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BOLT Airsoft CQB M4 Adjustable Crane Style Retractable Dynamic V Type Stock (Color: Black)

5 Customer Reviews

by Kristopher S. on 07/18/2020
"Very happy with this stock, made of solid high quality plastic and doesn’t have a cheap appearance. It’s comfortable and allows for a very easy and consistent cheek weld. I bought this for my G&P WOC GBB M4 which it fit very snug, and requires some effort to adjust positions.

Additionally, I needed to use a Dremel to file down the position screw and cut a new flathead screwdriver notch so I could actually slide the stock onto the buffer tube. The screw sat too high and would not slide under the end of the buffer tube. It was well worth the extra effort now that I got it installed. So a warning to any G&P WOC owners who are looking to buy this, you may run into the same issue. Nothing a little extra work can’t fix. 5/5 would recommend.
by Dmitreus C. on 09/06/2017
"I got this about 6 or 7 months ago I'm going to start off by saying that I love this stock, it fits on my VFC MK18 really well and completes the look I was going for! That being said,it's made really well so I expect it to take a few hard hits. It also came with another butt plate. It was hollowed out and extended and made of plastic but not bad plastic though but it was kinda thin (I think this plate can be used to hold small lipos but I never bothered with it) I used the rubber butt plate that came with it already attached to it, however the way they attach the plate to the back of the stock is weird. I took the rubber plate off the see how the plastic extended plate looked so I took the alan head screw out and a tiny metal square with threads in middle dropped out of the stock (if you plan on using the rubber plate BE CAREFUL DO NOT LOSE THE TINY METAL SQUARE) luckily I saw it and picked it up. The plastic extended butt plate didn't have a screw instead it had these metal bars that would hook in the stock so It was pretty easy to install and take out, but I didn't like how it felt so I switch back to the rubber plate. and it was a little awkward to reinstall, I had to put the tiny square in the right spot and make sure it didn't move while holding the stock up and I had slowly thread the screw in.

I think that the stock it's built like a tank and both looks and feels good!
Also I use stick lipos that I put in my buffer tube and it has enough space to collapse fully! (For me at least)
I hope this helped!
by Christopher V. on 06/04/2017
"Great stock. A minimal room for batteries but besides that, the build & finish is almost on par with the real firearm counter part. It holds up to skirmish abuse and provides a nice snug fit over the buffer tube.
I would buy again if I need another one.
by Nate F. on 01/29/2017
"I have this stock it is very comfortable
by Matthew W. on 02/21/2016
"it looks and fits great, but you cant fit any batteries in the stock. any battery will have to go in the buffer tube.