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Matrix "Universal Feeding" Full Metal 500rd Hi-Cap M4 AEG Magazine (Color: Tan)

68 Customer Reviews

by Braden Y. on 10/14/2020
"I will get straight to it
Pros: solid construction
Really nice capacity
Easy to wind

Cons: The pink is actually purple if I could add a picture I would

Side note I got two of these and one of them came broken which is really sad the winding gear came completely stripped and using the key only readies 15-20 bbs before I have to force the thing to start working again but over all I would say 4.5/5
by Connor P. on 10/09/2020
"I run these in my featherweight m249. Perfect feeds every time.
by Carlos S. on 03/07/2020
"Bought 2 and they are amazing with my trident mk2 spr no feeding issues and solid build i dropped them a couple times no biggie. Highly recomend these!!!
by Albert M. on 02/15/2020
"I was glad to find out they fit the featherweight m249! Theyre good!
by Desirae B. on 01/17/2020
"So these mags work very well. They feed reliably with 7.4-11.1 batteries. Fit well in m249 saw. G&g. Lancer. CYMA scar l. Colt m4.
Do not fit in elite arx160. Will be buying many more of these.
by Jason R. on 05/26/2018
"Overall they are good mags. Works as expected with no problem and love the extra fire power these have over the others!
by Sam J. on 07/09/2017
"Never misfed, hi capacity, full metal, survived getting stepped on after being dropped. They accomplish what they were built for and they accomplish it well
by stan k. on 05/10/2017
"these work great in my high rof set up for my m4, they feed perfectly and one wind last for quite a while. also if you use an under barrel m203 these stick out a little longer and make mag changes easier.

the only con i can think of is that these don't fit as well in the Alice style pouches as other magazines (2 instead of 3) but for the vast majority of people this is a non issue.
by Lukas G. on 05/22/2016
"I tested 5 mags with my KWA SR10, this was the only one who has a good fit and feeds very well. I can totally reccomend this magazine. Never had any feeding issue.
by Dan D. on 12/11/2015
"Just received it in the mail

Price ($13) per round (500)
Fairly solid build quality
Wolf grey looks pretty cool (doesn't fit too well with my tan rifle though)
Actually kind of light. It weighs the same full as a 400rd G&G mag. (could be pro or con)
Really easy and good feeling wind.

It's build seems a little cheaper than my G&G hi-cap
Noticeably bigger than a regular m4 hi-cap (could be pro as well but for me it was a con)

Overall for $13, pick this up if you need a hi-cap (especially a 500rd)
by James S. on 01/14/2015
"These mags are massive! They are about the size of an AK's mag. They feed well and have not jammed my M4. They are around an inch and a half bigger than normal M4 mags. over all a great deal.
by Dave A. on 01/14/2015
"These mags are extremely great and are very durable.

great feeding
nice color finish

by Mark C. on 01/14/2015
"This is really a good mag to buy, but if you are not those type of people that goes trough a mag fast if its you or your gun then this is good for you.

Pros: Big, hold a lot of ammo, good for its price, metal.

Cons: Its really big compared to other mags, winding can be annoying if you shot fast but not a really big issue.

Overall: You must buy
by Ann M. on 01/14/2015
"Got this mag maybe 4 months ago or so and have had no jams. The magazine is able to feed about 22 bb's per second in my m4 which makes it amazing. The magazine holds a lot of bb's and it takes awhile to shoot all of them. The mag looks awkward compared to others because of its size, but if you don't care about looks it is perfect for you.

Feeds very well
Fits into any m4/m16
Holds a lot of bb's

It is black, not gray as shown in the picture
Very large compared to other hi-caps (opinion)
by Brenten B. on 01/14/2015
"Just got this and I have to say, It is amazing!!! Fits my kwa sr-12 better than the mag that came with the gun. It also has a gigantic capacity. The only bad thing is that its kind of big compared to other m4/m16 mags.