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A&K Full Metal SR-25 Airsoft AEG Magazine (Color: Black / 110 Rounds)

27 Customer Reviews

by tom b. on 04/06/2021
"Bought 2 of these for extras and been running them for a few years. Not sure how many round through them but if I had to guess I's say about well over 20000 between the oem one and 2 spares. Never had an issue. Here now looking to get more.
by Bill S. on 02/03/2021
"fit and feed great in my cyma platinum sr25.
by Fred M. on 01/19/2021
"I bought the tan 110-count variant for a Cyma SR25 SPR and had no issues loading the magazine or feeding the bbs. Very little wobble inside the mag well, nice product!
by Jason J. on 04/16/2018
"Well built and loads all but the last few bb's. But I write this review to say that these mags are good for A&K SR-25's BUT NOT the Matrix SR-25. The mags are about 1 mm to long. Will not fit without modification.
by Calvin N. on 01/30/2018
"At first they are snug actually almost too hard to put in and a real pain to get out. However if you take a small fine file (or a ladies emery board) and work on the plastic corners (I had to file both end lightly) they fit perfectly.(easy in and out)
by Nathan Z. on 03/27/2017
"I have yet to experience anything deal-breaking with these. They fit into my gun snug, so you have to give them an extra slap. The mags feed well and reliably. Overall worth the buy.
by Aj M. on 07/10/2016
"Love these!!! So hard to find sr25 mags that fit classic army! I have 4 now and if these stay in stock, I might get more!

-fits my classic army scar-h (see cons)
-affordable!!!! (Compare to crappy vfc mags that cost like $30)

-REQUIRES modification to fit in any body. The back lips arw to wide/long and need to be filed down immediately, but takes 10 seconds.
-seems to only hold about 60ish rounds, but good for the dmr role (it has a "narrowed" end I'm the mag so it doesn't feed the last few)

Overall, awesome magazines! (The vfc jab is only because they use a v2 for their scar h, not because of their quality)
by Chance B. on 05/11/2016
"Bought a couple of these for my Echo1 ER-25K, with a file and a little bit of patience they can fit. The ridges on the back of the mag and the lip on the front are about a mm too large but after some diy work they are the cheapest mags I can find that work with the sr-25 platform.
by Craig B. on 12/29/2015
"Worked perfectly in my SR25K, even with a lipo shooting 20 rounds per second the magazine worked flawlessly, and still is after 3 years.
by Austin B. on 04/09/2015
"I have five of these mags for my Matrix Custom Sr-25 by A&K and they work flawlessly
by Andrew G. on 02/08/2015
"Good mag! It might need a hard push to properly feed the bb's into my rifle. Haven't had any problems with my 6 mags yet.
by Mark S. on 12/09/2013
"New to airsoft but so far these mags are great. This hi cap feeds well and fits snug in my SR 25K. Only con for me is I purchased 4 of these but recieved 3 sr25 mags and 1 m4 mag lol. Anyway great buy, I recommend this mag.
by Connor M. on 01/05/2021
"Feed very well in my JG SR25, they retain around 5-10 bbs, however that doesn't effect their feeding up until those last 5-10 or so. They feel nice, solid, no shake and fit perfectly. I did however need to file a bit of plastic that stuck over the edge on the corners but that took like 2 minutes, not a big deal.
by Justin L. on 06/21/2020
"These fit without modification in my CYMA Platinum SR25. However, the magazine does not feed the last two or three bbs. No big deal, can’t complain for $12.
by Justin H. on 05/05/2020
"Got these for my matrix (full metal version) sr25. They work well, however you do need to file down or melt the (back sides) part of the plastic top of the magazine in order for it to fit. I used a lighter and a flathead screwdriver to smoosh the excess back until it slid in easy. Not sure about the highcap version, the high cap the gun came with isn't for sale as far as I can tell.