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Airsoft M3 3-Round Burst Multi-Shot Shell Loading Shotgun (Model: Matrix Special Edition Pistol Grip)

33 Customer Reviews

by Kobe H. on 09/05/2018
"Cheap, effective, if you treat it right, it wont break. It feeds good, groups well, and is very very lightweight. Buy extra shells and a shell holding system. 10/10
by Kobe H. on 09/03/2018
"It's cheap, effective, intuitive, and kinda silly because i did not get an M3 shotgun in the mail. I got an M4. which is really silly cause in real steel that is a semi auto shotgun. Other than that, it works great, never jams, shoots a reasonable distance, and has decent capacity. Shell loops on the stock or receiver are a must have, because it looks really cool and is functional.

A very decent gun.
by NICK D. on 03/13/2018
"Got this shotty about 3 weeks ago. It's freeking awesome for the money. I've had a blast running with it. Shoots around 320 with .20' I use those or .25's...gets decent range from 100' on in...but from 50' it's deadly accurate. Groupings are good but every few shots one bb decides to go off on it's own. All in all it's the best 50$ I spent on here....I'd recommend it
by Christian M. on 12/14/2017
"This shotgun is a great beginner gun. I recommend evike shells. It works great and shoots pretty hard. The pump is pretty stiff at first but it breaks in. Maximum effective range is about 25m (80ft)
by Brian D. on 12/06/2017
"I just bought this shotgun for its pistol grip I swapped it onto a regular full length M3 (ASG SAS12) and gave this gun with a full stock to my nephew who just getting into airsoft to play around with he likes it okay just said it was hard to pump at first but broke in fine. It is shorter of a stroke pump I even had a lil trouble with it first night before I gave it to him. the metal barrel is nice but front/rear sights plastic so is the rail we shall see how well that holds up my nephew put a dot sight on it, shoots fine but seems louder than my other M3's and SPAS12
by Roger H. on 02/06/2017
"I have had this shotgun for over a year now and it has not failed me once. I works great as a cqb or a open field gun, I have hit targets/players up to 160-170 feet away with .25 bbs.

-sturdy solid construction
-easy to operate
-super accurate for a tri-shot, mine has a tight grouping even at range
-Full stock
by John M. on 04/28/2016
"Got this as my first real airsoft gun. Pump is stiff, but the build quality is very nice for a $55 gun. Mine is a Koer m56. Came in a plain brown box with bbs, unjamming rod, target, manual, speed loader, and 2 30rd shells. The shells are actually quite good, but the bbs shatter on impact. Modeled after the Benelli M4 Super 90, whose military designation is the M1014(I used to own a real one with a skeleton stock.) The ghost ring sights are adjustable and removable, as well as the tac rail. You can unscrew the magazine tube cap, and it's hollow inside.
Pretty accurate and shoots hard for a spring try shot. Mine clocked in at 329 fps which surprised me. I think I know why it's hard to pump, not for me, but for other, less strong people. I was paling in cqb with it (at airsoft tactical in NY) and I stopped in a building to reload and catch my breath. A guy running around in thousands of dollars worth of gear and a tricked out m4 with a tac light was right outside. I saw his shadow on the wall; he had his pistol out and was preoccupied shooting at someone else. He didn't bother to check his corners and when he came through I barrel stuffed him (point blank) right in the arm, and he yelled,"OOOOWWWWWWW! WHAT ABOUT BANG BANG!"
Overall great gun for cqb but not for smaller weaker people
by James M. on 08/20/2015
"Wow! Have been into airsoft 5 yrs, and this is my first airsoft shotgun. Man this M3 is a real beast, with it's 3 shot burst patterning, the pump is a little stiff but I'm sure after a time it will ease up a little. Just got this shotgun yesterday 08-19-15, just shot it for the first time this morning, and I am happy to report there were no jams or malfunctions with this baby. The 2 supplied shot shells worked flawlessly while the 2 Zombie killer shells were multi-shooting more than 3 BB's at a time. But nevertheless all worked fine and no need for a harsh report like some gave about this shotgun. Evike, I really am happy with this selection. You have a winner here.
by jordan R. on 05/26/2015
"Got this gun about 3 months ago, and I am very satisfied with it. Here are it's pros and cons...

- well built for the price, good use of plastic, metal and rubber
- the three bb burst is a very cool firing mode
- good fps
- good ammo capacity for the included shells
- top rail

- the front sight is actually crooked (probably a manufacturer defect)
- can be difficult to cock back
- the shell may shoot out of the gun when changing the shells

Overall, for the price, this is the best airsoft shotgun and i'd highly recommend it
by Cameron M. on 05/25/2015
"just want to say this is a great shotgun for the price love this as my 2nd instead of a pistol. i highly recommend this for an cqb needs. i original bought this for a zombie game my local store was putting on i was planning on it as my 2nd but my friends gun broke before the game started. so i gave him my aeg and i used this it worked great for a primary, and u dont see this style shotgun without a stock so its not something everyone else has
spring is a little stiff can take a little to get used to
by Max R. on 11/29/2014
"I actally bought this at a local army barracks. Still, from 50 feet away a pepsi can sitting on the street with be shredded in 1 shot. Smooth pump, shells are good quality. The jells work like mid-cap magazines, take a speedloader and use that to fill them with bbs. 100 or so ft of range. Mine was clocked at 376-405 fps. Shoots a little hot for CQB, but still awesome, good quality gun.
by Celia D. on 04/24/2014
"So I am only going for a brief overview for now, but I must say, this shotgun was simply more appealing to me than any of the other tri-shots on the market, because it is modeled after the benelli M4, and it eliminates the stock issues found in the collapsing stock model with it's folding stock. This shotgun did come with two (2) shotgun shells. I was expecting one so this was a benefit. Unfortunately It came with one green one red, but I really don't like the look of the green shells especially in a black shell holder with red shells (looks like a Christmas Shotgun). Side note; I also bought a separate pack of spare shells and I got 3 Green, and 3 Red Shells. The shot gun is extremely comfortable an despite my lack of arm strength I could cock the gun with minimal force. However my cousin could not pull it back at all and he is stronger, older, and more experienced with the tri-shot shotguns. But then again he was trying to cock it without using the stock (he has a stock-less M3). The full stock on this gun is very nice; it is extremely sturdy and doesn't lack quality. However the butt-pad is not serrated, and although it is rubber, It will make your shoulder sore after long periods of this gun shouldered. My shotgun did not come with a sling at all, not that I would actually use it. It came with a cleaning and unjamming rod, which does actually fit down the long barrel that this gun has. It also came with an OK speed-loader, and a large plastic target similar to the material of a cheap table cloth. The loading door on this model is actually painted to look like silver which is a nice touch in my opinion. The sights are nice but I didn't take two minutes before I slapped on my 552 EOtech clone. When I first opened the generic cardboard box that the gun came in I noticed that the gun had "MADE IN CHINA" in large white paint. However it came right off as I wiped it. I would also like to note 3 more things; the Dangerwerx rail doesn't work with this pump, but nothing my dremel tool can't fix. The NC-star 12 gauge rail doesn't fit over the cap on the magazine tube, even when I remove the unscewable cap. And out of the box the BBs would go straight down after 40 or so feet. However I cleaned each barrel, and then they shot flawlessly. Overall I am impressed with the performance and the look/feel of this gun. My only regret with this purchase is that I didn't buy two.
by Mark S. on 04/21/2014
"It just came in today, it only took a couple days to ship. Overall i'm impressed. It beats the previous shotgun i had.
Shell fed
Shoots straight
Durable plastic

Can't find the hop-up.
Other than that, its an awesome shotgun.
by Ramen M. on 04/11/2014
"With the sas 12 and all the other m3's out there this is by far the coolest. I always like a realistic feel to my guns this has a dead accurate size but is way too light. I wish they made a full metal version of this exact gun and FYI don't get the 8$ for 4 extra shells its pointless, they only hold like 8 rounds instead get the 13$ for 6 pack they hold 30 rounds (you will need more shells even if you don't play competitively, which you probably shouldn't with this shotgun its more for fun and with this specific shoygun being 1 mile long its horrifically pointless in cqb) Over all this goes on my list of one gun that every one should own so if your debating on wether or not to get it just chose one of the m3 series that suits you and buy an ass load of extra shells, you can never go wrong with that ;)
by Matt K. on 03/01/2014
"I've had squad mates running these for the last 6 months or so, and I finally owned up and purchased one for myself. Mine came with the gun, a sling, a speedloader, and FOUR shells (a nice little surprise as I was expecting only one). Mine has a solid pump, is accurate out to around 60-70 feet, I highly recommend these as a solid backup weapon for field or CQB games.