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Matrix Match Grade Biodegradable 6mm Airsoft BBs (Weight: .28g / 3500 Rounds / Natural Sand Color)

21 Customer Reviews

by Aaron C. on 05/24/2019
"These are the way to go. Matrix has always pulled through with quility.
by Asa F. on 10/31/2018
"These bbs are great! I had been using .20g bbs previously, and they were ok, but when I began using the .25g bbs, my m16 fired in a much tighter grouping and farther as well! If your gun shoots over 400 fps, I highly recommend .25g bbs like these ones.
by Fita M. on 06/25/2018
"Good BBs, they don't jam, fly straight
by Albert M. on 04/27/2017
"Very good bbs!! Definitely gives you an edge!! When i used these people couldnt see them coming. The only downside i would think is if you dont have good eyes they're easy to loose sight of them. Definitely worth a try i really recommend it!!
by mary c. on 04/16/2017
"I have put about 2-3 thousand rounds through my T/M Mk.23 of these bio .25's and I haven't had a single mis-feed and no bb's have cracked or broken on me. They do take a long time to disintegrate into dust but don't leave oil or marks in your barrel 5/5 for me
by aldair c. on 03/29/2017
"love this bb's i always order these
by Angelo G. on 06/08/2016
"High quality bb that keeps my field clean! Can't stand the white!
by Gabriel V. on 09/12/2015
"Hands down, best BB I've ever used.
by Thomas F. on 04/10/2015
"These BBs are great. I've tried many other things in my gun; water not a good choice, rocks kept jamming, dry fire couldn't hit anything, actual bullets just did not fit, but these BBs I have to tell you, its like they were made to be fire from this gun!!!!
I really recommend buying them.
by Robert D. on 01/26/2014
"Great bb's! Great accuracy and harder to spot (well in the desert). great bb's except for the price. Instead of $18 they should keep it at the sale price of $10. Overall great bb's but I would buy more if they were a bit cheaper.
by Kevin P. on 07/08/2013
"I've put atleast 50,000 of these through various guns and none have broken or jammed in the gun, or mag. actually one time I had a mag jam with regular matrix bb's. Looking at them closely they look like they may be more coarse than regular Matrix bb's... but the accuracy is the same and they haven't broken on me. So buy these
by Jason D. on 08/06/2012
"Best Bio BB's on the market period. Hard and works like a charm!
by Cameron T. on 08/06/2012
"Best Bio BB's on the market period. If I cant get them at my local airsoft shop I get them here at EVIKE.
Best price in the internet is right here.
by Margaret M. on 03/26/2012
"I ordered these with my airsoft gun to be a little more eco-friendly. I wouldn't consider myself a "greenie", but its always good to have a little environmentaly friendly-ness here and there. They work just as well as the regular matrix bbs. Even if you dont care about the environment, now at least you wont have a bunch of white bbs all over your lawn.
by ramon g. on 04/29/2011
"these bbs are great and are very reliable, i have a gun that shoots 390fps with .20 bbs, with these it is 335 fps
-high accuracy
-never had 1 jam or defect
-bio degradable
-they are a bit spendy, if you have the money i would recomend them.
barely a 5/5 cause of price
thanks evike