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Evike Custom M14 EBR Airsoft AEG Rifle Package inspired by Battlefield 4

9 Customer Reviews

by Derick R. on 05/09/2019
"Just got it today and put it together everyone was asking about the silencer but my flash hider screwed right off and was super easy. Would have rather had something other than the crane stock but mine wasnt very loose/wobbly and was pretty sturdy. Havnt had a chance to use it on the field but the firing and range test I did were pretty successful. Super excited to bring it to a field for the first time
by Hunter H. on 10/30/2017
"Well I got this gun back in March and Iíve played multiple games with this gun, been to ballahack a lot with this gun! Very good gun stock believe me! So me i upgraded the barrel to a 6.03 tight bore and the Performance is amazing truly amazing. Had feeding problems but I got a drum mag and very pleased with this gun.

Very accurate
Great range
Sounds cool with silencer
No more feeding problems
ROF is awesome
Could be a sniper

Heavy (could be a pro)
Very Long, bad in small spots

Other than that amazing gun truly recommend it!!
by Jacob B. on 05/19/2017
"I haven't done much firing with the gun but holding it and reviewing the scope and such I have to say this gun is insane. The scope is huge which isn't a bad thing at all it makes the gun way more intimidating. The only hard part was trying to get off the orange tip. What I did was instead of trying to cut it off what I had to do was find a Allan wrench to fit this tiny screw that was keeping the flashhider from un threading. After that all I did was take the screw out and unthreaded the flashhider with the orange tip on it and just screwed on the mock suppressor. Also all crane stocks wobble and so does the crane stock on the m14 but it's very minimal. I'm sure there is ways to lessen the wobble but it's so minimal for me that I don't even really notice it when holding it. I even barely noticed wobble in my stock when using my m4 I got from dicksportinggoods goods lol and that wobbles very badly. All in all I rate this gun a 5-5 there is a few problems but they are so minimal and fixable it shouldn't effect how many stars you give it.

Heavy (could be con about 10lbs)
Very intimidating
Scope has red/green/black crosshairs and can zoom in and out.
Full metal
Spring adjustable bipod legs
Fake bolt that makes a beautiful cling when you pull it back and release it

Stock is a little wobbly (very minimal and all crane stocks have a little wobble)
My Airsoft gun didn't come with a manual so it was hard trying to find the hop up, fire select switch, and other stuff.
It was a pain trying to find a Allan wrecnch that would fit the screw that was holding the flashhider.
by Grant H. on 05/09/2017
"The gun is quite amazing. I have done very well with it right out of the box. The scope is a nice clear scope with option of having it red or green cross heirs. The bipod is built well and is easy to put away. The suppressor is a mock suppressor. I put foam in mine and it works great. The gun is 9 pounds so it can be very heavy after the third round of playing with it. I use .28s and a 7.4 lipo with this gun and it shoots very accurate for an aeg. I would recommend this gun to anybody. The gun looks sick. So far I have not come across to many cons and I have had the gun for 5 months now. Plus I am an active player as well.
by Alex S. on 07/09/2016
"I've had this gun for almost a year now and I'm still in love with it!

Good Things

Looks HOT
Shoots like a BEAST
Adjustable Sniper feel or Assault Rifle feel

Only one bad thing..... HEAVY.

But if I can use it (Skinny/weak guy) then anyone can!
by Michael P. on 05/26/2015
"I've owned this gun for 6 months and I've got to say, very impressed. Yeah my FPS chrono was at 355fps which wasn't as high as I both wanted/expected, but it's accurate and magazine feed is great, so far I can say I've gotten over 40 kills in the past 2 times I've gone airsofting this year. I constantly get compliments when I carry this thing on the field, people even ask me to not shoot them or ask for me to join their team. Overall, it has looks and accuracy and is been very durable, it's worth every dollar I spent
Adjustable stock
Bipod is full metal and is amazing
Scope functions amazing, even illuminates red or green by your choice
Barrel extension/suppressor is scary and intimidating
Sliding handle sounds like a real gun
Stock is wobbly
by Matthew O. on 05/15/2014
"OK I have had this gun for almost a month now and here are my thoughts:
- Looks amazing, one of the sexiest guns I have seen by far
- Scope, bipod, and mock suppressor that are included are all very nice. Once you zero in the scope it is awesome to use.
- Heavy (this can also be a con) but you know it is well built
- Has pretty good range, I was able to outrange my friends with stock M4s with this gun.

- Stock is wobbly, i read that you can add a few layers of spray paint to the buffer tube to fix this but I have not personally tried yet.
- Pistol grip came a little loose after a few times of using it, but noticeably after the first long skirmish of using it. However, it is an easy fix; just tighten a hex inside of it. (The motor is not in the pistol grip for this gun)
- Sometimes the gear box will not fire when firing quickly on semi. To fix this I just have to switch to full auto and fire for a few seconds
- I chrono'd this gun pretty consistently around 360 fps with .2g bbs, so a little less than advertised.

Overall, I would recommend this gun. I know I am going to have to upgrade all of the internals to get a functional DMR (should cost around $250 to $350 in aftermarket parts) but it is a solid gun out of the box. I am looking into getting a different stock for it to see if it is less wobbly.
by Connor R. on 04/09/2014
"Just got this gun and I'm in love. Everything that comes with it is high quality; the gun, scope, mock suppressor, and bipod. I haven't used this gun in an actual war yet but I'm excited to. I've shot at some targets maybe 25-30 meters away while it was extremely windy and almost every shot landed on the target. I highly recommend this gun.


Great Fps
High quality scope, suppressor, and bipod.
Sturdy (Except for stock)
Easy battery placement
Handsome ass gun


Very Heavy
Crane stock is wobbly
by Jacob O. on 08/15/2017
"This came without a battery and charger which I had to buy separately. However, the feel of this gun is amazing; from the weight to the tactical application on the field. I absolutely love this gun. I took off the 9x50 scope and placed a 9x40 on this since I use this as a main DMR rifle. If you are looking for a nice upgradeable DMR rifle for long distance engagements, this is the one to buy! Not only is it sexy, it performs very well out in the field! I recommend using .35 g for this gun. The .2 g and .25 g go all over the place. I also recommend if you like this gun a lot to purchase the high cap M14 magazines in bulk. They are cheap and fairly well made

- Nice weight (rifle weight simulated)
- Sexy and tactical
- Fully upgradeable internal parts and external add on for attachments
- Good FPS right out of the box
- Accurate in long distance engagements

- Did not know how to access the gear box, the battery, or such
- Suppressor that comes with is not a good attachment. It isn't a barrel extension which I had hoped for. Look at Angel Hive suppressors if you want a good suppressor with barrel extension.
- DID NOT COME WITH A MANUAL!! Please please please!! Send a manual with this weapon on how to take it apart and such. When I got my package from Evike I dug through all the paper and cardboard and never found any manual that they said they had in the package.

Wow I think I hit on everything!!