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Lonex Complete Internal Upgrade Series Enhanced Cylinder Set for M4, SR-16, M733 Airsoft AEG Rifles - POM Ventilation Type

9 Customer Reviews

by Rick S. on 04/09/2021
"Two Thumbs Up. You get more than you pay for.
by Chalida O. on 03/05/2021
"This cylinder set is great. I honestly use it in all my build. I have been hearing about people complaining about the tight fit with the cylinder and the cylinder head. I'm not saying people aren't the smartest but its a double o-ring cylinder head. It is meant to be tight so you can get the best air compression.
by Aidan C. on 04/06/2020
"BEST COMPRESSION KIT ON THE MARKET. I have purchased several of these kits before for customer builds and every single time they have allowed for flawless compression and show no signs of failing. First off, the cylinder head. This piece has 2 O-rings and is finely CNC'd, fits perfectly with the o-ring nozzle. Getting the cylinder head into the cylinder is rather hard, but i would rather deal with a much tighter fit to maximize air pressure. The piston head is my go-to, and when paired with an SHS piston gives the most bulletproof compression setup.

Great machining
super tight air seal
o-ring nozzle
kit comes in all manner of different gearbox versions

honestly no complaints

Get this kit, you wont regret it.
by Marshall K. on 03/17/2020
"Pros: Perfect Airseal with all these parts in use, solid construction, bearing on the Piston head. Make sure to add grease on all o rings and inside the cylinder.

Cons: my cylinder came sticky......Evike?
by Jayden P. on 03/02/2021
"To start, the cylinder head does not fit, at least for the one I received. Just as the review above says, no matter what you try and/or do to make the cylinder head fit into the cylinder, it won't go. Not a deal-breaker tho. I still get a great air seal using my stock G&G ARP9 cylinder head with the rest of the set. Not as much seal as I'd like, but still very manageable and a noticeable increase in air seal and performance. Overall has great construction/build to the whole set...of course besides the fitment of the cylinder head. Other than that, no complaints. Happy with my purchase regardless. If you do happen to get a properly fitted cylinder head, man are you in for a good time and a great air seal for your airsoft gun.

(This is my honest opinion and review considering I have bought many items from a reputable brand such as Lonex. In this case, I more than likely just received a faulty one: Therefore, 4/5 rating)
by Jesus D. on 03/28/2021
"The cylinder head and cylinder are really good, but there are still quite a bit of problems that come with it. The cylinder head was really difficult to install, but in the end had very good compression. The piston head is very poor quality, after about 1000 rounds, the bbs just started falling short 10-15 feet in front of me and my gear box made a horrible noise and eventually jammed up, all in the span of around 2-3 minutes. I took my gearbox apart and come to find out that the screw that held the piston head to the piston was completely stripped out and the screw was bouncing around the gearbox. The piston head was broken too and lost all compression. The metal piece that is pressed into the piston head also came undone. I had to throw the piston head into the trash and ended up replacing it.

- very good compression/air seal
- very good shot to shot consistency

- poor quality piston head
by Patrick C. on 09/23/2020
"Very underwhelmed with this set,
The cylinder head does not fit on the cylinder, not with grease, not with lube, not with love, not with force.
The piston head is nice, good bearing included. I imagine the airseal would have been incredible, but it does seem like they overdid it rendering those two parts incompatible
by Tyler P. on 11/25/2020
"The set is nice and yeah, the compression is absolutely insane as is installing the cylinder head into the cylinder. Once together it is not coming out without a fight.

I have to give this a pretty bad rating unfortunately because the piston head in my set has a break right behind the O-ring and I have no clue how that could possibly happen. I installed the set into a gun for fitting and took it right out. Hadn't fired a shot and it's already worthless. I guess I got a lemonnnnnn
by Logan N. on 03/01/2021
"This is a terrible product. For starters the screw in the piston head stripped causing extensive damage. Secondly the cylinder head was too tight for the cylinder.