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Matrix Drop Leg MOLLE Platform w/ Holster and Pouch Set (Color: OD Green)

23 Customer Reviews

by Joey F. on 04/15/2020
"Sexy holster did not buy tho but will I can get 2 for the price of 1!
by Aaron C. on 03/07/2019
"Fits a Beretta very well and like the molle on it to add what ever pouches you want. Its thick and durable.
by Skylor H. on 03/01/2019
"A H8r fits in this nicely. It also has a button snap under some velcrow to secure the weapon. There are like three different ways to secrure a pistol.

Very nice full Molle base that allows for maximum customization.
The tan matches my other coyote gear perfectly.
Nice build quality.
Open bottom holster which allows mock suppressors, long barrels, and so on.
Multiple ways to secure the pistol, including a slightly adjustable metal snap (personally, I use the small plastic clip. It's works better for my revolver).
Lot's of Velcro!
You can use the provided holster, box pouch, and other thing (I have no idea what this other attahment is for... lol. But it looks useful for maybe a grenade or smoke), for any other Molle compatible gear. I've already moved the pouch to my Rothco plate carrier and it works nicely as a H8r cylinder pouch.

Mine did not come with rubberized leg sraps like the photo suggests. in my case I don't mind, however I know someone might find that info useful).
There are a few strands that are sticking out from the seems of the stitching. This doesn't seem to impair the integrity of the holster, however it does not look professional. I've only had this for a short time period so this might be a problem later in it's lifetime.
No information on how to use the provided attachments as intended. For someone who's relatively new to the airsoft and tactical gear world, this is proving to be something I would've found useful, but it's not that hard to figure out so it's not a big deal.

Overall its a great buy for the price! I wouldn't hesitate to buy another one for a different loadout! 9/10 would recommend to a fren!
by James R. on 02/27/2019
"This is a cool holster thigh rig. It has anti-slip so it won't move around like some of the cheaper stuff I have seen, and comes with MOLLE pouches. Fabric feels nice and professional.

You are essentially buying more than just a holster, but a drop leg panel, a small utility pouch, a holster all together where you don't have to use all 3.

Good buy and affordably priced, I highly recommend.
by Jackson R. on 02/04/2017
"this is a great platform for a new and or experienced player. Easy to use and it will fit a lot of pistols. they have a square shaped pouch which is absolutely perfect for co2 cartridges and an allen key for quickly changing a cartridge on the field.
by Dan C. on 03/03/2016
"Great, simple, easy holster that is compatible with any Molle pouch. This can fit super small pistols to a full size revolver. Sturdy and great value.
by Samuel P. on 08/20/2015
"Great holster, used it with my KJW KP-05 and it worked beautifully, keep in mind the MOLLE actually puts it a distance away from your leg and thusly causes jiggling of the holster when running, overall, good buy
by Brett T. on 04/24/2014
"This thing is SOLID for that ridiculously low price. It makes me feel extra badass. My M9 fits absolutely perfectly. The magazine pouch fits an extra m9 magazine snug and it's fairly easy to access. Extra pouches for whatever. Wraps around your leg tight, but it's still non-restrictive. Also hooks with 1-2 nylon straps to your belt on your vest to help further secure it's stationary position on your thigh. All straps on it are adjustable so it can be placed anywhere. Accessing your gun is SUPER quick with this thing and I'd have to say faster any chest mount. Running or walking, it's hard to notice I even have anything on my leg - it doesn't impede movement at all.
by Corey S. on 02/26/2014
"Great holster, got it for my new hi-cap M1911 and it works great. Really comfortable and you can remove the pouch and switch it for other small molle gear
by Jake R. on 10/20/2013
"I bought 2 i love them so much. I have one for my right leg with my M1911, and another for a reach across holster with a glock. i make all of my online purchases from Evike because they have the most trustworthy item, and this is by far the best drop leg holster on their site.

Has an extra M4/AK mag
Extra pistol mag holder
utility pouch
Completely adjustable

Is only made for right handed people (im primary left shooter)
Can't carry more than 2 pistol mags total

by Andy N. on 09/19/2013
"This holster is actually amazing. I manage to rig it to fit my D-eagle. I rigged it with those strap things. It seemed to rigged perfect for my D-eagle, but regardless D-eagles are too heavy to carry. It was about 5lbs swinging back and forth on my leg.
D-eagle not recommended as side arm
This holster recommended for your use.
by kevi b. on 06/28/2013
"i got this holster a few months back and let me tell you it's awesome. the large (grenade pouch i believe) fits
my sniper magazine perfectly with a little room to spare the main holster fits my 6" Dan Wesson revolver perfectly it is a large holster i bet you could fit a DEagle in there. Also that third weird pouch fits a speed reloader for a revolver amazing and i only use the 2 velcro straps i just use the buckle as an emergency clip to my belt just in case, and it steadies it. overall great holster very comfortable i dont think it would fit anyone below 5 foot because it is rather large but it's great.
by steven o. on 04/07/2013
"Great holster fits all my pistols highly recommended great with extra pouch for a spoke grenade overall 5/5
by Elliot H. on 05/08/2012
"Great holster! ideal for anyone needing more mag pockets, i can put a magazine for my sniper in the larger pouch, my 50+1 pistol mag in the smaller mag pouch and still have the built in speed loader/mag holder built into the holster. And it on $20! There's no reason why you shouldn't get it!!

by jennifer k. on 04/19/2012
"AWWWWWWESOME!!!!! This holster rig high quality nylon and has rubberized leg straps so it dose not shift
when running. the rig consists of a molle compatible platform with three removable pouches on it. The holster is a thumb snap design and is NOT molle compatible, but it slides into a extra wide slot beneath
the webbing platform and can be removed and used on belt. the square shaped pouch is ideal for holding
2 speed loaders when you tuck the top into the pouch and is attached to the platform with 2 straps with snaps. the third pouch i have no idea what's it for but if you remove the buckle thing you can stick a speed loader in it. the rig is designed for ease of access to your pistol and is extraordinary bang for 20$.