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Matrix High Performance 11.1V Stick Type Airsoft LiPo Battery (Configuration: 1600mAh / 20C / Small Tamiya)

64 Customer Reviews

by Wafa m. on 03/16/2021
"A giant battery, but a good one, I've got the 25C Deans one, if you're short and not comfy with extending your stock consider the dimensions of it.
by Adrian M. on 02/04/2021
"very good battery fits my airsoft prefectly!
by Garret S. on 11/23/2020
"Got them, fit perfectly in my Ronin 47 from KWA absolutely amazing batteries highly recommend them!
by Yiu C. on 04/13/2020
"This one can fit in APS CRS retractable stock . Just forget to use the big washer. Then you know how many front stock for storage batteries can also fit in.
by Jack H. on 04/03/2020
"Great for top cover of an AK
by Cody S. on 10/26/2019
"Got the 1450/20c/Deans. Came about 80% charged. Topped it off and it's working great. So far so good!
by kevin/ kristen a. on 05/09/2019
"Very good!! It’s a very high quality Lipo battery. Get it!!
by Alexander A. on 01/27/2019
"I bought this battery for my Elite Force limited edition MP5K and it fits in perfectly. There's even a bit of room to spare! The fire rate increase is also nice. It lasted me a whole day on semi auto.


Fits in MP5k

Long lasting

Increases rate of fire and trigger response

Expensive; C'mon, $35 for a battery?
by Alan E. on 12/24/2018
"I have really enjoyed using these! Bought two for my first time using Lipo batteries and have had nothing but positive operation out of them
by Ryan A. on 08/17/2018
"I bought this battery last year at the Airsoftcon 2017 and it has just now started giving out on me by draining a bit faster, keep in mind that this battery was used a LOT and I got my moneys worth out of it, I definitely recommend this battery to anyone that is thinking about getting it.
by Tre M. on 11/21/2017
"I purchased this battery back in May, it's now almost December and it's still going strong. Performance out of this thing is fantastic and as long as the battery is taken care of it should last for a very long time. So far I'm very pleased with purchasing this and will probably buy another for a spare.
by Matthew B. on 11/12/2017
"I got this battery for my ics cxp ape r, the size is very compact fit in the gun with extra room to spare. The battery works very well last for a long time all the leads and wires on the battery are very secure. Purchased a second one for my cxp uk1 fits in the buffer tube no issues. So I definitely recommend this product
by Drake S. on 10/10/2017
"Overall, great battery. Personally, I made the mistake of buying this for a rifle that was too small for it, but to give the product a review, I took off my stock. Be aware: this battery is huge: i recommend that if you do plan on using this for an M4, you are going to have to accept adjusting your stock all the way backwards. Well with that out of the way, the battery comes in a rubbery plastic bag with a zipper on the top, so nothing special, or even a manual. (Potential con). However, in regards to performance, it easily won a 5 star review. Just to test the quality of the battery, I had fully drained it, charged for 5 mins and threw it in my ICS CXP-APE. It ran for a good half an hour on semi, and being as though I only charged it for 5 minutes, this is impressive. The fully charged battery lasted (and we ran a 7000 round custom electric magazine) on fully auto , and it took 5 magazines (yes,that's 35000 rounds) wbefore it died. I'd also like to mention that we were doing a gun meltdown and neither faltered, which was ridiculous. So, if you do plan on buying this battery, I would recommend a big buffer tube. Overall, great buy.
by David N. on 02/23/2017
"This is the only li poly battery that will fit the battery compartment of a MP5K AEG.
by Joshua W. on 09/17/2016
"ownes this bundle for just over a year and nothing has melted so that's a bonus. Batteries work great in a Krytac trident crb and Krytac trident spr (if you need help getting them to fit just put bottom of battery in the removable part of the standard Krytac stock and wedge back in. It's a tight fit and can't close stock all the way). batteries I've noticed recently have started to unbalance themselves but all you have to do is get a .5amp nickel charger untill the battery is back to 11.1v. Then charge with the smart charger in the pack. *do not leave batteries dead for a period of time. They will shorten the battery life of them.*