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G&G Combat Machine FireHawk Airsoft AEG Rifle - (Package: Gun Only)

27 Customer Reviews

by Evan M. on 07/24/2019
"u bought this gun about a month ago and have since ordered a bigger stock that can hold a 9.6 nimh battery, but the 7.4 works fine too, I just wanted some extra rps. I also recommend investing in a mock suppressor or flash hider because the duck lips on the front of the gun just makes me cringe. Iron sights are good, but would recommend getting a red dot or something along the lines of that.
by Julian O. on 06/06/2019
"I bought this and i was not disappointed with it in my testing, so far i haven't been able to take it out onto a field but i have a feeling its gonna do great
by Chandler W. on 08/31/2017
"Awesome gun! Got one from a Buddy and naturally hating short weapons. Added a 8 inch quad ris and barrel system. Let me tell ya the range is insane for cqb fps!! Next stop 10" keymod

Nice externals
Lipo ready out of box
30 rps
Great range

Likes to fire full auto on semi now and again
Needs more work for 11.1v lipo
by David W. on 03/17/2017
"I bought this gun through a local field, but it performs FLAWLESS! I love this gun more than my AWP, and I love snipers more.
by Ethan L. on 02/18/2017
"Gun is amazing can shoot across a field without a problem!
by Kevin K. on 12/30/2016
"My friend got this gun and it it really loud for non-balowback aeg. It is just sheer fun to use or be around someone using it. And other cool features are the working charging handle and dust cover. It is great for clearing rooms and is a nice compact package. Don't let the short barrel deceive you. Because this thing can hit targets at pretty far ranges considering it's size. If you want a gun that can just get the job done in CQB I would go for it.
by Devin W. on 07/22/2016
"This is THE CQB M4 to get! So light but still sturdy the great combat machine polymer we know and love. Trigger response is great! Very satisfied with this gun.
by Sully W. on 07/10/2016
"This gun is amazing. This gun is so loud in my local CQB arena. In the staging area after one game, I heard a bunch of people saying, "There's the guy with the crazy gun!" This gun shoots straight and the range is pretty good. It is also accurate.
by Luke S. on 07/02/2016
"I have had this gun for about 3 days now and it is amazing. After doing target practice to get the hop up right I realized it is way louder than any of the videos say it is. I then took it to my local field to play and every time I shot it my teammates jumped. A person on the other team even started running.


Hi qaulity polymer
great hopup
Loud very very loud( could also be con for backyard battling)
Sights work
Full rail system

Small stock storage space( I ziptied my battery to the outside of my stock as I didn't want a Lipo)
Mag is Polymer( still didn't have any problems:)

Overall this was a great gun It will last a long time. If you buy a Matrix 9.6 volt battery and an aim sports fore grip( which I did) You can play for 5 hours without running out of battery and the foregrip fits perfectly. 5 out of 5 this gun is great.
by Matthew G. on 04/30/2016
"This gun is so good out of the box because it shoots straight and loud. This gun is made with its hi quality polymer and metal rail system to attach accessory's of your choise.

hi quality build
lipo ready
shoots well

none that i can think of
by Samuel H. on 12/11/2015
"Just another note about how awesome this gun is: It comes with a high speed, high torque, G&G Titan 35K motor. For those of you who don't know this is an incredibly nice motor (60$). AWESOMENESS
by Samuel H. on 12/01/2015
"Well the body, stock, rails, and grip suck (cheap feeling polymer). You should know this already though. The important thing is that you're getting a gun that has the internals compared to a 500$ AEG. The ROF on an 11.1V 35C-65C is an unholy 25RPS which is lovely. The gun also comes with a beautiful, effective full-metal flashhider-amplifier. This gun sounds murderous on full auto. The FPS is a love-tap at 340, but it's for CQB so...about right. Iron sights are exemplary, best I've ever seen. The stock tube AKA battery compartment is hard as hell to get an 11.1 lipo into, but you should know this. The mag (like the rest of the external gun) is cheap plastic, but it's an excellent high cycle mag, I've had no problems with my gun feeding on full auto. Accuracy was an 8in spread at 100ft. AND MY MAIN COMPLAINT...The great, amazing molded ergo grip this thing is pictured with is not the one you get. You get a regular stupid V2 grip that isn't particularly comfortable. At all.

amazing internals
cool ironsights
wiring, motor support 11.1V lipo
decent accuracy
comes with replacement black metal flashhider
ROF can be 15-25 depending on what battery you pick up
stock mag works well
Perfect everything for CQB

Battery compartment annoying as hell
cheap body, rails
You don't get the cool grip.

Conclusion: CQB monster. This thing might be really nice for someone with a spare full metal m4 body lying around. You absolutely won't regret buying this gun guys...I do have my complaints, because I'm me, but this is absolutely the best gun (for what you pay) on the market... GET IT.
by Harry F. on 07/04/2015
"Amazing gun. I have had it for about 8 months now, and the only problem I've had was a loose connector, which I was able to easily fix. Great rate of fire, and it sounds like a monster. I have only ever used an 11.1v lipo in it, and never had any battery related problems. Despite the short barrel, it shoots very accurately, and it consistently shoots around 320 fps with .20's. It is overall a great gun. I highly recommend this if you are going into any CQB battle.
by Christian T. on 07/04/2015
"I love this beast. After going to a few indoor matches this gun has instantly grown on me. It's proven itself as an equal to many high end machines and I'm sure this will be my main for a LONG time!
. A perfect CQB monster
. Sound is terrifying for the enemy. Your ears WILL ring a bit after a burst.
. Good stock internals that are upgradable
. 11.1v Lipo= 1000+rpm
. Light but built tough. Body looks like metal even though it's polymer.

. Unless you have a crane stock only small lipos will fit in the buffer tube. Regular NiMH batteries are compatible though.

TIP: Removing the Amplifier.

If you want to remove the amplifier you can but it's a bit tricky. Took me 2 hours but I'm an idiot so it shouldn't take you long.

. Theres a pin on the bottom side that you'll have to remove first otherwise you will damage the threads. It isn't glued on but the head is smooth and flush with the rest of the Amp. If you carve around it you can pull it out with pliers. After that just twist it off to the left. The Amp is glued on but if you're a tough it won't be a prob. If you do this with minimal damage the Amp can be remounted easily.
by Elliott L. on 05/02/2015
"Great gun! So far inspecting it , it is exactly as videoed the plastic recievers are very tough and the feel of the weapon is amazing it does have a shooooort barrel but it still is not bad outside .
Very great indoors , no joke id 9-10 this weapon for indoor firefights, fire rate with 11.1v lipo is amazing and the sounds intimidating , over herd a few people saying "there is the guy with the crazy gun."
There were a few issues in the begining my old worn magazines work great for all of my other m4's but for this one buy new tight fit mags preferably the bamf mags .
The rails are a tad smaller then most other rails no idea why figured it was a standard type , anywhoo my reflex did an awful lot of wable till i modified the sight .
Other then those 2 tiny issues on mine this gun is well worth its weight in gold , if your looking at it over the other cqb specified weapond look no further this one is amazing out of the box .

-laurance ,colorado