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FREE SHIPPING for orders over $129! New deals released hourly and daily. See Deals Here! "EAR-SOFT" Mega Bass High Fidelity Head phones System (Smart Phone Ready)

27 Customer Reviews

by Luis R. on 10/16/2021
"Super cheap.

I have this tendency to break, lose, damage headphones. My go to had always been Panasonic, then Maxwell. I have a few chinese, 2 bose pairs and a DJ level from Sony. But ultimately, these sounds well enough and for the price include a pouch, extra ear "buckings" XD, microphone and a straight jack, for the price of 2 of these I could buy only one of the panasonics I like. So I'm sticking to these, never thought I'd end up buying this sort of stuff from evike as well, but... hey, just got my quick charching cable and is working pretty good as well.
by Parker D. on 06/19/2015
"Very good Ear-Buds I got them from the Swagg Pack wave two. It has very good quailty sound and are just the right length. I would suggest getting these if you are thinking about buying them you totally should!
by Spencer D. on 06/03/2015
"Great earphone!

Flat and durable wire. Same as my $79 skull candy!
Good sound quality!

by Tiffany S. on 06/03/2015
"got them two days ago, best ear phones i have ever had, lasted longer than my nixons already, buy them if you are even looking at this.
by Scott G. on 06/01/2015
"awesome better then my iphone once that my phone came with love this
by hunter s. on 04/10/2014
"Honestly the best Head phones ive ever purchased, They would be a bit expensive for 40$ but i got like 5 when they were 1$ and they are amazing im so happy i found them in the epic deals section. The "mega bass" is true to its name, most bass ive ever heard come out of a headphone so if there still on sale for 12 dollars u should buy a pair or 2 for sure there great!
by frank d. on 04/07/2014
"picked them up for a buck, they're great. comfortable, seems well made, good audio quality. case and extra foam buds are awesome. 5/5
by gabe s. on 04/07/2014
"Oh my god! These earbuds rock the mega bass part I was a little skeptical, but they truly have the best bass i've heard from an earbud and highly recommend these to anyone who want amazing quality for a low price. I purchased a pair while they were on sale for a dollar and you can not find a better pair of earbuds for even less than $20. The bass is great, but even the highs of songs are very crisp and the overall quality is amazing. The ONLY con is that they are too good and while crying to their amazement I have to stop otherwise I will die and go to heaven.
by Ryan M. on 03/21/2014
"I just received these today and I'm so satisfied! Plugged them into my phone and starting listening to music right away! The sound is really clear and blocks out all those annoying people that try to interrupt your jam time :D
by Jenson K. on 03/11/2014
"Great neat little ear buds.

Nice casing it come with, I hang it on my backpack's zipper for easy access and looks nice
Sound quality is good
Conversation is clear

The different size ear bud can take a few try to chance to the one that fits your ear best depending on the size of your ear. It come with various sizes.
by Paul S. on 02/18/2014
"I was SUPER ecstatic when I got these. I wasn't disappointed at the bass in them. I'm also happy to be rockin something associated with airsoft without having to be on a field. Good job Evike I love these amazing ear blessers!
by Aaron P. on 02/08/2014
"My ear set that came with my iphone broke so I said why not. Got it last week!

Does what's expected.
Clear for receiving and talking side when using it for a phone conversation
answer button is easy to use
Come with multiple rubber ear bud sizes

Takes a bit of patience to switch out rubber ear bud but it's one time
by Samuel B. on 04/28/2019
"word of warning, all wires pull out and are held in by the wires themselves, so just glue all those spots. Otherwise very nice earbuds.
by Jade M. on 06/30/2018
"These earphones are great! Got them for $12, but they are definitely worth $40 in quality.

-Unique Smooth Design
-Flat cord does reduce damage taken
-Better than average clear sound quality
-They do have Great Bass
-Fits nice and snug into ear
-Nice case and extra sizes of buds included

-Crinkling noise when inserted into ear, however, it's not that bad, or loud or sharp, and only happens for a half second, so don't worry about it. (Maybe I just need to clean out my ears) Wait, on second thought, a different size may fit better and reduce it, thank god I have those extra sizes.

~Buy these! And don't expect the absolute best product ever (4 not 5), expect a great product.
by Michael M. on 06/16/2016
"Got these in a sweet SWAGG pack last year with a patch and some coffee beans. When I held them I was a little disappointed because they seemed kind of light and cheap BUT...I liked using them. I'm no audiophile but they were good enough for me. I used them a lot while using the stationary bike at the gym. They lasted 9 months before one side stopped working.