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Lonex 8mm Airsoft AEG Version 2 Gearbox Shell

13 Customer Reviews

by Marshall K. on 11/30/2020
"Donald you should have radius those stressful points. I have a 50 RPS DSG with this gearbox and its fine.

PROS: DSG worthy, DMR worthy.

CONS: doesn't fit in some gearboxes so you may have to mod your recievers. No radius corners so youll have to dremel those your self. NOT quick change so strong springs for like DSGs is a struggle.

End of the day IT IS WORTH IT
by Royce D. on 09/11/2020
"So far seems to be a nice shell. I’ve had this in my gun for about a year now, and it’s still completely un damaged. I’m running this with a 40 rps dsg, and no problems so far. This shell is very accepting of various parts, which is definitely a bonus. No issues fitting a gate titan, SHS blue piston, retro arms piston head, and to no surprise it works flawlessly with any Lonex parts. There is a TON of room to shim the gears the way you want them, which is a huge bonus, because not having much room can limit how well your gears mesh together. Overall a very nice gearbox that is solid, and had good part compatibility.
by Omar T. on 08/12/2020
"I have had this shell for 3 or 4 years now. I use this to house my Redline N7 engine and these mechboxes fit G&P metal bodies with good body pin fitment.
by Trampas N. on 06/16/2020
"Let me start off by saying how good this thing looks! I absolutely love it I am a tech I build high end guns and this gearbox is great and the bearings have not blew after 10000 shots. I am very impressed with it. Also I did not read the description but it comes with a tappet plate.
by Michael F. on 05/01/2020
"Pretty clean shell, built to tm spec so it should fit in a wide range of receivers. Comes with bearings but I didn't use them for my build. Lonex tappet plates are my favorite so that's a bonus. The cylinder head holes are a little bit big so I did have to drill out the holes on mine (zci v2) to get it to fit. Small issue, I think it was just a problem with my cylinder head. Comes with selector plate and screw set. The cylinder window did not have any radius cut in the corners so I had to do that myself but no big deal. My only gripe with this set is that the screws suck, the heads of the screws did not snugly grip any hex keys (neither metric nor standard) so I got a new set. Also the threads were a little tight for m3 screws, but that's also an easy fix. Overall very good deal for a high quality gearbox shell.
by Sebastian J. on 12/26/2019
"Best value for a V2 gearbox shell, some people say it's a bit expensive but it does come with a Lonex Selector Plate as well as a Lonex Tappet Plate! So depending on how you value those things this can actually be one of the cheapest options on the market, the Lonex is the best that I've used for shimming purposes and will fit pretty much any V2 build you throw at it, comparable to the Retro Arms at a fraction of the cost.
by Sam B. on 07/10/2019
"Amazing shell. Bought 5 years ago and still running like a tank. Been through 3 different guns/setups
by Phillip H. on 05/23/2017
"I've had this gearbox shell for 6 years and it still looks new. Ive upgraded all my internals to 100% Lonex and I have not ever had 1 issue. I have taken it apart many many times to clean, (once every 30,000 rounds or so) and re grease up everything. Ive probably put over 200,000 rounds through it and its still going strong. I would highly recommend this shell...
by wei z. on 10/16/2013
"Great gear box bought 4 not one has cracked all have high speed build I talking dsg high speed

Come with good bearing
Come with cut off and selector plate
Nice finish zinc plated
Price 50 bucks not bad for a 8mm gear box

None so far
by Bill S. on 05/08/2020
"this is a great gearbox shell, i give it a 4 star rating because it didnt fit in my VFC SCAR-H but that gun does use some parts specific to it so im not complaining, still a great gearbox shell!
by Omar T. on 04/20/2016
"Running a 25-26 rps at 420 fps on an11.1 lipo is extreme no wonder Donald's gearbox broke. Especially if you didn't radius the gearbox and fixed the angle of engagement. My shell has survived so far. Caution this shell will not fit every receiver as I learned but it does fit G&P lower receiver and any other lower with similar dimensions, it will not fit Classic Army and similar lower receivers. It has done its job, can't complain.
by Sebastian L. on 09/17/2014
by DONALD L. on 12/23/2014
It's a version 2 mech box with nice 8mm bearings
Cons: it's a tight fitting piece of junk! I bought 2 of these and they only came with bearings in one half of the mech box. Once the replacements arrived I installed one with a m130 spring and 16:1 gears with a high torque jg motor. Although the mech box went together a little tight when empty due to coating when the gun was together it shot a flawless 25-26 rps at 420 fps on an11.1 lipo, life was good! Then a week later after taking the field and running through about 200 rounds shot quality went to pot. Upon inspection I discovered my newly built Lonex box cracked across both halves! Disappointment! Buy this if you need a mech box for $50.00 if you need a good mech box buy something else! I have submitted for RMA for both I purchased. I'll let you know how they handle this.
Bottom line, buy a G&P that's what my other 10 guns have and that's what any one I build in the future will have! Lonex boxes are junk!