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6mmProShop 500 Round Rifle Mag Size Airsoft Universal BB Speed Loader (Color: Brown)

93 Customer Reviews

by Andrew A. on 04/10/2021
"Using this loader with the supplied GHK adapter makes loading GHK mags very easy.
Anyone that owns a GHK will tell you its a pain loading mags.
Trick I found with this is putting first round into mag by hand, then putting GHK adapter on mag, and loading with this loader.
Has enough umph to push BB’s into mag, takes about 3-4 minutes to fill 5 mags full.
I have 2 of these (one for .25 marked for my pistol, and one with .30’s for my mk18) both work fantastic.
by Adrian M. on 02/04/2021
"good speed loader its even better then the other ones
by Dawn M. on 09/04/2020
"Great speed loader worth every penny! ima recommend this thanks !
by Shane T. on 08/17/2020
"I use this with Krytac and Hexmags with no issues. It fills the mags easily and I have had no jamming issues. It's not as fast and efficient as the Odin speed loader but works great for the price.
by Bill S. on 01/30/2020
"MUCH better than those little tiny cheapo speed loaders. This thing can hold loads of bbs and feed about 5 at a time for a mid cap. It comes with the little piece that you attach when filling a pistol mag which is stored in a small little hatch on the bottom of the speed loader with a door latch that you pull up, very convenient so that piece doesnt get lost. This is the best mid-sized speed loader out there and i recommend it to anyone looking to replace their small 120rd speed loaders
by John M. on 01/23/2020
"This thing works flawlessly... Worth every penny
by Matthew M. on 01/17/2020
"Great speed loader. Easy to load and to use. I love the metal tip. My complaint is the noise! Easy fix - just remove the pistol mag adapter from it's compartment and almost all of noise comes from the bbs inside it.
by Jonathan E. on 09/04/2019
"It's a fantastic speed loader that I've never had jam on me. I use this when I can't use my ODIN. I do wish I could buy the GBB mag adapter separately, but having this speed loader makes holding onto that annoying piece this much easier with a little "compartment" for it housed within the speed loader itself.
by Bryan H. on 09/03/2019
"Excellent speed loader. This much smoother than the other loaders that I have used. There isn't that crunch (where you think something is breaking) as you are using it.
by Matt B. on 06/15/2019
"Rhis is a great little speedloader. It has a metal tip for inserting into your magazines, and has a storage compartment on the bottom for the included speedloader adapter. (Helps the loader work better on pistol mags). The action of the loading mechanism is super smooth and prevents fatiguing on your finger. Great little tool. Fits in a standard M4 mag pouch.
by Michael J Martinez P. on 05/23/2019
"Best speed loader you can get at a cheap price. It's sturdy, feeds BB's into mid caps pretty good (mine are Evike's BAMF Mid-Caps) and holds a large quantity. This also fits in very well in M4 mag pouches. You can't go wrong with this!
by Alex S. on 01/24/2019
"This loader works great, has a cap to cover the bb output and the pushing rod button is flush with the top of the loader. No lost bbs when filling mags either. Great buy and holds many bbs.
by Caleb M G. on 01/07/2019
"Does its job. Feeds 5 BBs per push. Make sure you don't push the button to rapidly or the BBs won't feed down the tube. Worth $10.
by Jaycee D. on 11/23/2018
"Does what it's intended to do, great quality plastic I doubt it will break anytime soon.
by Nathan S. on 11/17/2018
"Works very well and is extremely reliable and very simple.