't have to roll your own by getting a loose 28-turn armature/rotor assembly and fitting it to a motor can.

Out of the box, this is a REALLY nice unit to hold. Fit and finish is fantastic, and the CNC millwork is top-notch. Even the endbell is CNC'ed.

It's got ball bearings at both ends of the shaft.
The brushes are gigantic, and appear to have a fairly high silver particulate content in them (not just graphite-based).

After putting a few thousand rounds through the rifle with this motor, I'm very happy with it.

On 1000mAh 20C 7.4V LiPo batteries, it's not quick at all, even with the 13:1 gears.
*** If you want trigger response or ROF with this motor, you HAVE to get a battery than can supply a lot of amps.***
The 7.4V above only gives about 40 amps in short bursts, 20A continuous.
I upgraded to an 11.1V, 2200mAh 50C battery (110A continuous, 220A burst), and the difference was staggering.

However, with this motor and good ball bearings, even the wimpy 1000mAh battery lasted me a full day of skirmishing, pulling a brand new Matrix M120 spring.
A faster motor will still draw the spring, but it'll consume a LOT more power doing so. This thing ensures that your ROF and trigger response will be limited by your battery and gear rate, with minimal change across a range of spring rates.
by Dmitri A. on 01/02/2019
"Fantastic motor! the CNC U-18,000 motor allows me to pull an m140 easily on stock 18:1 gears.
Strong magnets, great pinion gear, and the overall construction of the motor is superb.
Would highly recommend this motor to anyone doing a high FPS build (450-500fps) or anyone doing a quick semi-auto only build because the torque gives amazing trigger response.
Would buy from ASG CNC motors in a heartbeat
by Matthew T. on 09/20/2017
"Motor is AWESOME! Works in my SHS 13:1 High Speed Gear, Modify SP150+ spring setup. Running with 11.1v lipo, trigger response is instantaneous.
by tyler d. on 06/07/2017
"Super strong motor pulling a M120 spring with 12 to 1 gears no problem and with great trigger response. Totally would recommend this motor to anyone building a high fps build or looking for fast trigger response.
by Garrett Z. on 03/10/2016
"Great motor, super strong magnets, I mainly bought this to improve my guns trigger response on semi auto, and so far it has been a beast! I use an 11.1v 25c-50c Lipo, and the trigger response is close to instant. I don't know how high of a spring this motor can pull (Since my two local fields limits are 350fps and 400fps) but it makes trigger response extremely fast.
by robin p. on 09/15/2015
"This is an absolutely great motor so far! I just installed it im my custom KWA g36c with 10:44:1 seigtek gears, non-dsg, with a btc v3 chimera mosfet running an 11.1v 4500mah 20c lipo. Im getting near instant trigger response. I used to use a tienly 4500 motor. This one is far better, its harder to turn by hand which means stronger neo magnets and it fits more snug in my motor cage.

Really high torque and fast start up
Better that tienly 4500 ($90 motor)
Cheaper than those high end motors but better.
Aluminum end bell which means no melting plastic on endbell like lonex
Almost no motor shaft movement = better pinion gear alignment
No ports on top of motor = no gear box dirt can in motor
Heat sink on aluminum end bell for cooling
Etc etc etc

You dont have one.
by Marshall K. on 03/17/2020
"You've read all the reviews, you get instant response on semi, pulls any spring, nice pinion yata yata yata. Mine HOWEVER has an issue so consider the following...

The screws are PLASTIC.

Upon inspecting the motor after some use, i noticed the endbell was wobbly, I attempted to screw down the screw tighter in hopes to secure the endbell...the screw broke and I realized the screws were plastic. I had to dremel out the screw and put new metal ones in to secure the endbell, but to this day the endbell is not secure and still wobbles. Also note the shaft on mine moved up and down more than other motors which can cause unwanted screeching in some cases but luckily this was not an issue in my build.


Pros: instant response, price, minimal heat, low amperage, long life, huge brushes, helical armature?.
Cons: plastic screws, Loose shaft, (in my case a wobbly and loose endbell)