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Haley Strategic HSP D3CR Disruptive Environments Chest Rig (Color: Multicam)

10 Customer Reviews

by Matt B. on 06/08/2020
"If you are a larger guy, or just someone looking to run a lighter kit, and have the money to put into this, buy it. I am 6'7", 375 pounds, and used to run a big bulky CIRAS vest, and would find myself sitting out from games because I was too exhausted to play. First weekend playing using the D3CR, and I had no issues. I had to make my own straps for the bottom, because the stock ones that come stock were a bit too small, but that was easy. This is well made, has a lot of storage, especially with the extra pieces (Mission Hanger, Flatpack, Mag pouches). Hands down my new favorite rig to run.

Lots of storage
Modular (can connect to plate carriers with proper mounting)
VERY well made

Had to remake straps - very minor, problem specific to me
Cost- not even a con because it is worth it
by Luke R. on 08/22/2018
"This is my new, go to, rig. I've never been a fan of multicam tropic specifically, although this caught my eye and I have fallen in love with the pattern, planning to buy a full set soon, too! As for the rig itself, its sturdy, and my mags have no problem sitting in the pouches. It's super adjustable too, I didn't expect it to fit, if im honest. I'm 6', 120-ish lbs, very skinny, I know, and it fits perfectly, to the point of not bouncing around at all. I love the rig, would reccomend
by Michael S. on 11/29/2017
"I purchased this chest rig a few months ago and I have to say that it is perfect for Airsoft. This rig allows for 4 mags for almost any kind of platform. Ex. M4, AK, AUG, G36
The material is very high quality and can take some abuse while in the feild. I recommend this product to anyone looking to play Airsoft.

-Mag pouches allow for many types of mag platforms
-2 GP pouches allow for extra gear
-Great quality material
-Lightweight (under 1.30 lbs)

None, all round very adaptable to any player.
by francisco s. on 10/06/2017
"Very good, well made and expensive.
by Timothy O. on 08/21/2017
"Wonderful build quality and materials.

I'm 5'9 150lbs and it fits perfectly. Also a lot of room to adjust for bigger guys.

Very happy with it and paired with my Velocity Systems plate carrier it's like a dream.
by Reilly N. on 08/08/2017
"I was incredibly hesitant in purchasing this rig due to the very high price point compared to every other rig on the market. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of buying the HSGI AO before deciding to finally bite the bullet and buy this. And so far, it is worth every damn penny. Now if it's good enough for MARSOC, then it sure as hell is good enough for every milsim player or responsible gun owner. Being that I'm quite small-framed (5'6, 130lb) I was worried that the H-harness was going to cause the shoulder straps to fall off during movement. Nope, this thing stays put, and it is totally adjustable. I have no doubts it will fit every person of every stature. Just roll up the extra straps and tie it down with paracord or use a webbing clip. The mag pouches obviously fit AR style 5.56 (or "m4 mags" for you non rs people) but they also fit bakelite 5.56 AK style mags as well, they're just a little tight. The one and ONLY minor gripe I have about this rig is the mag retention system, only because they are a pain to adjust, but I plan to just use kydex inserts anyways, so it's not a big deal. If you're debating whether or not to buy this rig or save a few bucks and get something cheaper, just buy this. Save yourself the time and money and learn from my mistake. I am sold on everything made by HSP. Good work Travis Haley, you made a damn good product.
by Timothy O. on 07/27/2017
"My favorite chest harness so far. Built extremely well and fits perfectly. I'm slim and the straps adjust down to my size easily without any weird areas.

Everything about it is great. If you're thinking about picking one up, you should.
by Benjamin C. on 05/11/2017
"Owned the D3CR for awhile now. It is a great set up. I have added the double mag wedges, and the MP2 mag inserts into mine, but the stock rig is very good. It provides a very good setup with everything you would need for real set up or airsoft. My rig has attached to my plate carrier and it works very well. Overall, I would recommend this chest rig to anyone.
by Patrick W. on 01/16/2017
"The last rig you will ever need to buy.

The Haley line of soft goods are something that everyone should try out. The way this chest rig is laid out makes a lot of sense. I'm a lefty, and I have no problem using this. The one thing this rig has helped me learn how to do is pack light, and pack only what I need. Before I would run a plate carrier with tones of pouches and a bunch of stuff I would never really need in an average game day or a 24h+ milsim. The HS D3CR kinda turned the light bulb on in my head of what I really need to bring out on the field and what can stay at the car/safe zone.

Now I've only had mine for a couple of weeks. But I have buds that purchased the D3CR when it first came out and are still running them, and they show no sign of wear (rips n" tears). The material is strong and durable but has no problem shaping itself around whatever you toss in it.

Get one. You wont regret it
by nathan a. on 04/11/2016
"I bought this a few weeks ago now and I have two game with it. Let me just start off by saying I've always been the guy to wear a big plate carrier but I wanted something more low profile. So I went with this rig and let me tell you it is the lightest and most comfortable piece of kit that I own!!! I personally have a 5.11 tac tec plate carrier and this is more comfortable by a mile its no contest. The adjustment straps are plenty long and conform to your body. The mag pouches are excellent as well. Personally I run this with the milsim monkey adapt pack and the two work perfectly with each other while keeping a extremely light weight and low profile.

build quality
low profile.

NONE buy this chest rig