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FREE SHIPPING for orders over $99! New deals released hourly and daily. See Deals Here! Irregular Pitch Airsoft AEG Tune-up Spring (Power: M120 360~450 FPS)

18 Customer Reviews

by Amy S. on 05/07/2020
"The bbs don’t always come out now
by Nicholas w. on 11/01/2019
"I have an emg hellbreaker shooting around 380fps i put the m130 spring and got 470 fps its a little high but i ordered a m120 now

Best spring ever
by Justin C. on 11/10/2018
"Awesome!! I have tested the M120 in my VFC SCAR-L. At first I was getting 380 fps. Then I put in a different nozzle and BAM! 450-460 fps consistently (Tad hot for an m120). Spring seems to be of the highest quality. Wouldn't mind putting these in all my builds....Had to lock my SCAR to semi due to that nozzle upgrade!
by Konrad E. on 07/13/2018
"When I put the spring in my new novritsch ssg-24 I reached 600 fps!!! Now I'm trying to find a m190 spring
by Rexman N. on 04/29/2018
"absolutely solid spring! Got 470 FPS out of the M130 on my UAR. No problems, fantastic!
by Rexman N. on 04/29/2018
"absolutely solid spring! Got 450 FPS out of the M125 on my UAR. No problems, fantastic!
by curtis p. on 01/28/2018
"Mission accomplished. Installed in First gen Elite Force CQC with Torque motor and Reaps bucking. Chrono at field 350-352fps with .25's... Field limit Yeah!
by Ben S. on 09/03/2017
"Awesome spring!

Works perfectly as advertised. Nice construction. Super consistent. Installed the M125 into my Krytac MK2 CRB and now it shoots 405 FPS. Out of the box it shot around 415 FPS but settled down to 400-405 FPS. Perfect for my outdoor needs. Can't beat it for the quality and the price.
by Troy M. on 04/27/2017
"I have a cyma M14 socom that has been a charm since I've owned it super accurate shooting at 290 feet per second with .28s, range was 75 +5ish yrds. I installed just this spring and I'm shooting 90 yards now with .28s and will probably bump it up to .30s. No fps yet, but slings the pearls absolutely FLAT to 80 yds . Evil grins!
by Isaac S. on 03/20/2017
"Good spring does what it says, I get 437fps with it
by khalen l. on 02/06/2017
"I put this spring into my Krytac MK2 CRB and got 330 FPS out of it. The barrel is 280 mm long with an inner diameter of 6.05 mm for reference.
by Heung Shing T. on 11/12/2016
"Installed on the KWA RM4 ERG CQB to replace the stock spring, because the stock one does not make as much power as the manual says. With .25 bb, Stock spring was shooting at about 280fps; with the M130, it shoots at about 370fps.
by Chad L. on 11/01/2015
"Works like it should nice spring 380 fps perfect for my needs
by jake h. on 12/20/2018
-Not too hard to install
-Definitely increased fps and range from stock springs

-You WILL need a high torque motor to pull it, i burned out a stock motor testing it.
-In my case, i also needed a sector delay chip installed because my nozzle was not pulling back all the way, causing misfeeds.

Overall a lot of tech work and upgrades needed to pull this spring. Not for beginners, but great if your building a DMR.
by Alex H. on 01/22/2018