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Matrix Full Metal 370 round Banana "Flash Mag" for M4 M16 Series Airsoft AEG - Banana! (4 pack)

4 Customer Reviews

by Michael F. on 11/13/2016
"Hello. So I have got a full season out of these and only had one with a slight pull string issue. These feed me and my sons High ROF P* Jacks set at 25 and 30 RPS pretty awesome and keep up Well. I LOVE flash mags they are so fast to get you back to putting the Smack down. I have 4x Lonex flash mags and these are pretty close to as good for 1/2 the cost. My son hates to wind and so he LOVES the flash mags zip zip zip and brrrrr brrrrr!!!! 4x for $42.00 is a great deal I think for a good product. I run 8 flash mags and 4 mid caps my son runs 6 flash mags. PUT THE SMACK DOWN WITH THESE And dont forget to go get some chiquita bananas and sticker them up!!! 5*
by Laite S. on 01/30/2016
"Excellent magazine, works great! Great glossy yellow finish and feels hefty. I picked it up in store today, but it doesn't come with the Del Monte sticker! Huge disappointment. When I asked the cashier he said to go to a grocery store and buy a banana to take the sticker Haha. A bit misleading on the pictures. Either way 10/10 great magazine. Other than the advertisement, perfect magazine.
by Jesse H. on 08/30/2014
"The absolute finest mags you can buy in its constructed class, the color is cool, and it is the cheapest between the ladder of the 2 colors they offer..
by two c. on 05/23/2014
"excellent product on with lonex very good deal. had a can of dark brown spray paint laying around and simply solved the yellow problem. Fits well in my KWA, very tight but a few uses and it's no problem, have been using that mags since about the time they came out, highly recommended for anybody who uses HICAPS. no cons and can't be beat if you get them at the sale price of $42 for 4