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Evike Annex MI-7 ANSI Rated Full Face Mask with Thermal Lens by Valken (Color: MARPAT)

58 Customer Reviews

by Joshua M. on 11/14/2020
"Amazing mask goggles don't fog fits glasses very comfortable and honestly a good deal
by Stephen M. on 10/09/2020
"Does not fog. Fits glasses, sunglasses, etc. But your glasses fog up inside, so you need to anti fog them. Fits large and small heads. Field of view is pretty good. Looks awesome. Now for the "bad", or let's say room to improve. There are puffed out spots on the cheeks, just under the lens that keep you from looking down your sights on most rifles. Fix it by heating it up and flattening it out. Needs a ventilation fan to keep your glasses from fogging. I use a $5 air bubbler for fishing, stick the air tube up by the lens. It works. Still not perfect, but for the money it's the best out there, it's a dual pane lens for under $50. I would recommend
by Nathan H. on 06/08/2020
"Awesome Mask!
Works Great With Airsoft and fits with glasses!
by Dylan B. on 04/29/2019
"If you want an affordable face mask and don't want to spend over 100$ for a fancy Dye, then this is a good option. It doesn't fog and protects all the way to your ears. It's made out of a strong plastic and it doesn't bend. It also looks great. You will need a riser somewhere around 1" high to be able to aim down sight with this mask on. (and any other full face mask)
by max j. on 12/30/2017
"good mask butttttttttttt its off the face a bit too much so aiming down your lets say red dot is hard

almost all of it

cons: like i said ADS-ing is hard but possable

OVER ALL: good buy
by Lyle H. on 11/23/2017
"Great mask, had it for 3 months and love it! And it is pretty annoying to aim down sights, but once you get used to it you can, also get a scope riser that will help.

Never fogs!
Protects every part of your face you would want except for your neck(I just wear a scarf)
Very comfortable
Holds up to a barrage of bbs(full autoed it in point blank with a 400fps+ m4 and it held up, only a small scratch or two)

Annoying to aim down sights
Kind of boring looking(nit picking)
by Andrew J. on 06/18/2017
"Newbie Airsofter here I purchased the Annex MI-7 ANSI Rated Full Face Mask with Thermal Lens by Valken in Multicam. I and it were hit in the face many times and not a one of them scratched it or penetrated the shield.

It never fogged up with 85+ degrees and 70% humidity.
It almost covers all of the soft areas of my melon head.
Easy to adjust on the fly when using it the first time.

I don't have any at this time. I do have a reminder though. If you use a full face mask like this you will have to raise your optics to use them effectively. I am using a KWA EAG with a Team Warne Mount and a Burris MTAC Scope. Cheek weld was not the greatest due to full face mask. So I bought a riser hope I didn't go too much but we will see.

Happy Hunting...
by Steve P. on 08/14/2016
"This mask absolutely does not fog up. I was playing in "feels-like" 107 degree weather and sweating like a dog, yet my glasses were clear as ever. They didn't get tremendously hot, either.

*No fogging and good ventilation
*Full seal and protects all of the face
*Changeable goggles in case yours break
*Makes you look pretty legit

*Difficult to look directly down or look down the barrel of a gun
by David L. on 04/02/2016
"I got this mask to start playing airsoft. It's just a mask, so I can't say much, other than it barely fogs, and it protects your face from BBs. The only issue I had with it was the fact that it's a FULL FACE MASK, so it has a much higher profile than a mesh mask. You may need to buy a rail riser for low profile sights/optics. But full face masks protect your face WAY better than mesh. It is a must-buy for a good face mask that almost never fogs, and when it does fog, it barely fogs up at all. It also has a very wide field of view, so you can see the field better. Overall, get this mask, or something similar made by Valken/Annex. (MI-3 for budgeted airsoft players)

. Protects your face from BBs
. ANSI Rated (Will get you into almost all airsoft fields)
. Almost never fogs, and barely fogs up at all

. High Profile (That's to be expected of a full face mask, so nothing you won't get by getting another full face mask.
. May not work with helmets (No clue, maybe you can find a way to do it.) (If you're worried about getting hit in the back/top of the head, get the full head mask, which is only $20-$25 more.)
by Blayne H. on 03/12/2016
by Aaron V. on 06/18/2015
"I Started Airsofting When I Was 12 Years Old, But Was Never Really Able To Get Into It. Why? I Couldn't See. I Tried Mesh Masks; Indoor Fields Said "No". I Tried Save Phace; From Their Sly Series To Their Full Face Masks, Fogging Was Still A Big Issue. I Just Couldn't Find Good Eye Protection, So I Stopped Playing Airsoft For A Solid 3 Years. Finally, I Found Myself Watching MilSim And Speedsoft Videos On YouTube Again. I Decided I Would Give Airsoft One More Shot, But Only If I Could Find Eye Protection That Didn't Fog, Ever. I Did My Research, Watched Reviews, And Went Over The Specs. I Found Thermal Lenses Are The Only Way To Go. This Gave Me 3 Masks To Choose From: The Dye i4, Save Phace Full Mask, And The Valken/Annex MI-7. Save Phaces Just Didn't Work For Me; They Fogged And The Foam Around The Eyes Came Loose Too Easy. I Knew The Dye i4 Was Quality, But Lets Face It, $140 For A Mask Is A Lot Of Money. This Left The MI-7. It Is The Best Mask Out There. It's Affordable, Quality, Comfortable, Lite, Breathable, And (Above All Else) Never Fogs. This Is The Best Mask You Can Buy For Your Money. Its Keeps Up With The Dye i4 And Surpasses Save Phace Based On My Experience.

Never Fogs (Like Really Though, It Doesn't)
Foam Doesn't Come Loose
Easy Lens Removal
Thermal Lensed (Dual Paned)

I Got Nothin, It Does Its Job Really Well
by John B. on 03/10/2015
"Great mask, covers your whole face including ears and neck. Great for CQB. Very breathable. Mask never fogs making it the ideal airsoft mask.
by Connor D. on 03/10/2015
"great mask - really comfy and it is pretty nice for cqb-- goes great with outfit
by Andy H. on 03/10/2015
"The camo works really well and it is super comfortable. This is the most comfortable mask i've ever worn and it is worth the money. Every piece of foam is super comfortable. You can even aim pretty well with it on!
by Alfredo G. on 03/10/2015
"excellent mask!
great view angle, clear and durable lens, full face protection.....great buy!
If you play in cold weather, put a fan to avoid lens fog.....thats all.