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Evike Custom SOCOM-47 Challenge Kit Receiver Set for M4 / M16 Airsoft AEG Rifles

12 Customer Reviews

by Jeff M. on 12/08/2018
"This is a very good kit if you want something other than the standard m4 most people have. It wasn't too hard for me to put together just a lot of trial and error and a lot of patience. The end product looks fantastic and everything works very well as expected.

Tips: If you can't fit the barrel and bucking into the hop you can split the hop up in half by unscrewing it and place it in, then screw the hop up back together which makes a fantastic seal for performance. the cyma Bulgarian style hi cap magazine feeds absolutely flawlessly with almost no play compared to other mags, however if you buy waffle type mags be careful as sometimes the pattern sticks out too much and will block the mag from entering the gun.

Use super glue to hold part of the mock bolt and charging handle guide in place

Literally half a turn of a screw on buffer tube, pistol grip can pull on the gearbox too much

Pros: Great quality
Great looks
Fairly easy to assemble

Cons: Some parts such as the selector switch that came with the kit were defective and had to use the original one off the donor m4
by Fletcher J. on 10/30/2018
"This is the first challenge kit I've ever built and I'm very happy with it. Even without directions it was relatively straightforward. If you have ever taken an M4-pattern AEG apart everything in the kit will look familiar to you.
My base gun was a Classic Army M4 Carbine with the keymod handguard. The gearbox and handguard/barrel assembly fit perfectly However, I'd like to warn potential buyers of some caveats: First, the buffer tube stub on the butt of the receiver is a strange length. In pictures it looks like a pretty normal length for your average AR receiver buffer tube mount, but it's just a tiny bit longer. If you wish to install an LR300-style folding stock or make a SOCOM-47 pistol you will have to trim about a centimeter off the end of the lower receiver. Also, the spring for the AK-type magazine release has legs that are too long, so it will not go in the cutout properly. I had to trim the legs so it would fit. Be sure you have inserted the spring into its cutout, otherwise you will be able to push the mag release up, out of its lugs and fling the spring and axle across the room.
Also, despite the description this does not come with a one-piece hopup. It is a split unit but is more than acceptable in quality.
by Andrew W. on 01/23/2018
"good kit if you are looking for something to stand out. in-depth assembly needed but do let that scare you away or pay money to a tech in did it in 2 hours and it works fine. the fit is really tight so you have to sweet talk it with a hammer sometimes but when it sits right it's the best rifle body I have owned and I have owned expensive rifles. would tell you to get it.
by Ryan A. on 12/23/2016
"Confirmed aluminum, as it is not magnetic. Seems to be cast, not CNC milled, but cannot confirm. Extremely light weight. Deleted charging handle + dust cover catch & reversed dust cover spring. Decided to use an electric drill and titanium coated bit to remove enough material on the rear trigger guard hole to properly fit the slotted spring pin that came with my Cobra FANG trigger guard. Do not pound on your pins, they should fit in with a light tap. If they don't, remove more material.

Easy to assemble for an experienced tech. Take care, as any airsoft gun requires patience and the correct tools. You will feel like a special snowflake when people gawk at your one of a kind weapon. This kit is form over function. No tactical sense in airsoft to use an awkward seventy year old AK47 magazine catch, but it looks beautiful especially with a stubby AK47 magazine.

Remember, airsoft is not only about slinging plastic, but also looking super awesome. You will have a difficult time finding something that looks more unique and incredible than this challenge kit, and when you finally complete your build you will feel one with the universe.
by two c. on 09/12/2015
"This is a bit of a pain to put together but I accomplished it with no instructions and no online tutorials. Very solid and very unique. For a person like me that has a huge Boneyard of parts I was able to assemble basically everything I wanted except for a few custom touches out of the scraps from leftover guns. I didn't really have any issues with anything fitting but perhaps I just got lucky in that department. I ended up going with a G&G gearbox full of aftermarket goodies a Noveske rail and unknown outer barrel. Everything fit well although I did have to source a couple parts that were supposed to come with it, and ended up receiving two selector switches instead of one for some unknown reason. Fortunately everything that is specific to the SR 47 was included.

The one con I will give it was finding mags that fit. None of my lonex, nor any other magazines I happened to have lying around would fit, not so much fit because they fit in the mag well but wouldn't feed. G&P mid caps do the trick just fine and are all I run in the gun now, the only other gripe relates to the mag well as well it really need some type of block off plate at the top of the mag well otherwise you really have to focus to get the magazine in, it's not a quick Mag swap on the field.

Other than that I have a beautiful custom rifle now that stands apart and I am very happy with it
by Cameron K. on 08/07/2015
"Okay, so I got this trying to find something really unique that still uses V2 gearbox parts. And I certainly got that.

The Good:

A nice black painted finish with good logo paint as well.

All parts to convert from a normal M4 are included.

A very nice unique look.

The Bad:

This almost certainly will take modifications to get everything to fit properly.

The Ugly:

Absolutly no instructions included and no tutorial online.
This was extra hard for me because of simple things such as the bolt release and which way the dust cover pin goes and little things of the sort.

Overall a great buy. There's not really anything else like it. I get complimented all of the time and it has a super aggressive look with the Centurion Arms 12" rail (the one that is really slim and uses their own system) and a suppressor.

I'm afraid that this won't be availabe for much longer seeing that it's been on the Epic Deals list and the price keeps dropping, so get it while you can!
by Joey W. on 07/28/2015
"Not a beginner project by any stretch of the imagination. However... I dig it. I get lots of compliments, questions etc on "What is that... THING?!?!?"

The Good:
VERY unique, while still using commonly found magazines.
Good quality materials
Much Less expensive than the $500 HurricanE kit.
Mostly TM-Spec.
Basically a blank slate; customize to your liking.

The Bad:
Comes with a crappy selector, I'd recommend sourcing your own.
Upper Receiver required a small amount of milling to easily slide over my gearbox.
Proprietary Hop-Up design. I want my ProWin :(
Finicky with Mags.

With that being said, I like it. Just take care assembling it, don't force anything as the tolerances are TIGHT, and you'll be fine.
by Daniel J. on 11/23/2013
"This is a very nice piece of work, I was fortunate to win one at the raffle after Operation Fallout. It was a bit of a challenge to put together as it came with no directions and there is nothing on-line to help. It comes with lots of little pieces so make sure your work area is clean and organized. After a bit of trial and error, I got it together and it is pretty sweet.
by Juan M. on 01/22/2018
"i'm happy with it but just be prepared to curse and file a few things for proper fit.
if you put together a basic v2/v3 airsoft gun then assembly will be very familiar. look on youtube for a detailed guide and tips.
be prepared to wide anything that a pin need so placed into to include the body pins, trigger guard, & mock bolt assist. dont file too much, just take your time, attempt to reinsert, and file again if needed.

i have mixed feelings with the hop up as it great to have a split assembly hop up. you can insert just about any think bucking and just clamp the hop up close. however i have a bit of miss feeding until i cleaning the hop up canal with some high grit sand paper.

speaking of feeding i'm finding that my pts palm mags feed best. so far i've tried a lonex high cap (feeds good), and cyma mid caps (feeds meehhhh). i think its because of the placement of the hop up chamber allowing the the mag to move a bit too freely. i've attempted to use tap & velco to help guide the mag but it just needs to be seated just right. i've found a 3d printed part called the sr47 magwell spacer that is supposed to solve this issue. but for now i've use the o rings (removed the hop up spring) to fit the hop up so it doesnt move at all. so far so good.

i also had to shave a bit off the back of the hop up chamber as it was pressing up against the gearbox and not allowing for the body to close.

over all i'm very happy with the buy. unique look but lets me use my m4 parts.

- unique look
- can still use lots of m4 externals
- simply assembly

- lots of little tinkering to get it just right
by Chas G. on 03/17/2016
"Well, as the name states, this is a "Challenge Kit." that should not be taken lightly. As others have stated there are no instructions in the kit to tell you where everything goes, but lets just hope you've taken apart more than a few airsoft before trying to put this kit together.
It can be tough.
But if you know your way around airsoft guns then it shouldn't be too bad. I got mine mostly together within a few hours. I had to wait on final assembly as some of the parts I put on this gun had to be ordered in. I didn't really have a doner gun for all the other parts needed to build a full rifle. But in the end, I got it all together and it is a neat gun that gets noticed a lot at local fields. People always have to look twice at it. Recently someone said to me about this gun, "It's like an AR, but with all the disadvantages of an AK." And that's kind of true.
The hardest part about this gun is getting it to feed all AK style mags correctly. At this point I have most of the cheaper AK mags fitting and feeding properly. This gun hates LCT mags for some reason. Both Hi-caps and Mids. It seems to prefer the cheaper CYMA mid-caps. And I'm OK with that!
One of the weirder parts of this kit is the two piece hop up unit. You have to fully assemble it. Including the screws that hold the two halves together. Remember, everything needs to go together, nothing comes pre-assembled. Have a flat file near by and be ready to make small "adjustments" to make things fit. Have a few spares of different things like screws and other small bits. All the unique parts to this gun come in the kit, but you will have to supply a few odds and ends to make it all work together nicely.

******BIG WARNING!!!!!*****
The lower receiver is made a bit thin in spots. You may have build other AR type guns or made mods to those bodies, but with thi body you need to be gentle and tap lightly while fully supporting some parts. As was stated by another reviewer here, putting in the trigger guard rear split pin is one of these spots that needs extra love and attention. That area is easily damaged and cracked. I wish that area had more material around there to help support it better. I ended up using a small screw instead of that pin because the torrances for most of the holes are extremely tight. In a lot of cses I needed to either open the hole up slighting using a small round file or a flat file on the pin passing through the body to get thing to fit without damaging the body.

In the end everything fits and it now works very well.

A couple of pointers:

1) the hop up unit uses a lot of the inner barrel inside itself. This is good because it helps support the barrel, you will need a longer barrel than you think. I used a Lonex 14.5" outer barrel which should take a 363mm inner barrel in a normal AR set up. In thi case to get the inner barrel all the way to the end of the outer barrel I used a 407mm inner barrel length. Again, that's OK with me!

2) And the trick I found to fix the feed issues was to use a thin rubber O-ring around the part of the hop up unit that fits inside the gearbox shell. It spaced out the hop unit to allow better feeding of more mags. It was a super simple and easy fix. Just nothing too thick. You just need a couple millimeters of space to achieve great feeding.

Over all, I'm pretty happy with the kit. It makes for a very unique rifle that not a lot of people have.
by Asa W. on 03/07/2017
"I bought this kit a while ago and assembled it with very few issues. I have had problems mostly with the hopup unit that came with it being weak and bending or flexing upon insertion into the body, thus ruining the air seal. Also, the m4 part of the hybrid magazine release is extremely stiff and will not function; the ak-style release is working just fine, though.

Protip: bolt model sr47 hopup unit WILL NOT work with this item. While it fits, it is shorter and does not meet the body properly so your inner barrel and hopup unit will rotate inside the replica.

PROS: unique and interesting. People always comment on my build when they see it.
Solid fitment of parts and pieces

CONS: poor quality hopup
No aftermarket upgrades for hopup
Requires adjustment for proper fitment of parts rather than having been made to fit from the beginning
Price is high for being just a metal body - similar quality bodies for m4s are closer to $50 fully assembled.
by Chase D. on 06/09/2015
"The receiver is made of low quality pot metal. It broke as i was inserting a pin for the trigger guard. I've done that before I used a rubber mallet and took the proper precautions and the receiver broke on the third strike.