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WE-Tech OEM Loading Nozzle for WE-Tech Airsoft GBB Guns (Type: MSK Series)

13 Customer Reviews

by Oren B. on 07/17/2020
"Considered by many techs to be the best aftermarket nozzle available.
by Alan S. on 01/13/2020
"I bought this for my WE PDW, and work just fine, with no modification, just drop in and use it, the return spring seems to be a weaker than the original, but this is just a problem if you use a different kind of gas.
by Brandon C. on 04/16/2017

Yes the input for the nozzle does not have the square bolt guide, but it does function the same as the MSK style nozzle without any issue. The broken nozzle I had shot 300 fps and below due to no air seal, this brought it back to the stock 470-500 fps.

Pic of nozzle in my MSK carrier.
by Stiven A. on 05/22/2015
"I purchase two of these nozzles, are very similar or the same exact thing to the stock one but seems that are a little bit more durable.
Both nozzles came with the internal parts, just ready to install in the gun, I though that I need to remove the small bolt and to swap the internal parts of my old nozzle in to the new nozzle but that is not necessary.
I install it and put a generous quantity of synthetic heavy duty silicone and my gun is working almost better than new,

Good quality part.
Already assembled with the internal spring and parts.
Past the 1500 rounds and still intact.

Totally recommended.
by Claire B. on 05/30/2014
"This plastic nozzle for the we scar open bolt GBB is very sturdy and reliable. After about 2000 bbs the original nozzle broke, and Evike seemed to be the only company that carried the nozzle. After it came it seemed to feed and shoot more reliably than the original nozzle. It still works like new after about 4000 bbs! If this one breaks, I will buy another one from Evike again.
by Joshua S. on 01/27/2022
"Decent drop in part, does wear out pretty quick though.
by Bryce M. on 11/21/2016
"I bought this gun and after a month of shooting the scar I noticed that the bullets weren't feeding so I to out to mag no leak looks fine. Then I noticed that the .28 g bullet at the top of the mag was chipped so I scooped it out and then I tried to shoot it again, same thing happened. So then I took out the mag, got a flashlight, and shinned it in the magazine slot and noticed that the loading nozzle was chipped...after that I bought a new one and it's working great!
by Lucas C. on 09/02/2015
"This nozzle works perfectly! Too bad its plastic thou, we all know that plastic doesn't last very long. I just wish that RA-Tech would release one made of Aluminum soon. If we all email them and kindly ask them, maybe it will happen?
Heres their mail: [email protected]

Does its job flawlessly.

Plastic - wears out.

4/5 for being mad out of plastic.
by Dexter A. on 08/27/2015
"I bought this for my marui hicapa and it's an upgrade from the stock nozzle. But there is a catch to it low price when compared to more expensive brands. The nozzle is slightly too long and the hop up on your gun will not activate. This can be frustrating, but with a sanding file, just sand a little bit off and you should be good to go. Overall, once I got it working it works well and worth the buy.
by Michael N. on 04/16/2015
"Great "drop in" replacement part for the M4 and SOL. However it DOES NOT work with the MSK. It is missing "fins" that guide the nozzle in the bolt carrier.
by Easton H. on 09/08/2015
"While I absolutely love my WE HK416, these nozzles are not very durable, while I was mid battle a bb mis-fed and broke the nozzle, just one bb ruined it, so I bought another, and this thing is a lil %#[email protected] to install, the tiny spring that connects to the solid metal reciever has to go all the way to the bottom of it and there's no shortcuts, I had to get really long tweezers to finally get it in there after 30 minutes of fiddling around with it. And wouldn't you know? The same thing happened, a mis-fed bb broke it, idk it must be my gun or magazine, overall I'm not completely satisfied but I'll be more careful with the next one I get
by Armen S. on 02/15/2012
"Just to all other Evike customers, and to Evike. Please correct the information in the description please, When i purchased this nozzle i was under the impression that i will be recieving the spring and the bulb valve in this nozzle, however upon receiving this product i just received the nozzle itself without anything in it. This is the stock OEM nozzle from HFC and works great! however you will need the inner parts of your broken nozzle to affix onto this one in order to make your M9 functionable.
by Chava A. on 11/26/2019
"Purchased it for the m16a1 and it broke again