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FREE SHIPPING for orders over $129! New deals released hourly and daily. See Deals Here! T1 Micro Reflex Red & Green Dot Sight / Scope - Black

7 Customer Reviews

by Ian S. on 11/20/2020
"Okay, honestly pretty impressed for $45. It boasts "parallax free", but, we all know that's not true. It's 45 dollars. Its parallax heavy. And the dot is hard-core fuzzy. The dot brightness adjustments surprisingly work well. You can see thru each level the dot getting slightly brighter until its binding. You'll have no problems picking it up in the daylight.


Working adjustments for both green and red
Dot bright enough to see in the day
Feels solid out of the box
Battery included
Rubber lens covers included.

Cons (remember, its a $45 replica of an $800ish aimpoint.. so we're not deducting stars for this)
Fuzzy dot
Probably too bright for night fighting even on the lowest.
Parallax shift will make you feel drunk lol

It works, its solid, it's bright. youre playing airsoft, not saving the world lol. You'll dig it and be able to spend more on other gear/upgrades
by Rico M. on 04/26/2018
"The build quality on this red dot is good. Especially the dot, Crisp and clear. I have bought several Red Dots and returned it because of the dot. I saw good reviews on this red dot and decided to get this one.
by Ryan A. on 01/03/2017
"I had this sight when it came in the avengers airsoft players package but unfortunately the gun is not very good but anyway the sight is very very good for indoor playing I have not played outside with it but since the gun broke i have to return the whole package but I plan on buying a new one for my new gun
by shawn t. on 07/14/2019
"I obtained one of these sights as part of a package option for the CYMA M14. As an airsoft optic, it fulfills its role admirably. My only disappointment thus far has been the inability to remove the front lens protector. I had hoped to install an Avengers 28mm Kill Flash, but the front protector refuses to budge, even if a strap wench or channel locks are used.
by Benjamin T. on 05/11/2016
"This is a great scope but I think it is overpriced. It's very reliable, but the dot is almost to dim to be seen during the day when it is at full brightness.
by ed B. on 01/23/2016
"Good build. sturdy and made of metal. The intensity adjustment is not very noticeable but it still works.

-good build
-low profile

-does not come with a riser mount. If you buy this buy a riser mount. I suggest a 1 inch or a .84 inch riser.
by Edwin V. on 09/19/2018
"The truth is, this micro reflex sight is average. Dont be expecting the red/green dot to be very good as it's some what too bright even on its lowest settings, also I did not receive a tool to change the dots position in any way, the caps aren't tools themselves either. Overall its average as I said, but really, buying a sight in an airsoft store will be way better.