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VISM / NcStar Tactical Plate Carrier (Color: Black)

19 Customer Reviews

by Christopher D. on 02/07/2020
"Love this plate carrier so far have been using it for a few months now. Keeps a tight fit and has a lot of ways to set it up. Overall the only sort of con I would have is the lack of a quick release system.
by Aaron C. on 05/24/2019
"Padding on this is nice. Breathes really well with the under mesh. Very ajustable. Like the plate insert areas.
by David B. on 08/18/2017
"I absolutely love this plate carrier. But I do recommend getting the dummy plates for it. Also, if you're trying to run a single point sling, I put mine through the shoulder straps and fastened it with a caribener in the back. Other than that there's plenty of molle space, lightweight, and can fit a lot of different body types.
by Alexis M. on 05/15/2017
"A good plate carrier for a beginner player. Stitching is good, but on the cummerbund there is one molle segment that's off. Clips inside of the plate carrier are a bit annoying, but you will get used to it. Over all a decent plate carrier for the price.
by Paul C. on 02/04/2017
"Dose it come with the plate
by Ethan S. on 12/22/2016
"This was my first plate carrier, and overall I have been very happy with it. As far as I can tell, it seems almost the same as the Condor Modular Operator PC; however, I wanted something in grey, and this was the most budget-friendly option. The only issue I have with it is that both sides of the velcro on the front pocket are the hook (hard) side, so it doesn't always stick shut very well. Maybe this was intentional; anyway, the snap-button does well enough on its own that it isn't an issue. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for an affordable place carrier in grey.
by Joalin K. on 03/31/2016
"Great plate carrier! It is very adjustable to your body. I'm only 5'2" and it fits beautifully. Really good carrier for the price.
by Jonny M. on 02/18/2016
"I have to say, for those of you on a budget, this is the plate carrier for you. i have the tan one as well, and they hold up just fine. As for fit, i am 5'10 and 175 and i have to tighten the straps kinda all the way for it to fit. BUT. if you get some dummy plates (medium plates are the biggest it can fit), then this will fit perfectly. only had to tighten it halfway after that. Lots of MOLLE real estate, so if youre running a heavy or light setup, this is the plate carrier for you :)

Only con though: Since it is a little bit cheaper, the stitching for the molle is a tad bit EH, and i mean that if you keep pulling your pouches and whatnot, the molle will tear.

SOOOO like i said: great for when you wanna get into airsoft, but on a budget $$$.
by Joe S. on 12/07/2015
"I love it. It is just barely big around my side but besides that is is very nice. Highly recommend this product.
by Brett T. on 08/30/2015
"Update on my Vest situation:

Everything is still pretty awesome about this thing so far, and the stitching seems to be pretty good quality. It's been through several games and nothing has really changed. It also has yet to start smelling bad too!

The Bad:
So, I'm 6' tall, and 190lbs, fairly athletic build. Adjustments were desperately needed for this vest as Running loosened the straps and also made this thing hop around on my body.

2 things I did to fix it:
First, I used Loctite GO2 superglue(not the fast drying stuff, the thicker stuff that seals stuff for eternity) on the buckles precisely where I wanted the straps/buckling resting at. I let it dry for a good few hours and it feels as strong as metal. It hasn't budged through the first game yet.
Second, the weird stretchy material connecting the side webbings was driving me nuts. It hung low when stretched and made the vest look weak, but also didn't squeeze tight enough to my body to actually stay still. So, I noticed at the end of each end of the webbing where it met with the stretchy material; it had a super thin web that you couldn't even fit a pencil through. This was obviously the end of the webbing area and they just stitched it up. Conveniently, I realized some zip ties could fit(barely) into these slots. So with all 3 rows, I zip tied them to the other webbing, and effectively bypassed the utilization of the stretchy material+lace in the middle. With that done, and putting the vest back on, it fit absolutely perfect on me(so long as I never get fat). Now the mid section, stretches around perfectly and tightly, and actually meshes to the front velcro flap perfectly as well, without any overlap or lack of velcro. This vest is literally perfect after those two adjustments.
I wouldn't recommend the second adjustment, unless you've got a fairly thin waistline.

The Ugly:
Nothing anymore!
by Brett T. on 04/27/2015
"The Good:
My first Plate Carrier that I've purchased, though no plates implemented, and I must say I'm very happy with it. It has a plethora of space for MOLLE, fits pretty snug, doesn't bounce around when I do, and otherwise the straps have been very secure for me. No bad stitching so far. What's nice is you can flip the middle section around and there is MOAR MOLLE, or keep it as is and use the extra pouches.

The Bad:

The Ugly:
I was really hoping the Middle Section, that wraps around your stomach/sides, would be a full piece, but it's actually two pieces connected with some bungee string/cord and those little stoppers with knotting to keep everything together. They're adjustable though, and they stretch a good bit. It's essentially laced in the middle, connecting the two pieces.
Also, I kind of wish the shoulder straps connected just a little bit higher to the chest piece, so that the tips of the chest piece where they connect don't flop down, but this doesn't effect function/efficiency.
The MOLLE is pretty tight on the edges of the chest piece, but it'll still fit just fine with enough fidgeting.

Overall: Fantastic product, and I'm quite satisfied. 5/5
by Isai S. on 03/09/2021
"wonderful vest although there are stings in the back and the slide pockets don’t really fit side plates
by Jacob H. on 05/10/2017
"This is a great plate carrier that I am using to begin my first MilSim loadout, as I hope to attend one in the near future. However, the ONLY reason this review has four stars is because if you shorten the overall length of the shoulder straps, the excess Velcros onto the front of the plate carrier, rather than the back. This means that about 2.5 inches of the MOLLE on either side is covered, and it also prevents the use of the D-rings, which I had hoped to use to hang my homemade sling from.
by Ethan S. on 03/21/2017
"Great budget plate carrier; nothing wrong with it. This looks pretty much the same as the Condor modular operator PC as far as I can tell, although I haven't owned the Condor. My only complaints are that the ends of the stitching on the PALS webbing weren't all trimmed (which you can see if you zoom in on the picture; not a big deal) and that there was hook (hard/scratchy side) velcro on both sides of the front pocket, which of course doesn't hold it closed all that well; not sure if it was intended, but maybe could have been thought out a little better. There is a snap-button, however, which holds it shut well enough. Overall, it's a good option if you don't want to pay $180+ for a gray PC.
by Anthony P. on 02/09/2017
"This is a great vest. I have only had two problems with it and i believe those are because of my build. i would not recommend this to anyone who has a thin waist because the cummerbund straps don't tighten all the way down on my body. Again this is because of my small frame even for a 6 foot 0 tall man. The other problem was the reversible cummerbund is not reversible because the Velcro id different on each side. Besides those two things the vest id great and will hold almost any pouches.