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Broom Handle Full Metal 1:1 Scale German WWII Mauser Airsoft Replica Pistol

7 Customer Reviews

by Brent C. on 10/25/2015
"I was purchasing several other items from Evike, when I came across the C12. I'm a big fan of the" Broomhandle" and foe $15, how could I go wrong. The box states that it is a 1/1 copy (not so). Originals are 12 1/4" long, this modlel is 9 1/2 ", thus approx. 3/4 size. The gun is attractive and light to hold. The trigger is a light positive pull. My first shots ran 8" high and 2" left with .20 BBs. Using .25s, still 7" high but closer to center. I altered the front sight, considering 1mm per inch high. Adding 7mm to the front sight and carving 1mm from the right side of the rear sight, it shoots dead on at 21'. Having more fun with this piece than several of the more sophisticated units. Because of the low velocity and soft hitting, I use it, mostly indoors. It will dent, but not punch holes in aluminum cans. Great little gun for $15. UKARMS should consider a full sized model, which I would buy in an instant.
by Ian F. on 05/29/2015
"I got this gun a while back and I really like it. It looks awesome, and is historically accurate until size comes into play. (the other Broomhandles on the site are 300mm long, this is only 240 mm.
Unlike the what it says, it comes with 2 clips one long 9-10 rd. and one 5-6 rd. I use the shorter one for compact spaces. Quite heavy feels awesome. However, it is somewhat inaccurate, aim way way way below your target especially at long range.
Other wise, its an awesome backyard plinker for the price and tons of fun, HIGHLY RECCOMEND it.

P.S. I glued the plastic outer barrel on so it won't come off, keeps you from worrying about it coming off in your pocket or whatnot, just a thought
by Dalton S. on 01/29/2015
"I got this gun because I am new to the sport and wanted a cheap yet flashy sidearm, so please understand my review is without the knowledge and experience of a veteran fighter.

The almost-entirely metal body makes this thing look gorgeous!
Has a very hefty yet ergonomic design, feels freaking awesome in hand!
Seems to be very accurate! Especially within/under 50 feet.
Comes with two magazines, one big and one little!

BIG WARNING: The gun is *NOT* a 1:1 replica. It is probably 2:3 (slightly smaller)!
Giant "MADE IN CHINA" that you can see it in Evike's product image.
*Slightly* wiggley magazines, but I can't imagine it would cause a problem.
The longer, external barrel is plastic. It seems super solid, but don't fall on it!
Its rear sight is not adjustable, and while pretty, it's just a solid piece of plastic.

I am extremely happy with it. It's only 15 USD and very sturdy. Though it doesn't work as a historic collectible, it'll work great as a sidearm for new players like myself!
by Perry C. on 11/17/2017
"Very similar experience with Christopher's, so much so I just want to copy it.

The key difference is that I'm also modding mine as a prop for a costume. A true 1:1 scale would've been better, but for $15 and surprisingly quick shipping (ordered it on the 15th and got it on the 17th with standard shipping); I'm happy with it.

And copying his final statement:
4 out of 5 stars for the fun and metal parts, but also could be built a bit better for a springer, and making it 1:1 scale would have been really great.
by Christopher S. on 05/03/2016
"Obviously it is a springer pistol, so I didn't expect much when I opened it up. Please note: it is NOT 1:1 scale, it is 3/4 size.

Being only 3/4 size it feels quite small in the hand, but it is still useable. The gun is made out of some type of metal, with plastic wood grips. about 2/3 of the barrel is plastic. It does not even have a metal inside barrel, it is plastic. Hopup is fixed. Mine came with a short mag and a tall mag.

Overall the gun is super fun to shoot. I only got one of these because I was trying to make it to the $80 limit which qualified my order for free shipping. It is quieter than I expected, and makes a nice little pop when you shoot it. It is surprisingly accurate in fact. Fun little gun for plinking around with if you have 15 bucks lying around.

4 out of 5 stars for the fun and metal parts, but also could be built a bit better for a springer, and making it 1:1 scale would have been really great.
by Diego C. on 02/11/2015
"If you love the design, get this gun. Feels amazing! But a warning, the barrel isn't permanently attached to the main piece of the gun, and with take just a little bit of effort to take off. Don't let that worry you too much though you can't really just put this in your pocket and not have to keep worrying about the barrel breaking. Holster will easily solve that.

My gun has some crazy physics being that the bullet just shoots straight up after 10 feet. So I aim at people's feet to get them.

Better to just get a reliable colt if you wanna just use this to have fun, but well sometimes its just too cool to use this awesome and history weapon.
by Albert F. on 10/18/2017
"I purchased this Spring Pistol because My friends like to have fun and run around with them as a challenge and I personally would like something cool looking. It looks small but fits in my hands ok. (I have medium sized hands)

pros: It looks good, you have to give it that. it does shoot around 210fps (187fps with .20s)which is not the highest and not the lowest among spring pistols.

Cons: Mine came cracked on the outer barrel and the body was splitting along the seam line. It sometimes would immediately fire after priming. Now it won't fire at all after going through the entire long magazine that came with it.

At this point the pistol has become a wall hanger. It was a bummer that I can not uses this in a match with my friends. I will be tinkering with it to see if I can play with it.

Note: Due to Evike's policy, Spring pistols can not be returned or replaced.(because of this i couldn't get a new one)