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EMG Helios Hexmag Airsoft 120rds Polymer Mid-Cap Magazine for M4 / M16 Series Airsoft AEG Rifles (Color: Black / Single)

31 Customer Reviews

by Shane T. on 08/17/2020
"I use this w/ my Krytac Trident MKII PDW-M Airsoft AEG Rifle and I have no issues with feeding. The mag is lightweight and compact, no problem with the mag well or mag pouches. I just wish there was windows like the Krytac mags. It works well for the price and I will buy others.
by Ian G. on 02/12/2020
"These mags fit awesome in the Real Sword Type 97! Far better than aluminum or steel. Locks in very positively and I've never had a feed issue at 20 RPS. The plastic has a nice feel and they seem very strong and well made. The replacement ID things are kind of expensive so I just coloured in a spot on the base plate with a metallic sharpie. Cant speak for fitment in a M4 but it is excellent in Type 97, cannot recommend more. 10/10!
by Nick C. on 01/18/2019
"Feeds well and looks cool.
by Alec B. on 08/30/2018
"Never had an issue with my HexMags.
I love having custom mags to stand out from the crowd.
Feed great and easy to clean and upgrade the spring when I need to
by Alec B. on 08/30/2018
"Never had an issue with my HexMags.
I love having custom mags to stand out from the crowd.
Feed great and easy to clean and upgrade the spring when I need to
by Christopher D. on 07/23/2017
"AMAZING mags, I have compared the airsoft version side by side with the real steel version and other than the obvious there is no difference.

They feed quite well into my Classic Army M4, VFC M27 IAR, and G&G frankensteined m4.
by Cody H. on 07/01/2017
"I always loved Hexmag stuff for my AR-15, and was super excited when I found out they made them for my airsoft guns. They feed to the last bb unlike lots of other mags. Lots of people are complaining about them being lose-fitting, especially in Krytac guns, but really, Krytac designs their mag wells to take pretty much any mag, so there is a bit of wobble, but it doesnt bother me. Fits in my Krytac MK2 SPR, Echo 1 Genesis and Rec7 and even in my P90 box mag that I converted to take mid caps.
by brett j. on 04/07/2016
"I was lucky enough to get 8 of these mags for 30 bucks brand new and they work great and feed better than the pmags. Not to mention that they look flipping cool.
great feeding
feeds all but 1-2 bbs

my magwell is on the smaller side and the mags require a pull to get them out... no big deal
by Luke V. on 04/04/2016
"Very solid mag. Even compared to my full metal mags from JG and KWA this things has no give to it yet still light. Feeds great and the texture is comfortable. It can make it somewhat hard to put it in mag pouches.
by Robert G. on 10/19/2015
"These are the new P Mags by far. They feed extremely well and I've had very few issues so far. The only downside is these mags can be hit or miss for sizing. The mags would fall out of my VFC M4. But with a very simple fix of adding soft sided Velcro into the mag well, they work PERFECTLY.

Another amazing thing is how well they feed. Although not practical, I tuned my polarstar fusion engine to shoot 60+ rounds per second. These mags kept up with absolutely no misfiring. I recommend these all the way.

-Best replacement now that P Mags are discontinued
-Actually outperform, in my opinion, the P Mag
-Look amazing and feel great, solid grip for loading and dumping
-Feed way faster than the polarstar could ever shoot
-Very few problems with continuous use

-Price could be steep to some, but you get what you pay for
-Fit varies per gun
by Vitor C. on 10/12/2015
"These mags are great, they feed flawlessly, no jams, very easy to maintain and It looks great! Perfect for VFC HK416s!
by Nathan O. on 04/07/2018
"As of this review Ive had this magazine for about 7 hours. I repeatedly loaded and unloaded it at Full Auto with no feeding issues whatsoever. These magazines are solid and well built, but when you build them with the same materials as your real steel ones than I expect them to be no less quality. It was a tight fit inside my JG Mag well but I did some soft sanding on the top of the magazine and it falls free smoothly and feeds in smoothly. Sadly though, I have to dock a star because of the fitment issues. Having to sand or file down a magazine to fit your well is kind of rough BUT it still isn't going anywhere when it's locked in place and unlike my cheap china hi-caps where I Could pull them out of the well, these clip in and fit properly.

-Quality Materials and Construction
-Easy disassembly for maintenance
-HexID System makes it easy to customize and mark your magazine
-Feeds flawlessly
-Extremely Durable
-Very Affordable at 15 a mag vs the PTS EPM at 20 a mag
-Available in a variety of colors, patterns and even in 5 box sets for affordable pricing too

-Tight fitting in some magazine wells which may require light sanding, so not for the feint of heart or those who are intimidated by that
-Does not Fit the Raider (from what I've researched, I could be wrong, if so disregard this)

THis is going to be my go to magazine for life now. I highly recommend this magazine.
by Alex M. on 03/21/2018
"This is a pretty solid midcap mag. It feeds all but 2 bbs successfully in my Krytac LVOA-S, even though it's a wee bit thin, which means it'll wiggle some in the magwell of most M4/M16 style AEGs, though it does stay secure. Looks pretty tacticool, but it's slightly too much for my taste, I prefer the sleeker look of P-Mags. This came stock with a Lancer Tactical SMR Bravo Black Jack Mk1 by Dytac (What a name, right?) that I picked up as a backup AEG, which doesn't have the wiggling problem, coincidentally. I'd say that if you're okay with the wiggling (in anything other than the Dytac Lancer Tactical AEGs), you like the look, and you want those interchangeable colored pieces that Dytac offers, grab it.
by Christina T. on 10/22/2017
"I ordered one of these it feeds really well on my classic army KM12. But it doesn't feed in my g&g r8-l correctly. I really like these mags, depending on what gun you have it will work or they wont. I would recommend buying one to see how they work and then buying more latter on.
by Garrett B. on 11/27/2016
"I have a Krytac LVOA and this mag did fit in it, but it wobbled quite a bit. So I returned it. It would not fit in my friends SoftAir Licensed Cybergun Sig Sauer SIGARMS SIG556 Airsoft AEG Rifle. So if you are buying mags for either of these guns, do use these.

Otherwise, I liked the feel of the mag. It is very solid. I liked the ability to choose the color of the bottom spot and the tip that pushes the bbs. When you buy the mags, they always come orange, so if you want a different color, you will have to purchase that separately.