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PTS Enhanced Polymer Mid-Cap Magazine for M4 Series Airsoft AEG Rifles (Color: Dark Earth)

54 Customer Reviews

by armando l. on 05/22/2023
"it´s a pts so now you know. my replica is a ICS CXP-08, it fits with a little woble but it feeds perfect, no issues whatsoever. the full indicator works as advertised. and as the other reviews, it´s more money than other brands but is worth it the quality is amazing.
by Nicholas J. on 02/25/2023
"Got these for my de m920. Haven't had a single issue.
by Aiden L. on 11/05/2022
"The best mid caps on the market period. Tested these with my polarstar jack and fed flawlessy even in full auto (35 rps) "the epm 1s are better" you may say. Sure they do have a higher capacity but they suffer from mid cap syndrome which is when the mags spring is too strong for the gun, causing feeding issues. And there $30 a piece.
by Andrew V. on 09/21/2022
"WAY too expensive but these are the best mags on the market. And these fit in every M4 M16 and their variants (like the ACR the SCAR L and other guns that take M4 mags)
by Josiah F. on 07/02/2022
"If you are on the fence about buying a better quality med cap magazine buy this one.
I have been using all kinds of airsoft mags for about 10 years now and i can say that there are the best i have used. another comparable option is the BAMF mags from evike. but the PTS beat them by a little bit (only have the gen 1 bamf i believe can't speack on the gen 2) AWESOME mags by PTS!
by Michael R. on 05/24/2022
"If you’re looking for the best mag on the market, you’ve found it.
These mags are very high quality, and even have a very useful orange follower. The follower mixed with the side window for indicating half and full make loading mags so much easier.
I don’t have a high RPS gun, but I know it’ll work with them.
If you have a low budget, or just want the best gear available, buy this ASAP.
by Matt B. on 05/07/2021
"Fantastic Magazine

To start, the externals on these magazines are great, strong polymer, comfortable to grab, and the rubber plate on the bottom allows the mag to drop free and not break. In my year of use, the mags still fire every bb every time. To add, I also own used magazines, and they still work perfect. I did have one mag that wasn't working very well, so I purchased the repair kit for it, and it is back to good as new. That is my favorite thing about the magazine. Instead of buying a new mag if and when an old one fails, you can just replace the internals. The externals are built to last, so I'm not concerned about them.

Well built externally and internally
Can run with high RPS
Internal replacement kit avaliable
Easy to disassemble and clean/repair
Fit in a large variety of different M4 brands
Low-profile (Thin magazine, fits in a lot of different pouches, and light even when full)
150 round capacity

Cost (Buy used and you'll save money)
Never in stock
by Nick K. on 04/29/2021
"Best magazine on the market
by zachary l. on 04/02/2021
"By far my favorite mags, ive used and abused them and they're still running very well. Fits most of my guns too a&k m16 which can be mag picky aaaaand my Fn2000 which is a gun that is notorious for being picky with mags.

8/10 minus two on the price but frankly I believe they are worth it
by Bill S. on 02/03/2021
"These fit and feed great in my vfc hk416 a5.
by Connor M. on 01/05/2021
"Used these for around a year with 0 fail. Reliable, perfect feeding even with a high RPS of around 35-40 with a DSG. These just work and are well worth the price for the performance and not to mention the look. Cosmetically they look amazing, but they work even better. Highly Recommend Over Any Other Mag.
by Dave K. on 05/22/2020
"The best M4 mid cap on the market. The only issue I've had with them is when you load them to capacity they occassionally will misfeed. Not all of the time but just to be safe I usually will load around 130-140/150 and that solves the issue. I can't wait to get my hands on a set of the new EPM1s. If they are as good as these original EPMs are then they will definitely be worth it.
by Silas H. on 01/07/2020
"Honest to god I had low expectations when I received it in the mail. The mag felt really light which I’m not used to since I normally run metal mags, but when I loaded it up and fired through a full mag out of my mk18 it functioned flawlessly. It was able to feed ever single round with a rate of fire of 35rps. I have been in need of a mag that functions perfectly for milsim and now I finally have one. It’s well worth it.
by Mangquell H. on 02/23/2019
"I have had these for over a year now, I bought 6 and I couldn't be happier. Don't see how other people are having issues I use these for my VFC 416C and like I said not one problem. I would reccomened these mags always. Like with anything you own as long as your take care of your stuff you will never have a problem.
by Andrew v. on 11/14/2018