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ASG Infinity CNC Custom Airsoft AEG Motor (Type: Long Axle / U-18000)

37 Customer Reviews

by Noah B. on 07/28/2023
"Amazing motor. (Bought the 30k Long type). I needed to upgrade my stock motor (18k g&g motor) because of overheating on semi. The airseal and mosfet upgrades had taken a toll on the stock motor and it was struggling on relatively fast semi. I wanted to get a motor that would increase the rpm and tpa, but not spin so fast that it would destroy the gearbox. Not only is this motor beautiful, but it significantly decreased the overall noise drastically cut down motor heat, massively increased the trigger response, and gave me a suprising increase in the rof. (18rps--_25rps with an 11.1v lipo) & (12rps--_16rps with an 7.4v lipo). Only downside is the pretty penny that this costs. However, it was completely worth it. I am going to be changing the stock 18:1 gears to 16:1 gears because the motor is actually too strong and causes overspin in semi (with an 11.1v) But if you ask me, that is better than being underpowered. Long story short, this motor is worth it.
by Malcolm C. on 07/14/2023
"If anything, motors in general are the first upgrade anyone should make on an AEG, especially with this particular motor

I pretty much only so far bought the 22k motor, that motor is, while expensive, very good with heat resistance.

The buildup on the other motor I've used, Rocket Airsoft motors, (which I've been told are better) heats up a lot even after semi-auto fire.

This motor is the best for anyone experiencing motor heat with stock guns, performs as needed.
by Blake P. on 01/12/2023
"Got one of these in the high torque version for my CYMA platinum m4 and holy crap. Not to say the CYMA stock motor was bad, it was far from it actually, but this one is miles ahead of anything else I've used. Incredibly snappy, and also slightly quieter than most stock motors as well.

I swapped this into a friends A&K sr25 running an m150 spring to see how it would do and it didn't even hesitate. Same snap as if it was an m110.

If you want the best of the best without taking the jump to a brushless motor, this is it. Easy 5 stars.
by Jonathan S. on 06/06/2022
"Ok so I got one of these for my ssg build and i was BLOWN away it is sooooooooo clean i got the 22k one and it brought up my rof and my fps buy alot and it is sooo snappy for build info i used a g&g cm16 withemg shs gears a gate titan gate nova trigger and this moter. out of all my friends now with just this moter i have the best gun if u build what i did it is easly more snappy and clean then a p*. get this moter
by Spencer H. on 04/03/2022
"Swapped my Arcturus stock motor (19,000 RPM) with the 22000. Now I can pull back any spring. I get 500 fps easy. The quality is there; thick wiring. It's the motor I recommend to people.
by Clinton R. on 12/19/2021
"Unmatched power. ASG made a small nuclear reactor. I’m using one in a DMR MCX build. Running a heavy duty 125 spring in 18:1 stock VFC gears @ 2.05j. It’ll shoot 3 round burst and a snappy semi all day and it never gets warm, not even warm. It’s the most excellent motor I’ve installed and paired with a gate Titan and 40ms precocking it’s a honor to be behind the trigger. Getchu one.
by Ben B. on 02/03/2021
"Very high performance motor. N52 magnets, .7mm 22tpa helical armature that has been drill balanced. The brushes are much larger and it seems to help the commutator last much longer. This motor is a work of art. The endbell is metal and the plates have insulation under them as well as very hard plastic screws to prevent shorting (double check if you get one for any shorts, if there is any its a quick fix with a hand file, it's tight tolerances)

So with a freshly charged 3 cell lipo this motor stays at that 22k rpm even under load. I have a 12:1 ssg3 setup pulling a sp130 at 31rps, if you do the math that lands at 22k rpm for the motor. 4 cell lands it at 29k rpm which for me was 41rps, the maximum voltage listed for this motor is 12v however it handled the 4 cell without overheating or excessive wear. Other motors with similar specs tend to loose about 4k rpm under load or overheat. I believe its the larger brushes and n52 magnets that help keep the resistance down and the efficiency up for this asg motor.

The motor has side screws that hold the cnced front and back onto the motor, the actual can of the motor is aluminum as well, making it light and not magnetic. The pinion is very nice.

I really was hesitant to spend the money at first but once I used the motor I see why its over 40 bucks. It will outlive 3 shs motors before it wears out.
by Andrew S. on 10/17/2020
"Amazing. Put it in my lancer gen 2 with some 13:1 gears. 25-30 rps on a 9.6.
by noah m. on 09/24/2020
"I got the 45,000 one and let me just say it’s AMAZING!!! With lipo Battery it shoots like a laser. I haven’t tested the rps yet but I’m sure it’s somewhere in the twenties! I highly recommend to anyone looking for a new motor.
by Braxton B. on 06/07/2020
"Great motor. running seigetek 14.09 gears with a gate titan 11.1 getting 35-37 rps
by Tucker T. on 05/16/2020
"Shooting very good on an m120. But be weary because it stripped my gears
by Roland B. on 02/22/2020
"Trigger response is instant pulling a laylax M120 spring! Paired with the Jefftron Leviathan and SHS 12:1 gears and you’re good to go. The pinion gear on this motor is really well made and meshes perfectly with the SHS gears. Only bad thing is it will generate a lot of heat on semi but that’s normal though.
by Greg A. on 01/14/2020
"I just put this motor in my old classic army mp5 with some 12:1 gears and a gate titan. all i can say is WOW. this motor is amazing. I've got an m110 spring and a mad bull tightbore and this mod brought me to 30rps @ 310ish fps with .25 bbs with instantaneous trigger response. this motor is worth every penny. dont think, just buy it!
by Matt B. on 10/25/2019
"Running this Motor in My Krytac MK2 SPR DMR build. It pulls the ASG M135 with ease, and can achieve "Instant" trigger response when paired with SHS 12:1 Gears, a BTC Spectre, and an 11.1 volt battery. (that's with an M135). This is basically a mass produced version of a "FrankenTorque". While its not quite as good as a FrankenTrourque, it is a super easy way to get a super torquey motor that can pull virtually any spring.
by Keenan D. on 10/20/2019
"Great motor! Be wary, though, for ASG motors seem to have a bit of trouble fitting in stock LCT AK motor cages. It took me a bit, but I finally got mine in.
This motor drastically increased the RPS of my AK and made the trigger response much better. I'm really impressed, since this is the only thing I've changed inside my gun so far.