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9 Customer Reviews

by Hunter W. on 06/02/2015
"For the people that think it is just a piece of paper for the color, it's not. I disassembled it because I thought the same thing so I was going to experiment with different colored papers. However, when I pulled the "paper" out, there was a circuit board and some wires attached to it. Upon further inspection I couldn't find any sort of light bulb in the tube or on the paper. I tested it without the tube and was quite surprised. The "paper" itself is the actual light source. I thought that was pretty neat, like something from a sci-fi movie. This means that essentially it is a flexible light bulb so I had to give this all five stars even though it isn't bright enough to light an area up. It is more for marking targets like previous reviewers mentioned.
by Corey S. on 02/26/2014
"Awesome for night or low-light CQB games. Don't give off a lot of light so only for marking people or objects not for lighting a room.
by Nate K. on 08/14/2014
"I got this today and was fairly impressed for 8 dollars. I put in some batteries and tested it out and its alright.

Loop hole for mounting to molle and other things
Battery powered

Not the highest quality in the world
Not bright at all. Visible but not super good
by Andrew K. on 11/16/2013
"Nice and cheap. Looks cool on the vest and has some multi-functional use (such as "I'm dead" light, signal, waypoint for team mates). Just need two double AA batteries.
by Jeffrey S. on 06/05/2016
"This light is very meh. It does indeed work, but it is very very dull. And it isn't a red light, but rather a regular low powered light covered in red paper.
by Colin N. on 02/27/2019
"Wanted to love this little guy as I wanted some sort of LED based light that looks like a chemlight.

Unfortunately it's just not worth the $10. It's a cool design and an excellent concept but the light is just not bright enough. As someone else said, it's actually the colored paper that is the light - there's no real LEDs that I saw inside.

The battery compartment is the whole tube - the bottom screws off and 2xAA batteries fit inside the tube. Unfortunately it seems to depend on the battery brand, because Meijer brand (generic) AA wouldn't fit, but Rayovac did.

Once I got the batteries in, I was disappointed by the light output. It's *very* dim. I can only see it in pitch darkness, and it's not enough to - say - read a map or notes with. I will keep it simply because I like the way it looks as an accessory, and it -may- be useful as a dead-man-light for some night game, but I may end up modifying it to use a different size battery and put bright red LEDs in there.
by ian l. on 04/27/2016
"This product is not the best quality all around. terrible connection for the batteries. battery slot so narrow that it is a hassle to insert and or remove the batteries. the light output is minimal. for a nighttime op it wouldnt be the worst but and chem break glow stick would give you better output for less money. if you want to look like you spent alot of money for a dead light buy this and if you want a functioning light get a chemlight glow stick for a tenth of the price.
by Alexander F. on 02/25/2015
"Very cheaply built, fully expect this to break soon. And it's blue, not green. But it looks like you can just put colored paper in it to make it whatever color you want. Takes 2 AAs, so it's heavier than a glow stick.
Overall 2/5
by ian l. on 05/10/2017
"This light stick isnt worth the money. cheap design that doesnt really work. its just a small LED shining through red paper. go to amazon and buy a color changing LED stick for the same price if not less with a flashlight and other color functions. the disposable lights evike sells are good quality and should be bought over this.